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  1. Morning Cardio and then went for a late night walk.
  2. Calisthenics as warm up: Weight Assisted Pull Up: Resistance Level 8 1x9 Punching Russian Twist: BW 1x15 Chest Raise: BW 1x15 Resistance Training: EZ Grip Bar Bicep Curl: 45lbs 1x8; 30lbs 1x10 Dumbbell Rows: 30lbs 2x12 Widegrip Lat Pulldown: 120lbs 1x8; 105lbs 1x10 Stretching and 20 minutes HIIT
  3. I have checked it out. They were going to make a Marvel Universe Online, but that got canceled.
  4. They should make a Marvel vs DC game. That would be worth seeing.
  5. Although I love some of the articles, and have learn a lot about Strength Training and what not, I got to say that this magazine (as well as many mainstream fitness related things) is very biased towards vegetarians/vegans. Especially when it comes to soy. Anyone else notice this?
  6. I just came back from the midnight release of it. Anyone preorder it or play it already? http://pinoytutorial.com/techtorial/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/marvel-vs-capcom-3.jpg
  7. Practiced kung fu forms today as a morning cardio routine. Then later walked into downtown Boston tonight, for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 release. I enjoy walking into Boston, because it's such a great city, dispite what internet tough guys like "katz" thinks. Also on the lines of that, I've noticed that Vegan Joe's profile doesn't exist anymore. Well all I can say is good fucking riddance, he always talks about free speech, and so therefore I have the freedom to say things against him. Vegan Joe is a self righteous egotistic douche-bag!
  8. Haven't updated in more than a month, things have been kinda up and down so far this new year. But none the less here's my stats for my work out today. To better manage my workouts throughout the week, started day different muscle groups three days a week of the week, instead of my usual full body days two times a week. I also work in both isolation and compound. I do this while fitting in martial arts practice, and parkour (haven't been doing much this winter ) So today was a leg day which including the following: Calisthenics as warm up: Body weight squat: BW 1x15 Floor Side Leg lifts: 1x15 each side Arch rises: 1x10 each side Resistance Training: Leg Extensions: 110lbs 1x10; 95lbs 1x12 Lying Leg Curls: 90lbs 1x10; 75lbs 1x12 Dumbell Seated One Leg Calf Raise: 25lbs 2x12 Hip Abduction: 170lbs 1x8; 155lbs 1x12 Hip Adduction: 190lbs 1x8; 175lbs 1x12 Barbell Squat: 155lbs 1x10; 135lbs 1x12 Stretching and 20 minutes HIIT
  9. It's only a myth when it comes to world hunger. Other then that I strongly disagree, it's not a myth at all.
  10. It is not a myth. Those demographics tend to be poor. The poor have more children. For a number of reasons, rational, not rational, good and bad It is also one of the reasons why adoption is not the universal answer to overpopulation ( aside from those parents WANTING their children ). Call it racist, but people want to adopt babies that look like them. The people who can afford to adopt are white. The majority of the world's orphans or babies put up for adoption because their parents are poor......tend not to be. There are white people who also live in poverty, who have tons of children, trust me, come to the projects in South Boston. It sickens me.
  11. Translation: white people aren't breeding enough to keep Canada from turning brown. Ha, precisely. I know what you mean. My mom always says, "it's the blacks, hispanics who have tons of kids." When really white people have just as much children. Plus she believes in having tons of children too. She only cares about overpopulation concerns when a different ethnicity is doing it.
  12. That's unfortunate for them. But it's still a better option then having more than two or three kids.
  13. The best way to make sure that a positive change never happens in the world is to focus on "shoulds" instead of working with "what is". - Adoption is extraordinarily expensive and can take years. - Many people feel compelled, perhaps by instinct, to have some kids of their own. Given that those two things are never going to go away it is better to accept those things as a reality and work with it by educating people as to why they would want to stop at a maximum of 2 kids, if they want kids. Adoption is expensive, but so is having lots of kids. That's why a lot of people end up poor because they're ignorant and think that they can afford it. And second of all there's nothing wrong with adopting. Step parents can be just as loving if not more than biological parents.
  14. If people want so many kids, they should adopt. It's a better solution, because why bring more children into the world, when there are already children who need homes that are already here. It's not fair to them at all.
  15. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ap_on_sp_ot/us_obit_jack_lalanne Rest in peace.
  16. There's one here in Boston, This is gonna be awesome! http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_weekend/20110121/ts_yblog_weekend/trampoline-dodgeball
  17. That might be true, but it isn't the reason for the current size of the global population. Poor people have more children because they have higher child mortality rates due to poverty and they have more children so there will be someone to support them when they are old. The National Geographic enjoys a very good reputation for getting information right. If you haven't, watch the video. It states that the population problem isn't just about raw numbers of people. It is about resource consumption and pollution generation. In other words, Westerners need to cut back on people as well as we use several times more resources.........even when we are conscientious ( it is built into our infrastructure ) than 3rd world people. People need to keep their legs closed, and their dick in their pants.
  18. http://www.delawareonline.com/blogs/uploaded_images/vick.trial-798836.jpg
  19. Seriously, I can't believe they let him play again. Although I'm not much of a football person, I know one thing. If I were on his team, I would refuse to play with him. What upsets me even worse is that because he's rich and famous, he can get away with it, because he has the money to offord a good lawyer. It's upsetting to see that the dogs can't speak up for themselves, and tell us how bad it was.
  20. Machine Shoulder Press: 105lbs 1x8; 90lbs 1x10 Chest Fly Machine:105lbs 1x10; 90lbs 1x12 Back Fly Machine: 90lbs 1x8; 75lbs 1x12 Machine Chest Press: 140lbs 1x8; 125lbs 1x12 Seated Cable Row: 125lbs 1x8; 105 1x8 Machine Calf Exercise: 270lbs 1x12; 255lbs 1x12 Machine Hip Abduction: 150lbs 1x8; 135lbs 1x12 Machine Hip Adduction: 170lbs 1x8; 155lbs 1x12 Abdominal Machine: 85lbs 1x15; 70lbs 1x15 Back Extension: 155lbs 1x15; 140lbs 1x15 Transverse Vaccum: 2x60 seconds Machine Leg Press: 270lbs 1x12; 255lbs 1x12 20minutes of Cardio
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