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  1. The brown are ok, I'd still like something nicer though but that could be a start. Unfortunately I cannot find my size (12, or 11 since I've read they run large) :/
  2. Ooooh that's why when I looked at their website it was all leather, makes sense! Hmm, so no really other options now? thank you for your comments!
  3. @VeganEssentials: Are the Sanders really that nice? If so I'll look into them too. Good luck into free shipping but yeah seems hard :/ @sosso: but these aren't dress shoes :/ They are "regular" daily ones, and for that I already wear vivo's. Thanks
  4. Hey, I am interesting in this topic. I have looked at many vegan dress shoes online and the only ones that I find nice are the NoHarm ones. The issue are that: 1- They are quite expensive (but if they last long enough, and are as nice as they seem that'd be ok) 2- No way to try them or see them in real 3- No free shipping in case size or look doesn't work Any idea people? Thanks!
  5. I tried half soymilk and half coconut milk and still no... I tried this morning crazily half orange juice and half soy milk and quite better but still not that good.. The gym trainer was telling me this morning to go with pure water, I will try, but I am afraid the other ingredients will make it disgusting again without a main sugary taste to cover it... Half OJ and half water would probably work (the banana makes it thicker and with an added taste anyway). Thanks!
  6. So even with fresh ( ) soymilk, I still don't really like the taste or texture... I will probably try almond milk, if not I don't know...
  7. I tried with soy milk this morning and I had a horrible experience. I got a very weird texture, quite thick so I added more soy milk, then as it did not help I added water too... ( I use a blender by the way) In the end still horrible yogurt like texture with bubbles in there, and scary taste... I could barely drink some at home, and ended up going to my cafeteria for their own sugary protein shakes after the gym... cause I could really not see myself drink any more of it... What do you think went wrong? edit : I think I know why, it's summer after all, leaving my shake outside overnight is probably no good with milk in there. I'll put it the fridge now on.
  8. Well I only had hemp milk in the fridge, and that was not that good... I couldn't finish my glass
  9. alright, I'll try that right now. Hopefully the taste will be ok
  10. I could do that. Do you think that would be a good compromise? (taste and performance wise).
  11. This morning at the gym, a trainer was telling me that getting orange juice + banana in my pre and post workout shakes, was way too much sugar, and a reason to put on fat. He suggested at the very least replacing the orange juice by grapefruit juice and removing the banana. I think I'd be fine with that, though the bananas do hide the powder taste, but I'm curious what you guys would think.
  12. You can consume uncooked beans and legumes if you sprout them. Not sure about non-soaked/sprouted.
  13. Hi, I was actually doing some for a bit but then trainers at my gym "forbid" me from doing it because I am a hard gainer... (and I also have a hard time adding more food to my diet...). but that was when I was around 150lbs, maybe I should reconsider now. I am doing yoga once a week on top of lifting 4x, but that probably does not help. With the good days back and the fact that I live by the sea, maybe I should go back running yes. I used to believe in the 30-40g of protein per meal till I read this guy's blog: http://www.leangains.com/ He's very much anti-vegan, but a lot of other things he writes made sense to me. Thank you!
  14. A few weeks ago I was the biggest I've ever been in my life (186lbs), in a good way, so I was very happy/proud but after partying too much I dropped a few pounds, oh well, we'll get them back... but I need some help. I'm around 178lbs for 6'1 but my body fat is not where I'd like it to be, I'm around 16% and I'd like to be more around 10%... When I was not bulking I was around 12%, so I know if I stop bulking it'd be easy to lose the fat, but I want to get bigger, around 200lbs or so... without adding more bf! Apart from my lunch that I get from work, which is not under my strict control, I'm open to changing stuff. I put everything in fitday earlier, but I am not sure what I should change to get there... Lately I have increased my protein intake (mostly from the powder and the protein part in my dinner) and I got stronger/bigger but I also need to be careful with the fat... the issue is if I don't eat enough I lose it very quickly... FYI I work out first thing in the morning, so I like to get a "liquid" breakfast, if not it's tougher... Here's a "usual" day for me: - Breakfast / PRE & POST work out shake (I just make one and divide it in 2) * 2 bananas * 20-24 fl oz of orange juice (organic, not from concentrate, but not fresh) * 3.5 scoop of protein powder (mix of rice and gemma, about 25g of protein per scoop) * 1 tsp Maca * 1 tbp ground flax seeds * some ginger root * 1tsp creatine (and some extras sometimes like spirulina, chlorella,...) - Lunch (from work) * tofu burger and a salad (with oil and vinegar) or * lentils and rice or * tofu and avocado and rice or * fried tofu and cooked vegetable and rice/noodles or ... AND * a fruit (apple, grapes, orange, strawberries...) - Snack *3 / 5 tbsp Hemp seeds OR *2 high protein waffles (I can never make them right, and in summer they go bad so quickly ) AND * a fruit - Snack 2 (rare but sometimes when I get home I'm still hungry, I get fatter from it so I stopped...) *1/2/3 protein bars - Dinner * 2 servings of vegan field roast (http://www.fieldroast.com/products.htm) cooked in orange juice * 1/3 cup of uncooked semolina + some safflower oil (once cooked) * 2 celery branches + some radishes + 1/3 avocado + some chia seeds * a fruit or some soy yogurt. I know this is not a perfect list, but if you see something bad, or some idea on how to improve... I think it should come mostly from my lunch or my snack, but the lunch unless I bring mine is tough... the snack on the other hand I'm open to anything (I wish I'd get free food at work so I'd just get another lunch ) (when I get avocados at lunch I don't get it at dinner, I started adding these and more oil to my diet because after a blood test I was told I was quite low on good fats, especially for a vegan guy...). I'm going to cut on salt (I eat a lot of it and every now and then I remember to stop...) and drink more water since it's supposed to help. Thanks!
  15. I use Agave instead since it is not vegan, but I miss good Baklavas in restaurants :'(
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