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    the problem is that some of our actions cause the heat (that should be radiating back into space) to get trapped within the confines of our atmosphere.

    I'd like you to elaborate on that, I'm really interested in this stuff. you are much more educated on the subject than I am. There's just not a lot of people i've talked to that realize it's more than human action that affects global warming.


    Also, do you know anything about why scientists predicted global cooling in the 1970's? I've heard mixed arguments about it..


    yeah, i'm sorry i came off so harsh. if you saw what i had to deal with day in and day out maybe you'd be more forgiving of my attitude, but still that's no excuse. also i strongly question the expertise and motives of people who think our contribution to global warming does not exist.


    i would say this link http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/science/global-warming-faq.html would be a very good resouce to get a general background on the situation at hand. i don't deal directly with global warming. i deal in industrial pollution control and know enough about climatology and the general makeup of the atmosphere to venture an opinion on the matter.


    i think what really bugs me though, and not just unique to this subject, but the overwhelming need people have to minimize their personal/collective responsibilities and maximize those factors that are not in their control. people want all the freedoms and at the same time be absolved of all the consequences. its a very poor attitude that only seems to be growing exponentially in popularity.

  2. wannalift,


    Since you are involved in this and studying this, please let me know if this is a good basic argument. This is what I say when people ask about Global Warming (keep in mind, I know nothing about it, this just "makes sense" to me.....please correct me if I'm way off or give me a better "basic" response)..........



    "Global Warming basically means the Planet is getting warmer, the temperature on a global scale is increasing. We've never lived in a world with this many people, animals, cars and buildings. All of these things in some way impact temperature, especially since these numbers are in the billions. It only makes sense that a byproduct of this increased production will cause the temperature to rise. That is just science and fact. The level of our production and activity cause heat, therefore increasing the temperature of our planet on a global scale."



    Maybe I'm way off. I just take an approach that is logical my mind.





    nothing even comes close to heating the earth the way the sun does. the problem is that some of our actions cause the heat (that should be radiating back into space) to get trapped within the confines of our atmosphere. the degree to which this causes global warming is uncertain, but the fact that its does significantly contribute to global warming is just a fact that some people need to get over real fast. there are many other consquences of air pollution, but this is one that affects the earth universally. others though (noted in Michael's post) pose a more serious and immediate danger to our health and the sustainability of the earth.

  3. yes, temperatures can and do rise (on a larger scale) from activity other than human interference. but what drives people to be so skeptical of the role humans play in this? do you really think our contribution to atmospheric pollution does no harm? get a f#ckin' brain.


    Actually, i'd say most people blindly accept human causes as the only truth. Too many people want to make it a political issue, it's a scientific issue. I agree the environment needs cleaning, that's not what this is talking about....



    how can you say it's not a political issue when it is money and politics that are keeping the world from following the research of scientists and achieving a higher environmental and health standard?




    Anyways, sorry for investigating other aspects of the issue instead of just accepting what you think as fact. Must've left my brain at the door.


    you should feel sorry....for yourself. look no further than the title of the this thread and judge your own objectivity on the matter at hand. i work as environmental engineer specializing in air pollution and what i posted was not what i thought as fact, but what has been measured to be conclusive evidence, by scientists.

  4. Thats the most compelling argument ever wannalift.


    CO2 at hightest levels in last 600 thousand years. more atomospheric carbon means less heat can escape back into space. since we can measure the amount of CO2 we are producing, we can know that we are directly responsible for at least some of this current condition. just because the degree of which our actions cannot be determined is no reason to absolve us or ignore the real and potential threats those actions pose.

  5. this isn't over....


    i'm getting my back strong again although its tough without having access to a reverse hyper machine. regular back hypers and a lot of ab work (4 times per week) will have to do for now. did 315 for fast singles yesterday. i know its a long ways off, but how i execute 315 is a good barometer of how i do at heavier weights. i'd put myself at around 440 for now. with some consistent lower back training i can see myself pulling 500 by......well.....the end of the year anyway.

  6. make seitan every week. its really cheap and takes only 20-30 minutes of manual labor to give you 8 servings (aprx 200 calories and 32 grams of protein). here is a recipe:


    Traditional Seitan

    dry ingredients:

    2 C vital wheat gluten

    1/4 C nutritional yeast

    2 Tbsp all purpose flour


    wet ingredients:

    1 C cold water or vegetable broth (make sure it's cold)

    1/2 C soy sauce or braggs

    1 Tbsp tomato paste

    1 Tbsp olive oil

    2 cloves garlic, pressed or grated (I sometimes just substitute 1 tsp

    garlic powder here)

    1 tsp finely grated lemon zest (you'll never miss it if you leave it




    12 C cold water or vegetable broth

    1/2 C soy sauce or braggs


    in a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients. in a seperate bowl,

    whisk together the wet ungredients until well mixed. pour the wet

    ingredients into the dry and combine with a spoon, until you'll just

    have to pick it all up by hand- then put it on a clean surface and

    knead for a few minutes, making sure it becomes well

    mixed/incorporated. it should be spongy and elastic.. and look like

    brains. its pretty weird stuff. it will be pretty wet- not sloppy or

    falling apart, but not at all dry like normal bread dough you would

    knead if you were making pizza or bread or etc.


    let the dough rest for a few minutes while you get together the

    ingredients for the broth in a large sauce pot (don't turn it on yet

    though). then, form the seitan into a sort of log or longish shape,

    and cut into cutlets or chunks of whatever size you want. the smaller

    you cut them, the more thoroughly cooked they'll become.. the outer

    layer of the seitan will end up softer and the inside tougher/chewier,

    so some people like to create more soft surface area and cut up tons

    of chunks while others just slice the log into cutlets (thats what I

    do.. about 10 of them, but its up to you). they will be mishapen and

    weird. no big deal.


    put the cutlets into the cold broth. it's important for it to be cold,

    which ensures the seitan wont fall apart and makes a nicer texture.

    partially cover the pot, (with a little space for steam to escape),

    and bring the broth to a boil. once it is boiling, set the heat to low

    and gently simmer for an hour, turning the pieces once in a while.

    after the hour, turn off the heat and let the broth and seitan cool

    for at least a half hour before you do anything with it. it's best to

    let it all cool completely before removing the seitan.


    at this point you can take the pieces out and cook with them. if

    you're going to save them, you can put them in freezer bags in the

    freezer, or, put them in a tupperware container and cover them with

    broth and keep in the fridge- they have to be in the liquid in the

    fridge or they'll dry out. I keep them this way.


    *** tips- first time is always a learning experience. my first seitan

    came out too firm for my liking- which can happen if there isn't

    enough liquid in the dough (so I added a little extra cold water to my

    recipe) or because you cook it on too high a heat. if they come apart

    or are too soft/flimsy, do the opposite- add some dry gluten or reduce

    the wet ingredients.

  7. i just started biking a few weeks ago and i had my first accident today. i was on the streets in my neighborhood and started from a stoplight in 5th gear out of 10. i got my speed up and was pedaling really hard (probably close to 30 mph) and the next thing i know i went flying over the handlebars and rolled a few times before getting up and getting my bike off the road.


    apparently i power-snapped my chain and it wrapped up the back gears and sent me tumbling. i'm okay. very very lucky though. here are some pics of the aftermath.





















  8. jack of all trades = master of none. basically i think you are doing too many different exercises. while in theory it seems like a good idea, it usually is not in practice. cut your number of exercises in half and rotate them in and out every 3 weeks or so. it just seems like you are tying to do the same thing 3 different ways on many of those days. 90 minutes is too long also. you'll stop being productive after 45 minutes or so.

  9. so far not so good. i'm not training at the gym that has a reverse hyper, so my back strength is not even close to where it needs to be. still only doing RDLs mostly. closing in on 275 x 15. last big pull i did was 455 from 12". tried 475, but couldn't get it to move. might try that squat idea from potter. problem is my lifting goals seem to change on a monthly basis. bending steel is my big thing at the moment. that and vertical leap.

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