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  1. 1-30-06, max effort squat harness leg press (AKA the crippler)(5): (bands) 4&5 x3x5 glute/ham raise (3): body x 12, x12, x9 band pulldowns (3): to failure the crippler was HARDCORE. the bands alone put at a minimum 550 lbs of tension at the top, but were doubled up so who knows how much it really was. the compression on my back was insane. even more insane is that guys on my team were going up to another 700 lbs on the machine. i probably could have done maybe two plates, but i was more than happy just to survive this session. as you can see i didn't do much else, but did manage a couple extra reps on the ghr's. once i hit 12 on my third set i'll start adding weight.
  2. 1-29-06, dynamic bench speed bench (#1 bands)(11): 45x3x2, 65x3, 95x3x8 rolling hammer tri (3): 20x10, 25x8, 30x5-F barbell row (3): 135x6, 185x5, 225x3-? tri pushdown (3): 80x10, 90x6, 100x6 dumbbell bench (2): 50x10, 60x10 another solid session. 95 was too heavy to deliver any speed at all on the bench. definitely not explosive, but needed to see where i was. triceps were already hurting after this so no surpise my tri ext didn't go up. barbell rows were interesting. my form was analogous to a bodybuilder doing parallel squats. 1st set at 0 degrees, 2nd at 15-20, third at around 30 or more. the last set looked more like shrugs then rows dummbell bench didn't feel too comfortable. especially on my shoulder. i guess looking back it wasn't that great of a session, but i put in a great effort and did as well as i could.
  3. 1-27-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (w/#3 bands)(10): 135x3x2, 195x2x8 dec glute/ham raise (4): body x 7, x6, x6, x6 band pulldowns (3): to failure rev hypers (3): 160x8, 205x8, 205x8 pretty decent session. lost a lot of speed on the box sqautting. looks like i'm at the end of my dynamic range there. got some more reps on dec glute/ham raises (and am feeling it this morning). still progressing on rev hypers. noticed a few things i was doing that should help me to keep increasing the weight.
  4. Excellent choice. I don't forsee any reason why i can't attend. I love running on the coastline so i'm defnitely looking forward to that. Also, we could add some muscle to a local AR protest or maybe start our own. These meetups seem like they could be modeled after tennis grand slams. There is a meetup this summer in Europe (AKA showdown in Sweden) and this could be titled the Vegan Fitness U.S. Open. Looking forward to meeting you Rob and everyone else here.
  5. Steelers all the way That a #6 seed is favored over a #1 seed should say something. The bus is making his last stop and he deserves to go out like a champion. on paper it looks to be one of the more competitve superbowls in years.
  6. 1-23-06, max effort squat rack pulls (less 8" ROM)(5): 145x3, 235x3, 325x3, 415x1, 465xF glute ham raise (3): body x 12, x11, x8 side bends (3): 50x12, 60x12, 65x10 rev hypers (3): 180x8, 200x8, 200x8 leg curls (3): 70x12, 90x12, 110x8 not too great of a session. my effort at 465 was not very good at all. i just lost confidence before the lift and ended up not even budging the weight. i wanted to try again, but the others were already up to 6 plates by my next turn so i decided to just let it go. my technique is definitely the weakest on pulls so i have a lot of work to do to correct that. everything else went pretty well. rev hypers were real tough as i'm probably not going to be able to go up another 10 lbs next week. some exercises its the technique, and others i have to flat out get stronger.
  7. there is a gym on liberty ave down the hill from the bloomfield bridge that might be worth looking into. forget the name, but you might want to check into that gym. its across from the church brew works which is a pretty rad place in itself. i always lifted at the university so i never really checked into any commercial gyms.
  8. Superbowl!!! i was still in my mum's womb when the steelers won thier last superbowl. beating the seahawks will be no easy task, but the Steelers are playing better than i have ever seen them play so i have to believe that we will keep it going. the game being in detroit will be a huge advantage for the steelers as it is only a 5 hour drive. it will be home game on the road. i can't wait! the steelers can send bettis home the right way. "Here we go Steelers, here we go "
  9. I put this under Power and Strength because this section doesn't get enough traffic here are some good links to a thrifty yet effective home gym. http://geocities.com/fightraining/ http://geocities.com/briangl2002/index.htm http://b33.ezboard.com/ftheofficebodybuildingworkout28918frm3 http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/Grunt/grunt.html i would love to make a janda situp apparatus if someone would show me how to actually do one. also i HIGHLY recommend that if you want to take your lower back to unreal levels of strength and rehabilitation that you look into making your own Reverse Hyper machine.
  10. hahaha, i was going to put a disclaimer on the thread title but though better of it.
  11. awesome. i suggest you start a 2x a week bench program that models a westside workout. check out westsidebarbell.com and read some of the articles on the conjugate method, speed work, and max effort work. you can also use the bands for tons of different exercises like overhead press, ab work, arm work, etc. hope you have as much fun as i do with them. also hope your back is getting better.
  12. 1-22-06, dynamic bench speed bench (w/ #1 bands) (11): 45x5x2, 65x1, 75x3x8 hammer strength row (6): 90x12, 135x10, 180x8, 225x6x3 rolling tri ext (5): 20x12, 25x10, 30x6, 30x5, 25x8 bent over flys (3): 10x15, 10x15, 10x18 tri pushdown (45 angle bar)(3): 75x10, 85x8, 95x6 pretty good effort for a solo session. didn't go too fast on bench as i'm trying to take it easy on my shoulder. rowing went really well. triceps are definitely getting bigger and stronger. keeping with my shoulder exercises with the bent over flys, but staying real light there as well. used a goofy bar for tri pushdown, but had a decent result.
  13. actually, i take that back. if you go with the ironwoody bands, just start out by buying the #1 and #3 bands. might never even use the #2 bands. at least not for squatting and benching.
  14. actually, i made a mistake. my bands are from ironwoody and i bought them from here. http://powerliftingstore.com/index.php?cPath=21&osCsid=b0dac257be09e7f1ae788f9572ffbf91 i bought the starter set 1-3 bands. you only need the lightest ones for bench, the mini's (we have a 700 lb bencher who uses the lightest bands). you actually double them up over a a heavy dumbbell that is securely achored or onto a powerrack so they are a little heavier than advertised. they come in sets and we just use one band per side. but like i said, we wrap them over twice so the band is under considerable tension and doubled up. there are different ways to load them as you can attach them to the top of a power rack to deload the weight at the bottom of a bench or for doing a reverse band deadlift. i use the #3 bands for squatting, so you could actaully get a way with only buying those 2 sets of bands. i would still recommend buying the starter set though. the jumpstretch are good too, i just went with ironwoody's because that's what i saw first. bands are awesome. such a great way to take your lifting into a new direction. if you lift by youself, definitely use a power rack as it can be real dangerous at first. especially on the squat.
  15. i clicked this last week. took me a long time to do, but i'm already looking to take down #3. i am only using the Devil's Advocate for my crush training so i will stick with that as it it what got me to close the #2.
  16. wondering if anyone else used any accommodating resistance with their weights? i use jumpstretch bands on my speed days to overload the resistance at the top of the lift. this way i can teach my body to explode out of the bottom position with the added resistance at the top to overload and slow down the lift. for example on my last speed squat workout i used 185 lbs of weight and aprx 120 lbs of band tension at tthe top and aprx 80 lbs in the hole. so the total resistance is about 265 on the box and goes up to around 305 at the top. doesn't sound like too much of a difference, but its where i want it to be to develop explosive strength. here are some articles if you are interested. http://deepsquatter.com/strength/archives/ls15.htm http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_127resist
  17. changing my squat goal from 400 to 450. i will get 400 sooner than expected so i need to up the challenge. also i shut the CoC #2 last week so thats one of the goals accomplished. hoping to shut 250-260 on the devil's advocate by the end of the year.
  18. 1-20-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (w/ #3 bands)(11): 55x3, 145x2, 185x2x8 dec ghr (3): body x 6, x4, x5 rev hypers (4): 135x8, 180x8, 190x8x2 shoulder horn rotations (3): 10x12, 10x8, 5x10 hammer curls (3): 40x8, 45x5, 45x4 ab wheel (2): x10, x7 band pulldowns (3): to failure "not today" my speed box squat progress continues to amaze me. guess i had a lot in the tank that is now coming out since my lower back is getting stronger. on around the 3rd or 4th set i was getting very positive feedback about my technique. didn't go too hard on the ghr's as i was feeling really tight. used a shoulder horn for the first time. good tool. did some curls for the hell of it. could have probably got 12 reps at 40, but then i felt real weak at 45. i think it was my grip as i did the devil's advocate the other day and some hub pinching today that i forgot to list. i can already feel my abs destroyed from the wheel. need to do more of these.
  19. 1-18-06, max effort bench 4 board bench (7): 45x5x2, 135x3 185x3, 225x1, 245x1, 265xF lying tate press (5): 20x12, 25x10, 30x8, 30x7, 30x9-F lat pulldown (5): 130x8, 160x6, 180x3, 180x4x2 tri pushdown (3): 80x10, 90x6, 100x4 seated face pulls (3): 70x12, 60x10, 60x8 (bothersome) seated barbell overhead press (3): 45x5, 135x1, 135x3x2 "someday i'll have something different to say" took a couple days off to heal up a bit. despite some poor eating the last few days, i actually hit 190 on the scale. usually don't get close to that until after my last meal and protein shake maybe its because i haven't shaved my head in a few weeks keep going up 20 lbs every added board, alright i guess. arch is continuing to get better. got to get my shoulder blades back more though. overhead was tough as i am just getting back into these. last 2 sets were okay.
  20. okay, jonathan, let me add that to the equation. well, now its 100%
  21. its my opinion that if you experiment with a lot of differnet tempos, you are much more likely to injure yourself. most injuries actually occur during the negative portion of the rep. what you are really doing is screwing up your central nervous system and you will likely regress instead of pro-gress. think about changing the weight, reps, or sets before messing with the tempo. one more thing, 99% of commercial gym trainers who think they are experts are in fact idiots. you'll find better info on the web if you do some searching.
  22. no one can handle the steelers now. they peaked at just the right time. the colts had to rely on nascar tactics by trying to pay off the refs, and the steelers stilll prevailed. they are going to walk over the broncos and then dominate anyone from the no freakin chance (nfc) league. one for the thumb
  23. i visit my sister in L.A. every year so i could be down if its around Southern California. i know a graat private beach in malibu that's easy to sneak into.
  24. hey rob, yeah i remember the first time i emailed you a few years back. you are probalby the only person who went through as many injuiries during that time period as i did. i finally got my act together and am starting get strong. i'm going to do my first powerlifting meet sometime around spring/summer and my overalll goal is to be world champion. i know i set the bar high, buti have the desire and dedication to make it happen. you should definitely keep a log rob. i guess this is just how i express myself (through weights and reps ) so its pretty important that i keep a historical record of it. also it keeps me from having to deciper my own sloppy handwriting. also, if you ever get the chance, get to a reverse hyper machine. makes every other lower back exercise obsolete. there really is nothing like it and its the reason why my back has been able to survive the gauntlet of powerlifting. i never even wanted to be a powerlifter. those stupid jerks at vf.net brainwashed me
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