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  1. Hung Gar Sei Ping Ma Stance Drill (Isometric): 1:04 Hung Gar Kicking Drill: 1x10 on each leg Smith Machine Squat: 180lbs 1x6-8 Smith Machine Calf Raise: 180lbs 1x12 Hip Adduction: 100lbs 1x12 Hip Abduction (on cables): 30lbs 1x8 I'm going to be tweeking my workout scedule a little bit. So I don't overtrain/undertrain.
  2. Considering dogs will eat their own poop for fun, it certainly is much easier to have a dog on a vegan diet without any worries ..........that plus they're naturally omnivores like us. Besides knowing my little Jack Russel mix Mackie he loves vegetables. He was gaining weight so we started to give him carrots, celery, apple slices, and green beans. However the vegetables wouldn't be enough to feed him and get all his nutrients.
  3. Smith Machine Behind The Neck Press: 90lbs 1x6 Dumbell Chest Press: 40lbs 1x10 Hung Gar Ab Exercise: BW 1x10 Cross Body Crunch: BW 1x10 Transverse Vaccum 3x60s 8:50 minute HIIT
  4. I imagine with a dog it wouled be easier.
  5. Is it possible? I'm not exactly an offical vegan and know there's vegan catfood, but either way is possible for a cat to be on a vegetarian/vegan diet?
  6. Cardio in the AM Hung Gar practice in the afternoon.
  7. Pull Up: BW 1x9 Iso Lateral Row: 180lbs 1x8; 175lbs 1x9 Hung Gar Abdominal Exercise: BW 1x6 Leg Cross in Alternating Sides: BW 1x to failure Back Extension: 130lbs 1x12; 125lbs 1x15 20 minutes HIIT
  8. Typical macho bacho wanna be tough guy nonsense. All of this is just plain bogus. Every now and then someone tries to justify hatred in the most stupidest ways. Hitler being a vegetarian that's whack, in fact that's just plain horrible. I have tattoos (which are all meaningful) and I'm a vegetarian. I'm not a woman (even if I was why would that make any difference). I agree though that all those hipster douchebags and whatever give vegetarians and vegans a bad name. How you going to be so concerned as to what goes into your body, and say you don't support the torture of animals yet you smoke cigarettes, do drugs, and excessivly drink? As a result from smoking you support the torture and murder of your own species.
  9. At least you're not one of those Hipster douchebags who claim they're vegetarian and even vegan, but yet doesn't give two shits about animals or smokes and exessivly drinks as well as does drugs. As far as the drinking goes I have nothing wrong with drinking I really don't at all have anything wrong with it, but I don't like drunks. Let me tell you it's not fun being harrassed by a bunch of drunken losers who want to start a fight with you when they got their friends backing them up. If you can't drink responsibly you shouldn't be drinking at all.
  10. I did some cardio in the AM and had Hung Gar practice this afternoon. Someone in my Hung Gar class was trying to tell me that men shouldn't eat alot of Soy because of the fact that the plant estrogen is in it. Yet this is a woman trying to tell me a man what to do with my body. Before anyone thinks I'm sexist let me say this. I don't care what study says what there's not enough evidence and not enough studies being done to prove that soy is really bad for men and even cause gynecomastia (or however you spell it). All of this is a bunch of macho bacho manly wanna be tough bullshit.
  11. http://training.fitness.com/journal/ryofires-journal-17-31384.html This is my old/current journal.
  12. I want to start a journal to keep track of my progress. Make comments of how I'm doing and how I'm feeling about my training, diet, etc. I weight train, practice Hung Gar, ride a bicycle, sometimes do a little parkour even, and whatever is fun enough and helps me stay in shape. I'm also big into walking especially around the city. I'm a natural city boy at heart. There's alot to see here in Boston too. I have a journal on training.fitness.com. I think I'll keep my membership to that site as well so I can look at any of the threads I've posted there for feedback.
  13. robert your name came up in a search engine for Vegan Bodybuilder. Also Someone from the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) mentioned you. I assume you're well known?
  14. Heh...I hope you don't mind me saying that apple's a cute name. A guy I know has a dog named apple pie or something along those lines. Yea that place is great it's called TJ's. Then a couple of doors down from there on the same street is Grasshopper. That's a chinese style Vegan Resturaunt.
  15. Hi everyone I'm a vegetarian and for years was a part of a different fitness forum. It's a great forum, but not as vegetarian/vegan friendly as I had hoped it to be latly.
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