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  1. You are super inspiring! Good luck retoxing <---- drinking a smoothie i think
  2. Maybe Flanders and Daywalker will both go to VV sometime. They're awesome.
  3. The yoga on the beach picture is awesome!
  4. That's good to know - mango and kale... Yeah I wish you could share some of the actual smoothie with me, I could download it I've been drinking cold pasteurized OJ today and my throat kinda hurts. I'm stressed out over a lot of things and I don't know what to do.
  5. The raw pate was pretty good.... it had carrots, red, yellow and green peppers, walnuts, almonds, a bunch of other stuff. I ate it with some carrots, tomato, and cucumber. Very fatty and filling. Had another banana too.
  6. Yeah I just throw whole kale leaves into my vita-mix, with whole oranges or any other fruit. It's good and the seeds in the oranges blend well too. It will be sweeter if you just use orange juice though.
  7. Wow I'm in shock! Congratulations to you both and maybe I will have to try to get up for VV this year! That is so cool. I'm going to a wedding next saturday for my friend who's my age, it is gonna be so weird!
  8. Today is the first day of the July raw challenge! I came up to my mom's last night and right away was craving bread or something (this always happens at my moms). I thought well.... I can eat some before starting the challenge on the first, but then I realized it was past midnight and decided to count that as the first, so I ate a banana instead... hahahhaa! It's the little things. This morning I ate a grapefruit, just like an orange but peeled each wedge, my god they are so good that way. Mom and I watched Sergei Boutenko's video on how to make raw rainbow pate and we're going to make some soon. Anyway, I'll post tonight about everything.
  9. Day one y'all.... so what are there, 3 of us doing this now? Well, I'll be blogging! Hope you all will too
  10. Make some zucchini or squash pasta with raw pesto, alfredo, or marinara! It is so much amazingly more flavorful! It's weird, because often I'll crave cooked spaghetti because it's bland and stuffs you. It's weird to want that feeling instead of alive refreshing yumminess sometimes.
  11. I'll buy one of those vegan hats like the one you were wearing when you came down. Do you sell em??
  12. hmmm... i thought that smiley above was speedreading a book but I think it's actually scrubbing something with a huge brush. who knows??? Maybe this one is speed reading. His eyeballs should move faster....
  13. Alright I'm starting this up July 1st (all raw) with the challenge... I hope some others are still doing it so I can read your blogs too??! So... I will be living off gazpacho and green smoothies and fruit. Hehehe. Anyway, luckily I am feeling really good and excited about it instead of "aaahhh I don't know what to eat and I'm afraid of detoxing too hard!" So I only have a little more than 2 weeks left of work (yay!!) and then am off to Ashland, a very good place to be raw I'm a little worried because my period will start very soon after July 1st, so I'll probably have some funky cravings from the start, but I think the greens should keep those at bay. I'm gonna make my friend do it with me too while I'm living at his house, so there's some extra commitment and someone to make fun things with. And if I'm back after awhile saying I'm starting agaaaain..... well sometimes people have to fail 9,999 times before they succeed. Not that I'm a failure. I'm a vegan so that's a damn good success already! And of course a lot of other things that have nothing to do with food. I've been editing my movie every day and it rocks! I can sing some phantom ok too even though I've been eating some mucusy foods and not working my abs or breathing.... Oh yeah, and some more of my goals with raw are to be a better singer more easily, to have more energy to sleep less and work on cool projects more and go on adventures, to be more emotionally balanced in the long run, and to have an easier time at running and yoga... along with this my goal is to do some yoga and/ or run just about every day! Running has been fun lately. Which is not how I remember it! So here's to fresh, clean, colorful food for life! Speed reading too. That's something to work on again.
  14. mmmm....kale smoothies! Actually kale salad tastes even better, but I'm gonna be staying with a friend for two weeks and may not be able to make complex marinated type things. 3 more days till the 1st! I am craving going back to raw like mad!
  15. I got off track on other things.... well actually I decided that my stress levels were way too high (as usual) and I had to stop worrying about food for a little while and try to figure that out when I feel calmer. I'm moving to Ashland in 3 weeks and won't have much to do for a little while except edit my movies and maybe volunteer with kitties or something, so that would probably be a much more logical time to start what really is a big committment. But as of now I'm sick of eating whatever and want to just casually try to eat mostly raw - but feel fine if I want some more calories or want some cooked veggies or whatever. Just not using the stress excuse to eat bread and cookies and nasssty things all the time. Being tired is not good for stress levels either! But I feel optimistic again. I always come back to it and it's unbelievable how far I have come in the past few years - how many things I used to eat that I would never touch now, and how much less I binge now.
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