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  1. Arms are much thicker man, looks great. You still on the stronglifts 5x5? I'm a week into it now lol
  2. Just found out that my scales are prob out by about 8lbs. I know I've been putting on weight which is more important, but damn - means i'm another 8lbs away from my goal.
  3. Got a good sleep, been eating right the last few days. Was in a great mood this morning and ready for a good workout =] Mon 15th June 09 weight - ~156lbs ----------------- Squats 27.5kg 5x5 Overhead Press 22.5kg 5x5 Deadlift 45kg 1x5 (i raised the weights using pillows/duvet today since last week bar was too low, and even still i think i lack the hip mobility to grip the bar without slightly bending my back before i drop my shins to the bar...i think i'll try using the bottom peg on the power rack, however this is quite high - i'll test it out before next workout) Chin ups 6, 3, then 2 (then done negatives straight after till i couldn't hold them for more than a few seconds. my hands were SORE after this haha..done close to 15 i think) Prone Bridges 45s, 45s, 1min (gonna try variations next time - friday) Quite happy with today, squats and press were fun and easy, looking forward to wednesdays workout now =]
  4. Yeah I'm picking up this habbit of learning everything the hard way The last few weeks I've been feeling great, been eating great, getting enough sound sleep, things have been going good for me. Then last night got a terrible sleep and got in an argument, missed a meal yesterday and today. Need sleep but up tomorrow at 5am Can't wait till Monday, need good workout. Today's didn't feed me.
  5. No you don't haha. Workout was terrible today, during one of the squats one of the plates hit off the safety bar and went off to the side (didn't really notice at the time) and when i came back up the plates fell off. I need to get a 7ft bar (either that or make sure i'm standing in the middle of the rack! dick!). Fri 12th June 09 ----------------- Squats 25kg 5x5 Bench Press 22.5kg 5x5 Inverted Rows (knee elevated) 13, 11, then 7 (after monday's disaster of not getting my chest to the bar in normal rows, went for the easier knee ones. Still got a bit of a pump at the end since I'm a weakling haha) Push Ups 16, 11 then 5 (then 4 on knees....at least push ups are improving) Reverse Crunches 3x12 Come quicker Monday, I must redeem myself!
  6. Haha yeah...I've always been really skinny and have NEVER really added weight before. I thought it would be quick to do it, I'm just gonna have to stick at it! 10/06/09 ---------- Squats 22.5kg 5x5 Overhead Press 20kg 5x5 Deadlift 40kg 1x5 Pull-ups 1! haha (then 5 slow negatives), same again for 2nd set, then just 8 negatives till I couldn't hold them for more than a few seconds Prone Bridges 40seconds x2, then 1min Was my first time doing a proper pull up from fully extended arms today, just been doing negatives before this (and failed reps lol). My grip's so weak just now my hands were burning after the pull-ups. My Deadlift technique was pants today. I need to try sitting plates underneath the barbell to raise it or something because the bar was sitting way below the middle of my shins. Thanks for the comments guys
  7. I'm 6ft and weigh about 152lbs (look really skinny). I want to add weight (maybe upto about 175-180lbs). I've just started the Stronglifts 5x5 beginner program and have been doing similar training for a couple of weeks. My new diet plan is like this: -Lots of porridge, fruit (most of the time in soy yoghurt), glass of soy milk -100g of nuts, orange -Baked potato, veg (brocolli/spring greens or mixed veg), mock chicken -Clif bar -4 peanut butter sandwiches (wholemeal bread) -wholemeal pasta/tofu/a tin of any bean/veg (same as before) (sometimes with a tomato sauce) -100g of nuts, apples -7 oatcakes (or crackers) with peanut butter Been doing this about 6 days (don't always manage to eat ALL of it though). I only do about 5mins max of cardio before workout (I walk everywhere I go outside the house though). Is it best to eat every 2 hours or every 3 hours when bulking? When should you weigh yourself and how frequently? Anyone got any tips or certain foods i should be eating more of? Help will be greatly appreciated!
  8. Last night got my new bench and power rack setup, so started the stronglifts 5x5 beginner program today. Been messing about the past 5 or 6 weeks without a plan or knowing what I was doing lol, time to get serious! A couple of weeks ago I got into the habit of eating every 2/3 hours and the last 4 days I've started eating loads for me. I'm 6ft tall, 152lbs (on an empty stomach first thing this morning). Typical eat plan for a day goes like this just now -Lots of porridge, fruit (most of the time in soy yoghurt), glass of soy milk -100g of nuts, orange -Baked potato, veg (brocolli/spring greens or mixed veg), mock chicken -Clif bar -4 peanut butter sandwiches (wholemeal bread) -wholemeal pasta/tofu/a tin of any bean/veg (same as before) (sometimes with a tomato sauce) -100g of nuts, apples -7 oatcakes (or crackers) with peanut butter (been squeezing in anything extra that i can!) So today's training: 08/06/09 152lbs --------------- Squats 20kg 5x5 Bench Press 20kg 5x5 Inverted rows - i sucked bad at these, i couldn't even get my chest to touch the bar...so about 10 failed reps haha....then i tried again for 2 more sets and got less Press ups (knuckles) - 15, 10, then 3 (then 4 or 5 on my knees) Reverse crunches - 3x12 The Squats were really easy, been doing these with more weights before, but wanted to start from scratch start getting my technique sorted out and get used to new equipment. Quite happy with the bench press even though the tiny tiny weight lol...first time doing them. Inverted rows were a nightmare, was getting frustrated. Was happy with the pushups, been steadily building on these for about 4 weeks. Reverse crunches were killing me by the end but got them finished with good form. Starting to see a visible difference from adding fat over the last week, which is making me happy =] My goal by at least 2 or 3 months is to reach around or just below 180lbs.
  9. I've been on facebook for ages and I don't have any friends 1) Bebo (guessing it's non existant outside UK lol) 2) Twitter (i love it, but barely have any friends) 3) Myspace/Facebook (barely use them now)
  10. eminem does look pretty pissed. I'm gonna say his reaction's real. Amazing haha
  11. Propagandhi are immense, my favorite band by far. Unfortunately when they came to UK in April, they only played in England (I live in Scotland), so me and my mate took an 8 hour bus journey down and saw them in Sheffield and London. They're SO amazing live. Best thing about gandhi is they never disapoint. NEVER. I love the new album, racked up about 80 plays on media player, that doesn't include my ipod or listening elsewhere in the house
  12. Hey my names Gary, been vegan for 10 months now (veggie for 2years 4months). I weigh a mere 140lbs for being just over 6ft tall. Been reading loads of FAQs on this site recently which have inspired me to start getting into shape so I can start bodybuilding (hopefully!). Last week or 2 I've started doing exercises every couple of days to start preparing myself. Unfortunately exercises (in general) are new to me so I've been spending a lot of time on youtube finding out what all the different ones look like and how to do them properly! Because of this I've been sticking to basic ones (I didn't even know what some of these were!); squats/calf raises/superman lifts/crunches/push-ups/pull ups (not full pull-ups yet, got the bar low+keeping my heels on the ground). From watching videos I was surprised at how wrong i was doing all of these, but I'm starting to get the technique right now. So anyway, been doing 10 reps of each for 3 circuits (think that's the right word lol). Also been trying to eat every couple of hours, which is hard work but I'm getting there. Really enthusiastic now, looking forward to every session! (This is not my main or only reason for starting, but) after hearing countless comments of how vegans are weak or deficient of (place anything here), I want to join the many who exist already as visual proof that this isn't so
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