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  1. A very, very beautiful physique! So awesome to see, thank you for sharing.
  2. Yes oh yes Potter!!! Especially with them donut stops LOL Hee hee I still can't believe you had like 13 of them, and that you smelled like a donut afterwards..lol I hope you are well I don't know what you and Jamie have been up to since I left for PA, and I ahve been super busy Where di dyou end up going? May I have her email adress please? I will get better with them PM's I promise
  3. Ehm...I think it's tuesday..and I think it's the...4th? Yeah, I have ahd sooo much to do since I returned home! Everythin gis done painting now. I decided not to do the ceiling in the hall. Due to pure laziness and nothing else. I just couldn't be bothered after dealing with the walls in the main room (2 layers, 2 colors), the ceiling there, the baseboards (in a 3rd color) and the hall. Hm, all Iwant to do now is some artwork, and I will, as soon as I have found my paintbrushes! They seem to have disappeared and I dan't remember wether I threw them out before moving to Oz or if they are hidden in a box somewhere...dang it! But it's looking good!! Really good. I love painting, wether it's art or just a wall..it's soo relaxing and soothing...and it makes me concentrate and focus. I try going without protecting tape for the fun of it, and a paintbrush size 3 inches LOL..tricky, but a greater achivement not to make a mess. Anyway! I love my little flat! it's soo adorable! I am very lucky! I knew there was a reason for me not being able to find anything for a whole year..this one is perfect, and the loger you wait for soemthing, the more you appreaciate what you get once you get it I've seen my doctor today, who said the moment he saw me" Elisabeth you look absolutely awesome and healthy". I asked him for an eye exam. I had paint all over, pimples all over my face plus the added 14 lbs (yeah, I checked it before I left..), my 6 pack has transformed into a doughnut pack... but the funny thing is, my MT trainer said the same thimg...so I wonder what I looked like when I left sweden 3 months ago... But I don't care! I honestly don't care! So what if I have gained 14 lbs. I feel good. I can still kick ass at MT (And so I did today YAY).. I just turned 25 and I already feel so much..healthier and happier. Of course, I am used to have a 6 pack all the time... but what is that to aim for? as long as I am healthy and I train because it's fun, because that's what it should be, FUN. that's why I stopped doing fitness..it wasn't fun anymore and I was so fed up with the superficiality everyone was living in..that was not for me.. So realising today, that I am still happy with a doughnut pack, makes me happy I have come a looong way these last 2.5 years. And I know that it is easier to gain when living on junk on and off or 3 months and not exercising LOL. I also know that my body is used to being a certain weight and shape and as soon as I get back into training, it will make its own adjustments, in its own time. No rush, I have the rest of my life to train. Does this mean that I have grown and matured LOL? Mmm, muay thai. How I love that sport. And how much I have missed it!! I went to heaven and back during training today (between the puking moments LOL) and it was rough, but that's how I like it! When I do something I am passionate about, there is no such thing as taking it easy HAH. Especially not when it comes to training! Oh how I love the taste of blood in my mouth and the feeling of vomitting.. Yes, I am twisted in certain ways... And I wil be very sore tomorrow! I am pleased knowing that I still hvae my killer punches..my brother couldn't hold the mitzes HAH... but I have lost some of my rapidness and endurance for my kicks. I will gain it right back though Anyways.. Up early tomorrow, back to my flat, have a lot to do..but now I can start putting things on its place...now that I'm done painting the major things. Only the fun stuff left. mmm... If I can only find them paintbrushes. the small, fine ones... they have got to be somewhere...or....
  4. On dear Lord... you just made me drool....
  5. Wow...and all this time I thought I was a dude. LOL Ravi you are very much a dude.... Dang, I do have some language difficulties sometimes. Because that sentence made perfect sense in my mind... It must have transformed while typing.. hee hee..sorry bout that mate.
  6. I SAW THE TROLL!!! Bonus points for offense I also did see the weird statue thing with the dog with a human head. Oh, and I saw the weird piece of art in Chicago with all the people with only legs. And, and, I saw the dude hanging out from the roof in Chicago. Bing, bing, bing, more bonus points coming offenses way LOL Applause coming your way dude!
  7. Awesome MAgnus! Kris and I will sure visit!! I love gothenburg it's so pretty and have good pands too.. (sticky fingers is a personal fav place to be).. So I am home...still. I woke up this mornign and had no idea where I was..that was scary. It's good to be back with mom and dad, they have missed me a lot and I have missed them. I have been painting my new flat all day, I am exhausted, and ingly jetlaged. Tomorrow Ill be moving all day...I wont even have time for MT..which sucks, but soon enough I will be able to train as much as I like.. besides, moving is exiting. Right now I am looking for a bed..trying my best to find a nice used one so I don't have to spend unnucessary money on a brand new one. It felt so noog not to own anything..to only have my clothes... Living minimally is awesome! I plan to do it forever! Meaning, I have a LOT of stuff to throw away/donate. Itäs just stuff anyway, I dan't take it with me when I die so what's the point really? Oh gosh I am so tired! And being back to eating normal foods (= fruits and vegs) is awesome..and speaking of which, I totally forgot about the haris coverts in the fridge. Dang!!! I've had my mind set on them all day long..and when I finally got home I was so hungry I forgot about them... Oh well... Hug Portland and Seattle from me.
  8. Thanks dude. No, sweden is awesome!!! I just miss the people... When will we hook up? Brian, Jess and Kris will be here late september... hint hint.
  9. Mmmm, Ethiopian. Ethiopian is the most fun way to eat! I get to play with my food! How awesome isn't THAT?? Lotus - seems lik eyou could have shown us a LOT in Seattle... so next time you'r eup there - you and loveliberate should give everyone the grand tour I miss you guys a lot!!!! papple napping..... dang you papples!
  10. LOL yeah, I loved the asics thing which none of planned at all.. But Potter...new balance??? lol August 30th I am now officially on swedish territory! It feels..weird, strange...weird....flat and...weird. And lonely... Well, for a couple more weeks at least.. Have a little bunch of people visiting which is AWESOME! I wish Seattle and Portland was closer to Sweden..like, where Germany is..but what would I do with Flanders?? Hm... Ravi took me on an awesome piggie tour across downtown Seattle. I dunno about him, but I had a killer time! I have some pictures on my myspace if anyone would be bothered... Just for my own amusement! I miss everyone like crazy...Saying goodbye to Jessi was hard, I felt we really bonded.. She is so awesome, everyone, take good care of her! And don't feed her too many voodoos... at least not after midnight.. Billy, Ravi, Kris, Lindsay...such funny people!! So her eI am... mom is sleeping, dad is sleeping in front of his 30 channel TV (we used to have 3).. I hate TV so Im her einstead..looking up colors for my apartment. Tomorrow is a painting day! Itäll take a good full day for me to cover both layers..the artistic parts I wont be able to finish the same day but that is the fun part so I don't mind it taking some time! My flat is small, but I'm on the top floor, with a balcony, and it's very bright... and very, very cosy! I saw it for the first time today.. I am VERY pleased! And it's cheap too! I stopped by my MT studio as well, lots of hugs for everyone! I'm stoked to start training again... they wanted me to stay for today but I couldn't, so I'll go saturday between moves, and I get to go for free. YAY! But now I have to sleep... I ain't tired..but I've been up for a long time now.. I'm jetlagged like..poop. I'll probably fall asleep on the ladder tomorrow... Mmm, painting is fun! Gosh I miss you all so much!!!
  11. Ahahahaha....yeah, that was the TIMES! Man, I loved them little bubbly gummy bear thingies..so chewie, like a ball of phlegm. Awesome... Billy - VISIT! Like, right now? Loveliberate - Iäm sorry you and Jen missed out.. It wasnät supposed to be a big gathering, JEssi and I was going to Seattle to meet up with Ravi, and Tasha, as a girls thing... and I invited Kris, and we met up with Billy and Jessi brought Lindsay..and it became this awesome gathering!! I'm sure they are all up for it again soon...unfortunately, I wont be able to participate, which SUCKS... but I have some fun things going on back home..and I hope everyone that wants to, may visit sometime. Soon! It feels so...weird being back home. Everyone speaks swedish.. and...everything is so..small... and...swedish. I canät wait to save up money and travel some more!!! Oh, and sorry for the ä thing...Im gettin gused to my swedish keyboard again and where you have your ' I have my ä.
  12. LizWorld


    WEEEEEEEELCOME Lindsay!!! You are already missed!!! Hope to see you this winter. That would be RAD!!!
  13. August 28th (late) Jessi, Kristopher and Lindsay has left Seattle for this time, still here is I, Billy and Ravi. We bonded right away, like we had known each other for many years. I miss them all so much already just like I will miss Ravi and Billy when I leave tomorrow, just like I miss each and everyone I have gotten to know during these past 3 months.. Potter, Jamie, Offense, Flanders, lotus, loveliberate, Darthy, Zack, Ed, the kids, Dave, Isaac, Tashababe, Josh, Rawesome Courtney, Michelle, Geoff, Robert...and everyone I have left out by accident! It is pretty late, I have OD a LOT of stuff today and.. I'M OFFICIALLY QUITTING THE COOKIES!! There, I've said it! Back to normality, back to vitality, back to healthy, back to training..and off you go, nasty 10 junkfood lbs!!! You will die instantly and suddenly in your sleep. It really suck, once again, to leave the country. I'm thankful I got to sped time with you all... pillowfights with Ravi (while the others tried to sleep...), papple napping (or raw driveby) with Jessi, Lindsay, Kris and BIlly in BIllys veggie -85, hanging out the window while trying to fit 6 people in the veggie -85, running away from neighbours to the tree we hijacked, doughnuts for breakfast... Jessi being absolutely adorable, Lindsay, Billy, Ravi and Kris making me laugh so hard like there was no tomorrow... watching Kris spit out his...umm, slimy balls in the bubble tea...but not in the tea, on the ground....eh, it's late. Mmmkay. I couldn't help crying when saying goodbye!! JEssi will visit soon, next spring, and Lindsday will hopefully move to sweden in the beginning of 2008... Kris will I see in a few weeks, Brian from Scapegoat in 2 months, Brian (bvp663) and his girlfriend Jess willbe in sweden at the end of september, Ravi works for Bill Gates, nuff said!!! Billy will be over soon too...he better, he is awesome!!! They are all aesome, and anyone who'd like to visit...Potter & Jamie??? Id love to have you!!! I will remember these few days forever! I have had the best of times! And this is only the beginning... I will see you all soon again! And I can't wait! Dang..I think I might be crying... or someone hurt my eyelashes! Anyway... These are the pictures of Potter, Jessis and my vegan tattoo...and my new ink posing with Sydneyvegans beautiful hummingbird. I miss you Chris!! You are so awesome! I will post more pictures from VV and other...when I return home and settle in my new apartment! Untill then, stay rawesome..we'll meet soon again. -Liz Jen - I'm sorry I missed you, everything has been hectic! We'll say in touch and Ill look for some awesome astrid lindgren movies for the kids for christmas Offense - no I'm not fat yet! but if I stay a few more weeks... I have packed on a good 10 lbs, I no longer have any visible muscle on me (that's what nearly 3months withjunk in the trunk and no exercise tdo to you), my 6 pack has transformed into a doughnut pack and I can't wait to start traiing again - Ill arrive in copenhagen thursday at 2pm, my muay thai starts at 5...I SO can make it!!!! Give me 6 weeks and I will be as good as new...or even better!! Potter - I miss you and JAmie a LOT!!!! Please come and visit anytime you'd like! I hope to come and visit soon again.... I thought of you today when I indulged in migty oh no's and I officially declared quiting the cookies! Yes, I'm done! Now I have to go to bed! Tomorrow Ravi, Billy and I will continue our raw driveby and I will hunt piggies!!! gnite! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1034/1263968065_e523fce09b.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1133/1263966995_6a4f7c46fc.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1200/1264822200_8be9155bdf.jpg
  14. Hahaha you're always hungry! I had a thaisome time and I am totally in love with Billys veggie -85 golf. I want a biodiesel van, live out of it, travel the world with my best friend and don't own anything! That would be so rad!!!
  15. Tuesday August 28th It's now official: I sleep in Tree Pose! How cool isn't THAT!!!!!! WOOOooHoOO Kris, Jessi, Lindsey, I and Billy is having a killer time with Ravi... Last night I ate TofuTod for dinner Thids morning we had mighty Oh no's for breakfast (!!).. last night Ravi and I had a pillow fight (which I won...or well, I guess we'll decide that tonight) Seattle is awesome, but too much of a big city for me... I like my nature and trees! JEssi and I have new sweet eeny meeny mighty O tshirts! We officially love them Ill leave tomorrow morning! Today Im on a piggy mission! Rawesome!
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