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  1. Calesthetics Body Weight Dip: 1x12 Strength Training Forgot Neck Harness Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 80lbs 1x8; 65lbs 1x10 Smith Machine Bench Press: 125lbs 1x8; 110lbs 1x10 20 minutes cardio
  2. Narrow Stance Leg Press: 380lbs 2x15 Plantar Flexion Calf Raise: 380lbs 2x15 Dorsi Flexion Calf Raise: 380lbs 2x15 20 Minutes Cardio
  3. Warm Up Pull Ups: BW 1x4 Strength Training Dual Axis Row 120lbs 2x10 Crunch and Reverse Crunch: BW 1x15 Chest Raise: BW 1x15 Side Bend: BW 1x15 Transverse Vaccum: 2x 60 seconds Stretching Cooldown And Than running for 30 minutes.
  4. So the hurricane wasn't as bad here as it was in other states. I pray the gods have protected all my friends here on this forum. To my foes I hope the gods gave you no protection, because you are nothing but scum and bullies, and you deserve nothing but dishonor and misery! So today I did some stationary bike inside in the afternoon, and then later, when the rain and winds settled I went for a nice run.
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/man-best-friend-mourns-death-175219915.html
  6. I have been considering getting toe shoes, which apparently has been a unique craze that's been happening for quite some time. Shoes like the one's on this site http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/index.htm First are they really safe to use for athletic purposes only. Second are there ones made from non leather material?
  7. I myself am still on the fence when it comes to the Death penalty. Especially when it comes to scum like Whitey Bulger. Part of me really wants to see him fry, only because I knew who he was and many of my family members were, and still are, involved with his mob. The other part of me only sees self defense as the only reasonable and understandable means for killing a person (only if it's in self defense. Thus this is why I am still, as I said, on the fence, when it comes to the death penalty. But what really pisses me off is when people (especially far leftists liberals) talk about how much they are against the death penalty and say things like, "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, would leave the world a blind and toothless place" and what not. Understandable, yet these are the same people who willingly euthanize they're pets or other animals, who aren't terminally ill, or dying. Some of the main reasons for these horrific hypocrisy are, "to prevent overcrowded shelters," or perhaps the owner is moving and can't take care of the animals. So these people are ok with murdering innocent animals, but not ok with doing it to murderers, rapists, criminals, simply because "they feel sorry for them."
  8. Morning cardio and evening Kung fu class.
  9. Narrow Stance Leg Press: 360lbs 2x15 Plantar Flexion Calf Raise: 360lbs 2x15 Dorsi Flexion Calf Raise: 360lbs 2x15 20 Minutes Cardio
  10. Calesthetics Body Weight Dip: 1x12 Strength Training Neck Harness 35lbs 2x15 Cable Motion Shoulder Press: 100lbs 2x12 Reverse Dumbell Fly: 125lbs 1x8; 110lbs 1x10 Machine Chest Press: 140lbs 2x12 20 minutes cardio
  11. Went to the doctors had my ribs checked out. Nothing too serious thankfully, but am taking anti inflammatory drugs, taking it slow and what not until it gets better. I started by going to the gym and worked my legs today. Narrow Stance Leg Press, and Plantar/Dorsiflexion Calf Raise: 360lbs 2x15
  12. I fell while rollerblading and got some minor Abrasions and some bruised ribs, So I've been taking it easy till that heals.
  13. Rolerblading and some parkour. Almost did get in any exercise at at, but yet I did.
  14. Calisthenics: Pull ups: BW 1x5 Pull Ups Negatives: BW 1x10 Russian Twist: BW 1x12 Hanging Leg Raise: BW 1x12 30 minutes cardio: bike riding around the city.
  15. Rice is great, and mainly go for Whole Grain rices. But this one from Uncle Ben's is questionable. Is whole grain white rice (or any whole grain white starches) truly Whole Grain or Vegan? http://cdn.wwwthefrugalgirl.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Uncle-Bens-Coupon.jpg Ingediants WHOLE GRAIN WHITE RICE [PARTIALLY MILLED PARBOILED BROWN RICE, RICE BRAN AND GERM]; INULIN (CHICORY ROOT FIBER); GUAR GUM; NIACIN; IRON (FERRIC ORTHOPHOSPHATE); THIAMINE (THIAMINE MONONITRATE); FOLATE (FOLIC ACID).
  16. Warm Up Negative Pull Ups: BW 1x10 Bicycle Crunch: BW 1x15 Swiss Ball Chest Raise: BW 1x15 Strength Training Lat Pull Down 120lbs 1x10; 105lbs 1x10 Ab Crunch/Reverse Crunch Machine: 50lbs 2x15 Back Extension Machine: 180lbs 2x15 Cable Woodchop: 70lbs 2x15 Stretching as Cooldown and walking for cardio.
  17. Finally passed my ACE exam. And guess what all my foes Vegan Joe, beforewisdom Ruz, blabbate, dropsoul, xjohanx, Zack and katz I made something of myself. I know how badly you used to lecture me, make fun and make me feel like shit but you are wrong. Fuck you for doubting me, and making fun of me internet bullies and internet tough guys. I did it with no help or influence from you, especially you beforewisdom, Ruz and Vegan Joe, you're fucking self righteous bullies and douchebags! Now that I properly vented, I have been feeling a lot better with myself for finally passing my ACE exam. A new chapter has opened up for me in my life. Many doubted me, many said I wasn't able to do it, but yet hear I am unbent, unbowed, unbroken, and unchanged. The only thing about me that is different is my knowledge of fitness related things and my own overall fitness. Though I have had some obstacles come in my way I know I'll get passed them, and be victorious. Today I got in some weight training, (Leg day) stretching as a cooldown, and Parkour for cardio. BW Squat Warm up 1x15 Machine Leg Press: 325lbs 1x8; 310lbs 1x10 Machine Plantarflexion Calf Press: 225lbs 2x12 Machine Dorsiflexion Calf Press: 325lbs 2x10
  18. Lately my schedule has been messed up due to my lack of funds, and lack of education. That's why I've been trying really hard to pass my ACE exam. I'm embarrassed to say that I've gained some weight as well, some muscle, but some fat as well. I feel that once I pass my ACe exam and get a better paying job, my exercise schedule and what not will improve. Right now I'm just venting because I haven't had such a great year. To start I lost my friend Nigel to AIDS, I have been screwed over by the AANE and my social worker Laura Ann Morrissey, who I do not recommend anyone see, because you'd be better off shooting yourself through the skull than being her client. And Having Aspergers as well as all this other stress really makes it hard for me to focus on studying or preparing for my ACE exam, which I'm retaking this saturday the 25th again. In the meantime, I got to get plenty of sleep, good quality nutrition, enough studying, and put together a good support system. Oh yea and fuck thosewho are my foes on this forum, and fuck people like Vegan Joe, Katz and Ruz! Fuck you for being douchebags and doubting me! You are the scum of this world, you are the dust on the streets, and you are the dirt under my nails!
  19. Machine Shoulder Press: 90lbs 1x12 Machine Chest Press: 130lbs 1x10 Ab Crunch/Reverse Crunch Machine: 35lbs 1x15 Back Extension: 175lbs 1x15 Transverse Vaccum: 1x60 seconds Mild stretching as a cool down 20 Minutes H.I.I.T
  20. Basically I hit the weights and strength training on certain days, and practice Hung Gar on other days. For those of you who also practice martial arts, tell me how you incorporate these two types of training?
  21. I know what you mean. I agree with you.
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