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  1. 3-12-06, dynamic bench speed bench (#1 band)(12): 45x5x3, 65x3, 85x3x8 rolling tri ext (4): 20x12, 25x12, 30x10, 35x7 long pull (4): 100x12, 120x10, 140x8, 160x6 tri overheand machine (#4 band)(4): 15x8, 25x8, 35x6, 40x6 flat dumbbell press (4): 50x6, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3-A exhausting session. very tired afterwards. arch got better on my later sets on speed bench as i practically had my toes under my shoulders. much stronger on the rolling tri ext than last weeks pitiful effort. used a machine for tri overhead press. a lot like 2 hand dumbbell overhead work. at least my triceps felt as fried as they do when i do those. good dumbbell press session. 70 was easier than last week and got a couple reps at 80. if my triceps weren't as spent as they are when i get to these, i think i could move 90 for at least a triple.
  2. uggh, i think i just got this (DOMS). i did lat pulldowns on Wed. Cardio Thur, Speed squats Fri, Cardio Sat. today i woke up and wham, super soreness in my lats. seems like it has already been too long since i worked them, but there is nothing else that could have brought them to this. felt absolutely nothing until this morning. too bad i need my lats today for benching and some subsequent rowing. oh well.
  3. another one bites the dust. i hear you. i used to be a nice sweet boy before i started hanging out at veganftness.net (sister site). now i'm a powerlfting monster with no end in site.
  4. 3-10-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#3 bands): 105x5, 145x2, 180x2x8 glute/ham raise (4): body x 10 x 4 band pulldowns (3): to failure rev hypers (4): 275x8, 300x8, 300x5, 300x4 great session. lots of speed on the squats. good technique as well. got 4 sets of 10 on glute/ham raises. went heavy on rev hypers. last 2 sets were off because the strap started riding up on my legs. went all the way above my knees
  5. 3-8-06, max effort bench 2-board cambered bar bench (5): 45x5x2, 135x3, 185x1, 205x1-A flat tate press (4): 20x10, 30x8, 35x5, 35x6 lat pulldown (4): 130x10, 160x6, 180x5, 180x6 face pulls (3): 90x15, 100x15, 110x12 2 hand tri pushdown (4): 85x10, 100x10, 110x8, 120x6 hammer strength super incline bench (4): 100x10, 150x8, 190x3, 190x4 hard session. the 2-baord cambered bar bench is like doing a bench with an extra 2-3" ROM. not to mention the awkwardness of the holding the bar. my arch was pretty good, but didn't move as much weight as i would have liiked to. nobody did. added some weight onto pushdowns. the super incline machine is a cross between an incline and overhead press. my shoulders go worked over pretty hard this session, but didn't feel bad for a second. good news.
  6. not accurate at all. you need to get bodyfat callipers is you want an accurate reading.
  7. 3-6-06, max effot squat 12" cambered bar goodmornings (5): 75x5, 125x5, 155x5, 205x1, 265x1 glute/ham raise (4): body x 8, +15x8, +20x8x2 band pulldowns (3): to failure side bends (2): 70x15x2 leg extensions (4): 90x12, 110x10, 120x10x2 very tough session. the 12" cambered bar weighs 75 lbs so my numbers from last time should be adjusted. did 265 for a 10 lb PR. depth on that one was not too great, but i'm thinking i don't even want to be going to low on these since i don't plan on squatting or deadlifting with my back close to parallel. glute/ham raises went really well. so well i thought i might have been cheating on form, but the last set was brutal extreme. finished my legs off with extensions and now i can barely walk. back actually feels better than it did beforehand so go figure on that one.
  8. i don't reckon there is a singular answer to this. it all depends on the routine you choose, and your ablitlity to stick with that routine and not be some free-thinker who decides his workout 2 weeks from him peak isn't enough and pushes the envelope only end with unsatisfactory results (you know what i'm talking about). i train according to westside which was originally developed through the legendary Dynamo Russian Weigthlifting Club. it is 4-day a week program that splits the workouts into 2 groups and 2 workouts per group. the groups are bench and bench assistance (upper body) and squat and squat/deadlift assistance (lower body). the 2 workouts are the dynamic workouts (speed), and max effort (power). the governing principle behind the the dynamic workout is the "force velocity curve". take 50-60 % of you 1 rep max and do 8-10 sets of 2-3 reps with 45-60 sec max rest between sets. accomodating leverage such as bands or chains are used to make the lift top-heavy. this ensure that you are generating the maximum acceleration at the bottom of the lift and increasing the force through lockout. for example, a 500 lbs squatter would be using 200 lbs of weight and 100 lbs of band tension. the bottom of the lift couldb be around 220-240 and the top would be 290-310. what is he learning doing this: perfecting technique and generating maximum speed. max effort exercises are self-explanatiory, but the principle behind them is quite unique. most people cannot max out every week without frying their CNS and going regressing, or worse, injury. to avoid these outcomes, a rotation of exercises are chosen and they are pushed to their 1 rep max every week of the year. a bench program can have 5 or more exercises. one week one does board pressing, next week lockouts, following week floor presses, week after that shirted max, etc. max triples are done until they no longer can be performed, and then max singles up to a new PR. the rate of force you developed on dynamic effort day should carry over here to allow one to put maximal force onto each lift. as for assistance exercises, it is really up to the individual. some exercises i pyramid, others 5x5, 3x8, etc. all that is really important is that you are incresing the weight used. 3x8 is working great on my glute/ham raises and rev hypers, but not so well on rows. pyramiding is working on my tri pushdown, but not on my rolling hammer extensions. find what works and what doesn't. everyone responds different. for more info on westside training, check out these articles http://westside-barbell.com/articles.htm. if you don't have anyone to do the program with, it will be quite difficult. there are plenty of good programs out there. find one and try it for 7-10 weeks. after that, don't loaf, try another. if you do got decide to train like a powerlifter, get the basics down first. its going to take 4-6 months to get your hamstrings and lower back to the minimum acceptable strength levels. got to get a good foundation to build a house on. in this case, turning yourself into a powerhouse.
  9. it depends on how you are training. if you are doing rows, farmers walks, and deadlifts ever week then you really don't ever need to do them. its more a question of how to best allocate your time in the gym. you will get so much more out of 3 sets of front squats or Romanian deadlifts than you ever get out of 3 sets of curling. Why not do both, because you are overtraining that way and are not thinking about your next session. anymore i do them once every 2 weeks or so and usually outside of the gym (that's why i almost never post them in my log). my biceps haven't shrunk or gotten weaker. just the opposite. i was doing curls with 50 lb dumbbells yesterday. not like that's anything to wow about, but i was doing 40-45 lb dumbbells when i was doing them once or twice a week. in the case of bicep work, less is more.
  10. I would say rack pulls (deadlifting off of power rack pins). Done at vaious heights, you could put on serious mass doing these and they are safer (in some ways) than pulling from the floor. there is even evidence that these work your chest because of the tremendous pressure you generate holding the bar in front of you. go figure.
  11. 3-6-06, dynamic bench speed bench (#1 bands)(12): 45x5x3, 65x3, 75x3x8 rolling hammer tri (4): 20x12, 25x10, 30x8, 35x4-F hammer strength high row (4): 90x12, 180x10, 270x5, 270x4 2 hand tri pushdown (4): 70x10, 90x10, 100x10, 110x8 face pulls (2): 80x15, 90x15 flat bench machine (close-grip) (3): 90x12, 180x8x2 okay session. still having some arching problems. have to stretch more often if i'm going to get serious about this. tricep stength was a little low on the rolling tri extensions. everything else went rather well. shoulders were hurting a couple days prior from the lockouts, but happy to say they weren't a factor at all in this session.
  12. watch out with the one band workouts. it can make the bands unever. you can always wiggle around that tough in how you set them up. just try and be consistent about interchanging them if you only use one.
  13. lelle, my only advice to you is to start eating big. not sure what your goals are, but if you are looking to go up a size or two, start adding 500-1000 calories a day to your diet. you will get bigger and stronger than you ever thought possible. looks like your body will naturally be muscular, so feed the flames.
  14. 3-3-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#3 bands)(10): 105x5, 145x2, 165x2x8 dec glute/ham raise (4): body x 10 x 3, x6 band pulldowns (3): to failure (band length getting shorter) rev hypers (4): 255x8, 290x8, 290x2, 290x8 solid session. had to change grip on the squat. for the second consecutive session i cut the skin between my thumb and index finger while reracking the weight on the monolift. can't go any wider as it give me no upper back tightness. went closer and the result was that my upper back was like steel. the last 4 sets i was super tight and super explosive. i feel the bar sits slightly higher, but can't argue with the results. lets see if they carry over when i wave back up to 195. got more reps on the glute/ham raises. l am very pleased with the linear progression i have had on these since day 1. same goes for the rev hypers. banged my knee on the 3rd set because i flexed my leg a little on the top. won't make that mistake again.
  15. Happy birthday Rob. I turn 26 myself next month.
  16. 3-2-06, max effort bench bench lockouts (3-4" ROM)(7): 135x10, 225x5, 275x3, 325x3, 370x1, 405xF, 405xF barbell rows (4): 135x8, 155s6, 175x6, 195x5 dumbbell overhead (2): 30x12x2 tate press (2): 20x12, 25x10, quit probably should have not even done this session. body was still pretty beat up from sunday's speed & shirted session. guess i just didn't want to wait another 5-6 weeks to see if i could lockout 400. well, i got my answer when i struggled to get 370 up. got 400 about 1/2 inch off of the pins, but that was it. put a lot of unneccesary stress on my shoulders and it made me quit early on my my overhead and tate press attempts. finally, i'll admit that i seriously considered not doing this session, but am going to a party tonight and wanted to look a little pumped up. so now i'll look all jacked up, but will require someone to pour the beer into my mouth for me. sigh.
  17. the only thing i get from those photos is that you're able to strike that facial expression on commnad. photo's of deadlifting are hard to compare other than the weight used since they put your body in such a compromising position. you look a slightly thicker in the 2nd photo, but its really hard to tell with the different lighting and clothes.
  18. 2-27-06, max effort squat 10" box squat (conventional)(6): 45x5x2, 135x3, 185x1, 225x1, 245xF glute/ham raise (4): +10x8x2, +10x10, +10x9 side bends (2): 65x15x2 rev hypers (3): 255x8, 275x8x2 another tough session. i've done 225 ass to grass a long time ago when i was weak and squatting off a 10" box is way harder. all the force was pushing me forward and made this lift very quat and back heavy. everything else went real well. still very hurt by yesterday's bench session.
  19. Hit 285 in my Titan F6 bench shirt. it was really hard to get the bar to touch (probably took 20 seconds), but i blasted it up and locked it out (a little uneven). attempted 315, but i was so spent by this time from the previous 4 attempts and the 12 sets of speed bench i did right before it put the shirt on that i didn't even make it halfway down before i started dumping the bar towards my face. 40 lb PR since my 1 and oly other shirted bench session. 315 will easily fall next time (5-6 weeks from now).
  20. 2-26-06, dynamic bench / max bench speed bench (#1 bands)(12): 45x5x3, 75x3, 95x3x8 shirted bench (5): 135x1, 185x1, 225x1, 285x1, 315xF hammer machine high row (4): 90x12, 180x8, 230x5x2 monster session. totally exhausting. speed bench took so much out of me, but i put the shirt on anyway. nothing under 285 touched tried hard, but couldn't get it down. 285 seriously took 15-20 seconds to touch. stayed in the groove surprisingly well and locked it out a little unevenly. i was so spent by this time, but i had to at least try 3 plates. didn't even make it 1/3 of the way down before i started dumping it on my face. after i got the shirt off i could barely stand up. too sore to do anthing else so i wrapped up with some back work. huge bench PR, but even more satisfying that i did it without my best strength or effort. need a lot of shirt practice though before i go to a meet.
  21. that hurts rob. stop encouraging her you co-dependents or she'll be gone forever ohhhhh now look what you made me do
  22. she is out of control. she seems to be only speaking in emoticons as of late. she probably won't even understand this post unless... there, i hope that got through to her. otherwise we might have to resort to an online intervention. save yourself nat
  23. 2-24-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#3 bands)(10): 105x5, 145x2, 195x2x8 dec glute/ham rais (4): body x 8 x3, body x 6 band pulldowns (3): to failure reverse hypers (3): 235x8, 255x8, 275x8 pretty solid session. squatting didn't go too well. something was off with either my suit briefs or the bands. kept coming down feeling a little awkward on my right hip. afterwards i had a much bigger bruise on my left hip than my right hip (from the briefs). got more reps on the dec glute/ham raises and added some more weight on the reverse hypers. wanted to do another set but i was too fatigued. monday i'll probably be going for a box squat PR so lets hope all the speed box squats, ghr's and rev hypers pay off.
  24. is too much popcorn bad for you? my roomate has a movie theater popcorn machine and i tend to eat popcorn 5 or more days a week. its cooked in canola oil and sometimes canola with some coconut oil. no seasoning, just a little salt. what could happen from eating too much popcorn?
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