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  1. I use to have crazy acne and bloating.. Lately I've been fermenting a lot of stuff like yogurt, sauerkraut, water kefir, kombucha.. and I might try to ferment beans. I have cut all legumes out though as they seem to be hard to digest(which is why I may experiment with fermenting them).. I removed all Gluten from my diet which helped a lot. Also, I discovered that I'm allergic to Corn, which would irritate my stomach and cause me to sneeze and have runny nose. I never noticed that before because I was eating so many things prior to cutting a lot of stuff out. When I reintroduced corn, my acne broke out. Same with legumes, gluten. It may just be that these things are difficult to digest, so the body reacts to them as if they're toxins. So foods that help re-flourish the intestine walls with good bacteria should help. I'd work with real foods with good bacteria as you'll get a lot more living bacteria than in pills, because you don't know if what's in the supplements are actually alive. Or consume both.. I've cut out a lot of foods but I don't know how willing you are to do that. By cutting out a lot of foods and keeping a journal of what you eat, you'll get a more accurate idea of what foods are effecting you. I've been eating quinoa everyday(white kind, seems easier to digest than the red kind).. helps with my acne. So, I don't know if this post helps any, but figured I'd share some ideas.
  2. how often do you lift weights? are you overtraining? perhaps you need more time between training days for recovery/rebuilding the muscle.
  3. It is what it is. Everyone likes to define things, but it doesn't always mean what you define is how everyone will see it. Isn't that enough? Sometimes the less defined things are, the more welcoming it appears to others. I would think that would be a good thing.
  4. Introduce a new food you haven't tried before(or don't eat much of) that isn't meat so that you have something else to think about.
  5. Well, my Kombucha tea sat for 9 days, so I finally drank some today. I didn't know what to expect in the taste since I never drank any before, it had a bit of a vinegar flavor which might be because I had to use a bit of vinegar to start the batch since I had no Kombucha tea previously. I started a new batch with some of the Kombucha tea, maybe it will taste different next time. During the 9 days it grew a new scoby on the top, and the solution got kind of cloudy with yeasty bits. Supposedly that's okay. I want to get a bigger jar though, because the one I have only holds about a quart. fun stuff..
  6. That's great to hear blissful86! One thing I discovered recently is that Kombucha Tea contains B vitamins.. It supposedly contains b12, but it isn't proven as far as I know. I've recently started making my own, and have yet to drink it. Figured I'd mention it to you.
  7. There are different opinions regarding scheduling. Some people say you should eat frequently about every 2 or 3 hours so that your body can maintain an anabolic state. Others choose something in line with intermittent fasting where one goes a period without eating to allow toxins to be removed and replaced. I think you should experiment and find out what feels best for you.
  8. I struggle with acne as well. If I eat a lot of bananas, I find I break out. Certain fruits I can tolerate better than others. It might be related to the sugars raising the insulin levels which effects hormones, which then effects acne. Foods with a high-glycemic index can spike your insulin levels too, so I suggest choosing low-glycemic foods. Now, bananas are considered to have a low-glycemic index, but that doesn't mean you should eat as many as you want. One big help I did was cut out GLUTEN from my diet. You may ask what foods have gluten in them- things like wheat, rye, barley. Oats can have traces of gluten, even Broccoli from cross-contamination during harvesting. Do some research about gluten, find out what foods have gluten, and cut those foods out to see if you notice an improvement. There are gluten free foods like Quinoa, which I eat, and for some reason it improves my skin. One thing I recently discovered is fermented foods can help rebuild your gut/intestines with probiotics. Probiotics help breakdown your food. If you have digestion problems due to too many bad bacteria in your gut and not enough good ones, this may be causing toxins to leak into your bloodstream, and may cause you to break out. Sauerkraut has good bacteria(probiotics), but there usually isn't much in store-bought products. You have to make your own, which is easy, so look at some youtube videos. There is also Kefir which has probiotics in them. The common Kefir incorporates milk, but you can find Water Kefir without dairy. Like the sauerkraut, you can make this yourself too. Look online for details. One last thing. Try to get Sun exposure as it helps dry the skin, etc.. If you try all these things, I'd really be interested in hearing whether they help you, because these changes helped me. I'm not completely clear of acne, but now I only get a few per day. I recently started working with probiotic foods, and I'm experimenting to see if they'll help. I have my own theories that I'm sorting out, but I figured I'd share the common ones I've found.
  9. What you describe sound like some of the known effects a person can witness while falling asleep. You can do a search about it, but if you fall asleep while maintaining some level of consciousness, you're spatial awareness can feel different and you can start feeling vibrations (which makes you believe your bed is shaking/waving), also you can hear all sorts of noises from loud bangs to whispers, etc.. I've experiences these things before. There are even ways to produce them through mental exercises while falling asleep.. look up astral projection. I wouldn't focus too much on the spiritual aspect since I feel a lot of that is interpretations people create.
  10. Yea, the quinoa seems to help my skin for some weird reason. In the past I've noticed that my body doesn't tolerate legumes that well. Lately I've been exploring fermenting foods to create probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut. I'm going to see whether having more probiotics will help in the lining of my intestines and digest things better, etc..
  11. I'm curious how these studies measure the foods after being cooked. Ultimately it doesn't matter if a food has more of something available if what is available can't be used appropriately by the body. In other words.. It only matters how our bodies react to what we consume, and the only way to find that out is to try it yourself. This is why I'm eating more raw stuff so that I can get first hand experience and actually feel what my body says about it..
  12. I think focusing more on the contractions and making sure the muscles get stimulated deeply will help. Often people tend to naturally lift weights in the most mechanically efficient way possible that doesn't engage the muscles as much as possible. Maybe try slowing down and hold the contractions a bit longer.
  13. As far as the issue of not cooking food goes, I recently have stopped cooking my food unless I absolutely need to. The only thing I cook now is quinoa. I haven't noticed any weight loss but all my life I've generally been on the light side compared to your average person. Lately I've turned to eating all my food towards the morning from 9 or 10am and finishing around 4 or 5pm, or sooner. I don't like the idea of being full when I go to sleep because your sleep is designed to detox and fast.
  14. I'm just contributing a different opinion and since I don't know you I end up making various assumptions based on my understanding of the world in order to make a point, you don't have to like it, but I'm under the impression you're the one with the grief so I figured I'd try to help. It's your choice whether you want to take it or not. All grief begins in your mind.
  15. I never think to mention it. If nobody is genuinely interested in what I eat, there's no point talking about it. What I eat is my concern only. What other people eat is not my concern. I was raised a vegetarian, so been one my entire life, and I've never received any grief for it from anyone. The key is not acting like you're better than them, or portraying as if your food is better. It's not for you to say what is best for someone because then you invite people in to contend with your views. So if you don't want grief, then don't invite it. If you want to say what is best food wise, etc, then you better be comfortable receiving the criticism towards your statements.
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