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  1. Nice! Huge improvement from the first photo. I mean just look at that old flip phone! Oh yeah, great improvements in your physique as well.
  2. Just thought of one more thing. There's a Vosges chocolate store in Caesar's Palace that has some pretty amazing drinking chocolate which you can have made with soy milk or almond milk.
  3. I went a few times last year. I only ended up going to the Wynn once and decided to splurge on a vegan prix fixe menu at one of the restaurants, which was really good (and like all food on the strip in Vegas, really expensive). Roland's Donuts is a trip. They have a ridiculous amount of vegan doughnuts there, but all the patrons seem to be locals and truckers. Nothing's labelled, so you have to ask which are the vegan doughnuts, but if I remember correctly, it's the top two rows. I could only bring myself to buy 3 of them, but it was hard to not just say "One of each, please!" I had breakfast at the Canyon Ranch in the Venetian a few times - that wasn't bad. And the Whole Foods just south of the strip has the best vegan selection of any Whole Foods I've ever been to. They have a separate vegan hot bar and their deli case had an absurd amount of vegan options. Even a lot of things I see at other Whole Foods nationwide which are almost vegan have been modified to not have honey, cheese, etc. I also had breakfast at a vegan place a bit off the strip, but I'm blanking on the name. I had a four (or five) course breakfast there. (Yes, I pigged out on the trip. I figured I made up for it by running a half marathon while I was there.)
  4. That's a pretty awesome set of before/after photos. Women's bodies are insane.
  5. Was that an outtake from Louis Theroux's recent special on "ultra-zionists"? It sounds like his voice about a minute in saying "This is not your land. It belongs to these families."
  6. Looking really good, man. You still look as strong as ever, but much better. I haven't been in to the store or seen you around anywhere so I didn't know you'd dropped so much weight.
  7. I like your tenacity. "Let's see, I hated Alien, hated Predator. Maybe I'd enjoy a movie in which those two battle it out."
  8. Yep, clearly a shill from C.C.C.L.E.A.N. - the Council for the Consumption of Cruciferous, Legumes, Eggs, Allium and Nuts.
  9. I've been doing it and am on day 84. I ended up buying one of the adjustable weight set (Powerblock), which allows for weights between 5-50 lbs. At my starting fitness level 20/40 probably would have worked, though. 20 might have been a little heavy for me for some of the tricep exercises and a little light for curls, etc., but you could always just do more or less reps if needed. I know weights are expensive, so I'd just try to get by with whatever you can afford. Other than weights, just about the only thing you should need is a pull-up bar. I'm happy with the results I got, but unfortunately didn't bother with any picture taking. I'd recommend doing so, and make sure to fill out the worksheets to keep track of your progress. That was really helpful so I'd know when it was time to start pushing myself harder.
  10. The ankle. Always the damn ankle.
  11. Oh no! This thread definitely makes me feel old. I went vegetarian at 10 and vegan at 20. So 14 years vegan. Yikes.
  12. There is special cat food for cats who are either prone to urinary tract infections or bladder stones, but I'm not sure how much they would help with a cat who already has a blocked bladder. I know people have had luck with using apple cider vinegar to clear up urinary issues in cats. I've given it to mine before for similar issues and it seemed to help.
  13. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I'll admit the old flavor had an unusual taste, but for me it was much more tolerable. Maybe the new one will grow on me, but I wasn't happy the first few times I had it. I'll give it another shot tonight after my workout.
  14. I really liked the chocolate before the flavor was "improved." Now it somehow tastes both more chocolatey and more horrible.
  15. The first time I got a large beet juice from my co-op's juice bar I later thought I was dying. It took me a long, scary minute to realize why the toilet was bright red.
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