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  1. i been vegan 2 months , im 1.67 meters tall and my weight were 60.3Kg(2 months ago when i was vegetarian) now my weight is 57.9Kg(Now im Vegan) , i lost 2.4Kg in less than 2 months , thats really bad for me theres a problem ,i do not do excercise , if i start doing exercise i like 2 hours per day ill loose 6.3 Kg in 1 month , if that continues ill be a skeleton pls what food has alot of carbos and alot of fat i want to stop loosing weight
  2. I realised cake has milk and eggs , gelatine is made from death animal bones , is there any other food that is made from animals and i dont know?
  3. Im gonna make alot of exercise and ill burn tons of fat but im not getting fat from fruits seeds and vegetables that i eat,and i dont eat sugar or chocolate is there any fruit vegetable or seed that has alot of fat so i can eat it?
  4. I mean , which Vitamins , Amino Acids , elements,dietary minerals, etc we dont get on our diet and should buy as suplements? Should i visit a nutritionist?
  5. i dont like purple olives. they say they are immature olives n people put sodium hydroxide cuz green olives has bitter flavor and people cant eat it,they use chemicals on green olives , should i stop eating them?
  6. And essential Amino Acids? Any fruit , vegetable or seed u guys know that gives much proteins and has essential aminoacids? Thanks for Your Answer
  7. or there r better books that show u what exercise u sohuld do to get muscles? plz if u know better books plz tell me
  8. it should make people think from where they r eating A dead cow face saying Your food had face?
  9. Im a medicine student , and also martial art student , so im not agains medics , just false medics i never went medic , i were healthy as hell ( i was vegetarian) , now im vegan n i feel even better , i think i will never go medic as far as im alive. i heard alot of people saying veganism = Death , well medics said to me that , when they saw my blood test they said "wait , nvm!" they think we arent healthy , they dont know we r alot, i think medics scared to admit veganism better,i see alot of fat medics , if they know alot about health , they sohuld know been fat isnt ok, i think they just dont want to stop eating meat, they think , "if everyone gets vegan i wont eat my delicous buger king or pizza hut" Sometimes i prefer listening my muscle martial art teacher , rather than the fat medic lol im not against fat ppl just agains fat ppl that say been fat is healthy n been vegan is bad maybe whe i become a great medic 1 day ill make a study why been vegan, u cure urself from alot of diseases im taoist to , and ancient taoist books said food helps curing diseases
  10. what exercise i have to do and if there something special that i have to eat to get more muscle?
  11. I think yes cuz its harder 4 us to get muscles and need more train , they just eat meat and eggs n they get muscles hard we dont get that easy , it really take us alot of exercise getting muscles,? what u guys think and why?
  12. I saw on youtube people that do really awesome jumps , like ninjas , they got alot of agility, i think its called Acrobatics , is there any sport that is better or as good as acrobatics that focus on agility and jumps? im doing a martial art already.
  13. I hate food that has sugar or chocolate , candies,M&M,Nerds,Doritos, anything that is trash food i hate, do i need sugar and chocolate on my diet? or its better if i never eat them?
  14. i been vegetarian since i born , never ate fish meat or bird, but now at 18 i decided going vegan cuz i want to be a healthy person and stop animal murders
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