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  1. First I'd like to say thanks to Alejandro for taking the time out to address something that is important to a large group of ppl. We are all born on this earth and the earth bears fruit, who on this earth doesn't deserve to have a wholesome meal? We all do. Getting everyone on board with that idea may take some time. Nevertheless, there was a quote that i don't remeber verbatim but it goes something like this: Give me the courage to change what can be changed. The strength to endure what cannot be changed and the wisdom to tell the difference between to two!
  2. It takes all of us to make one world! The same judgement that people pass on animals should we pass the same judgement on those who eat them? The benefits of living a vegan lifestyle has spoken millions to me with out bearing too much judgement of others. The only reason why I bring this point up is because I don't think the message (our message). Which is one of compassion of all sentient beings should exclude ppl. We all make mistakes and I believe that explaining and sharing rather than saying things like "bullshit" is a much more productive way of getting ones point across. But to end on a upbeat, go workout harder at the gym maybe you have less energy to do all that venting, lol!!
  3. Oh my god I can't agree with any of this. Worm infestation? Parasites? Water fasting? Please no. To the OP: Odds are good that you haven't built much muscle mass due to the VERY low number of calories you are getting. Not only will you need protein to build mass, you will need CALORIES. Your body is starved, you are rather underweight (BMI chart says 110-145lbs is optimal). You need to eat more. If it sounds like I'm criticizing, well, it's because I am trying to be honest and forthcoming. It sounds like you have a good history with exercising and taking care of your body that way, but you also need to feed it! Beans and soy products are a great way to start... I'm not sure why my information isn't agreed with but, I will say. Through everyones lives we have many oppurtunities to throw our bodies off course and western philosophy normal is into treating symptom not the source of a problem. I don't know your history or your current habits. But, I'm sure even if any of the things I suggested you didn't fall under, being in good health rather than just trying to pack on pounds should aid you in your goals. Hope we all didn't confuse you!
  4. low body weight may be due to deficiency of nutrients in iron, vitamin B12, poor quality proteins, worm infestation, malabsorption syndrome,poor dietary habit, low appetite. Alot of ppl don't take parasites into consideration but they could be blocking ur nutrients. Alcohol consumption can trigger low appetite. Also, lack of variety could make you feel unmotivated to eat. You definately can gain weight through varieties of nuts and if protien is your concern almonds are excellent. I personally take in brown rice and beans, lentils are great. Trying flushing your body maybe a water fast if possible or search for detoxifying mixtures that clean the blood and digestive system.
  5. First I'd like to say I agree stay off of drugs! Hydroxycrap and all thermogenics. But, I disagree with the notion of putting on fat along with muscle. It has some truth to it but there are some factors worth considering like: Body type ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, plz look these up if your not familiar, its really nothing fancy just a break down of what different ppl's genetics tend to do w/ muscle and fat. Also, your weight lifting sessions burn alot of calories, it's the level of stress you put on the muscle that stimulates growth. So if you lift light weight and run swim or bike. Your doing all cardio since your keeping your heart rate up more than fatiguing the muscle. Most importantly experiment, use proper form always and do what works for you.
  6. Great link! Someone replied to the video on youtube and said "how do you get rid of parasites"? Someone else replied go on a raw vegan diet! I wanted to laugh, 'cause I was always raised with the concept of parasites and not until becoming a vegan did I even care to discuss it. Thanks for sharing sometimes you need a reminder!
  7. And for cutting it should be about 3 times that, so it's still a concern... The OP didn't mention goals. Niether did I mention goals. I took that info from Dr."somebody" and i think he was referring to a average person. I didn't want to discourage our new vegan here. I personally took your advice SIREN and take about 1.5 g of protien per lb. daily for some days now prior to that I took 1g. Nevertheless, I wanted our new vegan friend not feel discourage and get the info on what great variety of foods would offer the protien they're worried about.
  8. Well you're in luck because I don't take any powders or supplements with the exception of b-12 and I work out at least 5 days a week sometimes twice a day. Beans provide almost the same amount of protein as meat and is lower in fat and calories. 1cup of beans can range between 12-25 grams of protien. Also almonds are about 82% protein, peanut butter 76% and cashews 71%. Veggies like asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower are high in protein as well. The RDA for adults is 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight. This works out to 44 grams for a 120 pound person. So with three meals or maybe even 2 your likely to surpass that amount if you really want to. Hope you enjoy knowing that this won't be difficult and there are only rewards for the compassionate! Good Luck to you!
  9. Have you ever read a good informative book and after reading said I knew everything in it but, that was a good book? Well, that lecture was definately worth the 20mins. Thanks for sharing!
  10. not being a vegan only makes your plight more difficult at the same time you can store fat in what ever path you take. Now, to answer your question about cutting fat, I'd reccomend 2 ways: First. The portion size, regularity of meals and caloric intake. Portions should be medium to small and regular 4-6 times a day and you should be burning more calories than your intaking. If you run for a half hour straight and do some lifting then eat a steak (ewww) you defeated the purpose of your "cutting". Secondly. Weight to rep ratio. I personally (This is my reccomendation, others may disagree) think, Lifting heavy to increase your mass and encorporating cardio will give you your desired results. REason being is, while burning fat your muscle underneath will protrude and take shape. Simple concept. Good Luck and I hope you leave the animal carcases alone, the discipline that comes along with eating will help you with your exercise goals as well as being a compassionate human being!
  11. Agreed.... minmum! Shoot for 1.5g per lb of protein for naturals. Hit your protein count (protein at EVERY meal). Figure out the caloric intake you need depending on your goals and the carbs and fat fall into place for the remaining cals. That sounds good, lucky for me I really don't hold on to fat and for some reason I do well w/ carbs. But I definately have to up my protien intake, maybe? I say this only because Avi Lehyani has a high carb diet and looks ripped but, i guess i'll just have to experiment thanks, Siren
  12. Your goal is lean muscle. So, I would suggest three angles of attack. First, and most important if not just equally important your fat intake and reguarity of meals: You increase your body's fat burning capabilites by having small portioned regular meals 4-5 a day. Staying true to a vegan diet and refraining from faux meats will help also. Secondly, cardio to weightlifting ratio: I run approx. 10 mins on a treadmill, hard start up a sweat. The intensity and stucture of your weightlifting enhances your cardio if done in a particular manner(for example), small rests in between exercises super and triple sets. Fluctuating the motion so ur not so tired that u can't train (ex. incline, flat then decline). You can also do light weight and and double your reps changing your weightlifting into more of a cardio workout. Finally, run, run, run: I also end the workout session with another 10 min run might be hard or not advised if your doing legs that day.If you're having and joint pains make sure you're streching and try using elipticals stepper's or bikes. Swimming is another low impact cardio thats an excellent cardiovascular full body workout. I hope something in here helps you accomplish your goals and any questions about my info I'd be glad to answer!
  13. I would like some advice on what percentage of carbs or protien should be in my diet. I'm interested in buiding mass as well as strength. I have my routines but, I'm more concerned with the kinds of minerals and which kinds of fruits, veggies will optimalize my performance. By the way i try to stay away from supplements but currently just purchased some b-12's that i didn't use yet. Monday- Chest and Triceps Tuesday- Back and Biceps Wednesday- Shoulders and Abs Thursday- Legs Friday- Sat- Sun- By Friday I start over w/ chest and put 1 or 2 rest days Saturday and Sunday. I hit the gym at least 5 times a week and I do the training split in this order. I try to just pay attention to how long i'm sore or if any of my joints are hurting. My build is slim and athletic. I'm starting to bulk up more since I've quit cigarettes about 2months now. At 6'3 Im about 190-195lbs. I feel my ideal weight that I would look good @ probably about 210- 220lbs. I'm also 27yrs. old. Please disect this information and help me refine my training split as well as my diet, I'm on way to becoming a raw vegan I take in about 65% raw, im "guesstimating".
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