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  1. Another outdoor workout, was raining during some of it haha Mon 11th June 2012 Bodyweight = 84.4kg Squat (no belt) 1x3x117.5kg 1x5x135kg (new beltless 5RM) Front Squat (no belt) 1x3x100kg 1x2x115kg 1x2x120kg (equal 2RM, bar started slipping down on 2nd rep. not bad considering the double before it, and back squats) Chins 1x10 +10kg 1x7 +10kg 1x5 Push Press 1x3x57kg 1x6x67kg (pretty sure this is a huge PB for reps) Strict Press 1x3x50kg 1x2x55kg 1x3x60kg Body feels wiped out. Lots of PB's. Back felt a bit dodgy since pressing. Had a shoulder strain on my right side for maybe 10 days now which is stopping me working on my overhead flexibility. It hurts like fuck hanging from a pullup bar (only with overhand grip) or having the bar in an overhead squat position. For the meantime will remove power snatches/overhead squats from my warmup routine and be careful with the band in my shoulder warmup. Might lose some flexibility in the short term, but need to let the strain heal and after that start stretching the fuck out of it. Went saw some guys from my club lift at a powerlifting meet on Sunday, wish I lifted at it - was a well run comp. Will probably do the seniors in September. It's at the weighlifting club in my town that I used to lift at before starting at Strength Shop.
  2. Wait a damn minute, there's something missing in this log...what weight are you lifting??
  3. Food's been more or less consistent with the new routine. Around 4000kcal and 200g protein. Floating around 82-84kg for too long. Back when I done fuck all during the week I'd be gaining weight with this sort of consistent calorie intake. Time to up the portions to keep up with increased workload! Quick progress pic after my nap last night http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j287/chewybaws/SAM_1889.jpg EDIT: missed some stuff, it's actually about 4200kcal, 210g protein
  4. Some good strongman graft today at work Fri 8th June 2012 Bodyweight = 83.3kg Squat (no belt) 1x10x100kg Log (wooden) 2x3x52.5kg 1x2x57.5kg 1x2x62.5kg (before this was a bit forward on most reps, nailed this double) 1xFx67.5kg (got overconfident. lazy clean and pushed it forward instead of up) 1x1x67.5kg (dipped a bit in the middle but managed to press out) 1x1x67.5kg (much much better rep, went for a 2nd and failed) 1x6x52.5kg (might have been 7, was repping out..check video later) Yoke 12metres 120kg/160kg for warmup 180kg, 9.07s 200kg, 11.38s 200kg, 7.56s (last 4 metres was falling forward haha...smaller steps next time) Circus Dumbbell Right 1x1x31kg Right 1x3x31kg Left 1x1x31kg Then a fail with a slightly heavier but much larger/awkward one Right 1x4x31kg Left 1xFx31kg (in the 'rack' position got fuck all stability with left hand) Dips 1x10 1x5 +20kg chain round neck (I was very close to ground and when I moved legs back I went into a kind of floating lying face down position)
  5. Cheers for the kind words men! Video of Wednesday's pressing. Sets 1/2/5 of press and top set of bench. Renaming my log from Chewy's Powerlifting Log to Chewy's Strength Log, more appropriate.
  6. Wed 6th June 2012 Bodyweight = 83.2kg Strict press 3x5x50kg 1x5x52.5kg 1x5x55kg Bench 1x10x50kg 1x10x60kg 1x10x70kg Lazy bastard pressing day after 2 heavy sessions.
  7. Haha cheers mate Tue 5th June 2012 Cambered bar squats (no belt) 1x5x100kg 1x5x120kg 18" deadlifts 1x3x200kg 1x3x220kg Farmers walks 10m, 95kg (each hand), 10.68s 10m, 115kg (each hand), 14.59s Then some gunz with the football bar. 2nd heavy day in a row, feeling pretty fucked. Done some foam rolling/stretching when home, hot bath, now eating shitloads. Proud of farmers, pretty sure towards end of last year at OSG manchester I managed to pick 115kg farmers up but couldn't walk with them.
  8. Mon 4th April 2012 Bodyweight = 81.7kg - read below Squat (no belt) 1x5x100kg 1x5x130kg Front Squat (no belt) 1x2x100kg 1x5x110kg (new 5RM) Pendlay rows 1x5x75kg 1x5x82.5kg Push Press 1x6x62.5kg Strict press 1x5x47.5kg 1x3x52.5kg 1x3x57.5kg Not fucking shabby at all. My form on push press was so fucked up and just felt weak. Moved my grip in for strict press and it felt much much better. So was my last weekend working for B&Q. Friday night went to a gig, had way too much cider, but managable hangover on Saturday. Got under 4 hours sleep though and was working 7-4. Was back out drinking again by 8pm, club till 4am. Was stupidly drunk and missed the last bus home. Walked about till first train at 8.20am, was delayed and didn't go all the way back home so just text someone from work and said I wasn't going in for my last day. Had a bean burger sandwich at my friends house, passed out on the floor. Got home at 4pm. Took about and hour and a half to eat a bowl of cereal and was in bed for 8.30pm. Hence stupidly light bodyweight. Hoping when I fill my stomach up with food and body with water it'll replenish very quickly. But all in all was a fucking disaster. Spent too much money, burnt some bridges, pissed off some people, fucked up my eating, spent a stupid amount of money. Little bit less alcohol next time.
  9. Some bits and pieces from Friday's workout
  10. Friday from now on will be strongman events day Fri 1st June 2012 Bodyweight = 83.8kg Log clean & push press 1x2x60kg 1x1x70kg 1x2x60kg 1x4x60kg 1x10x47.5kg Then with a smaller diameter log 1x1x62.5kg Yoke & Farmers walk Medley 120kg yoke, 55kg farmers (each hand), 20m distance Run 1 - 26.47s Run 2 - 22.38s 160kg yoke, 75kg farmers (each hand), 20m distance Run 1 - 31.43s Stones To about 4ft (122cm) - guessing, didn't measure 2x1x80kg 1x1x100kg 1x1x120kg 1x3x100kg First time doing log, yoke and stones (with the exception of when I cleaned a 70kgish log at OSG in Manchester and failed to press it). Log press was told I need to lean back more and not let my elbows drop. Made some reps very hard. But 70kg ain't too bad for me considering shitty overhead strength. Yoke was awkward as fuck, need to remember to get the balance + smaller steps at start, farmers was okay. Stones don't think they were too shabby for first attempt, 120kg. I have a fairly solid pendlay row, deadlift and front squat, and long arms and big hands. Stones could be one of my better events.
  11. Some curls with a steel log today for the gunz
  12. Wed 30th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.3kg Front squat (no belt) 3x5x100kg Pendlay rows 1x5x70kg 1x5x77.5kg Speed pulls (with belt) 3x3x90kg (+doubled purple bands) Pulls off blocks (just below knees, with belt) 1x3x180kg 1x3x200kg 1x3x217.5kg Then after I got home; Bench 5x5x65kg
  13. Fri 25th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83kg Squat 1x5x100kg 1x5x110kg Bench 1x5x55kg 4x5x60kg 1x10x60kg Lat pulldowns 2x8x60kg Dips 12, 12, 14 Abondoned smolov, squatting low bar again cause shoulder feeling better; Mon 28th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.1kg Squat 1x6x115kg 1x6x120kg 1x6x125kg Pullups 3x10 Push Press 1x5x37.5kg 1x5x47.5kg 1x10x57.5kg Strict OHP 1x2x52.5kg 1x2x57.5kg 1x2x62.5kg Got fucking massive news. I am now employed by Strength Shop UK http://www.strengthshop.co.uk Don't think I've talked much about my work situation on my log. Since I left school I've been working weekends (the last 6 years it's been with B&Q - a DIY company) whilst at college/uni but the last 2 years basically been looking for work (done a gym instructor qualification last year). I know the owner of strength shop from the veganfitness.net forums and have trained with him before at his warehouse. The job went up on facebook a couple of weeks ago, I applied and got it. Mon-Fri, 8:30-3:30. A current benefit is we all workout together mon/wed/fri at work. To say this is convenient is an understatement. Training today was great. Took the squat racks outside. My overhead strength isn't quite as pathetic as I thought but needs a lot of work. Back to low bar squatting as my shoulder's been feeling better. Didn't have any sun cream though, upper back/shoulders are burnt to fuck now. Just looking at this video I know I need to bulk up.
  14. Looking huge and great squatting man, 100kg x12 on the 3rd exercise. Keep up the hard training.
  15. Weather's fucking amazing in Scotland this week. Yesterday was spent at the beach and kicking a football about, immensely enjoyed it. Wed 23rd May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.6kg Squat 1x5x100kg 1x3x110kg OHP 5x5x50kg Pendlay Rows 3x5x71kg Assisted GHRs 3x10 Lots of stretching then went to the park and kicked a ball about. OHP wasn't easy but got through it.
  16. Nah man, chinups are underhand or neutral grip, pullups are overhand. Believe me, if I could've grinded out an extra couple I would've went for it haha.
  17. Too soon to tell man, this is just the introductory cycle and it's not based off a recent max so I can't really comment on it anyway. Thu 17th May 2012 DB Lunges (for stretching...not gonna lie though still had to work to balance) 3x8x15kg DBs Some side to side box jumps Fri 18th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.5kg Bulgarian split squats 3x8 Incline bench (less awkward on shoulder) 4x10x45kg Barbell Rows 4x5x60kg 1x10x60kg Dips 3x10 Mon 21st May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.2kg Squat 1x3x100kg 2x2x110kg Bench 5x5x40kg (light weight just to restore some ROM in my shoulder - felt good. no pain) Hammer grip DB bench 1x10x20kg DBs 1x10x25kg DBs 1x6x25kg DBs 1x9x25kg DBs Deadlift 3x5x140kg (conventional, no belt. just felt like it. felt easy, good back position) Chins 16, 10, 5 Good workout. Can feel my shoulder noticably getting better. If I keep building up the flat bench gradually restoring my full range of painless motion in shoulder, I reckon be good as new within a fortnight. The chinups are a PB, but because I was using the bar at the club which is about a foot away from the wall I kept swinging into the damn thing (doesn't happen so much with pullups). My mate got a video will post later.
  18. +1 It's very simple, you're not gonna get strong if you train there.
  19. Right so basically after a few days I've isolated the injuries a bit. My left shoulder is sore in the bottom bench position. It hurts even if I just move my arm into that position without any load. The wrist/forearm issue seems to be separate and on both sides. The shoulder stops me from flat benching/low bar squatting. The forearms kinda stop me from using any decent weight on any pressing movement. Will be trying my best to work around it. High Bar Smolov - Intro Cycle Running this off 130kg - never done that high bar but sure I could do much more Mon 14th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83kg (dehydrated/not eating much after getting pissed on Saturday) Squat 3x8x85kg 1x5x90kg 2x2x97.5kg 1x1x105kg Bench 5x5x70kg (this was before I realised how bad my shoulder was) Pullups 15, 7, 8 (15 is a best ever even for chins. and this was wide grip pullups) GHR (assisted) 3x10 Tue 15th May 2012 Squat 3x8x85kg 1x5x90kg 2x2x97.5kg 1x1x105kg then some box jumps, worked to a height for 3x5 Wed 16th May 2012 Bodyweight = 83.5kg Squat 4x5x90kg 1x3x97.5kg 2x2x105kg 1x1x117.5kg OHP (behind the neck, very wide grip) 5x5x35kg Speed deadlifts 8x3x110kg Some machine flies and tricep rope extensions
  20. Hey Robert I'd recommend taking much smaller jumps on the deadlift when you're warming up like you do with squats. All the powerlifters at our club do at least 5 or 6 warmup sets no matter what weight they're going to that day. It'll warm you up properly, help prevent injury, reinforce technique and give you more confidence when you get to your main sets. Other than that keep up the work
  21. It feels like a completely different lift for me. The reason I switched was for the life of me I could not pull conventional without rounding my back. I tried taking the weight down and building back up a couple of times but think it was just stuck in my brain. I never got injured, but it would only have been a matter of time. To be honest I really don't like sumo. It's uncomfortable, setup's a pain in the arse, stupidly slow off the floor at higher weights. Although my lockout is faster, holding it at the top is uncomfortable. But at the same time I can keep my back straight at decent weights (but can't really compare poundages because I haven't had the belt on yet). My beltless 5RM can't be far behind my conventional. I've done 170x6 beltless sumo, and highest beltless conventional i think is somewhere between 175-180 x5. I'm going to keep plodding away with it though. I have a bad feeling I won't get as much out of a belt on sumo. Cheers, I don't know where my 5x5x50 came from, because 1x5x50 felt like shit tonight. But I was concentrating more on why my wrists were hurting so damn bad (I didn't setup great either).Who is this scottish powerlifter you speak of, is it someone who lifts at your gym?
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