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  1. i have a pair of montrail - hurricane ridge shoes i bought from veganessentials.com. they were expensive, but they are the best running shoes i have ever worn. also they look totally hot.
  2. 2 for 1, the lure of the burgh is just too strong. i'm negotiating 2 possible living situations at the moment, but i appreciate your offer. the cheap vegan living is very appealing, but the kids would probably be too much for me. i can barely run my own life.
  3. This made me laugh - Sensless and I refer to ourselves as "musclebuddies" since my wife's father once called us that name in a mocking manner. Apparently he didn't want to help us move our office furniture a few years back so he said "Why don't you get your muscle buddy to help out?" It's been an endearing term ever since, despite the origin! Ryan yeah, i'm pretty sure i stole the term from you guys it's more descriptive than asking someone to be your partner
  4. i'm david out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. usually post on veganfitness.net under the same name (don't hang out there unless you want to get turned into a powerlifter). vegan for almost 6 years. i pretty much just like lifting weights and gripwork. my biggest goal is to stay injury-free as have been ravaged by the injuries over the last 3 years and have not progressed strengthwise to my liking. hoping to deadlift 375-400 by the end of the year. seems to be more way more Americans on this board as we are grossly underrepresented over on .net. or maybe its just that the Brits are overrepresented (loudmouths) cheers, david
  5. 25, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Michael, you're moving to the burgh? I'm out of town a lot, but if you're looking for a musclebuddy... Also, i'm actually from Washington, PA. There was a real nice farm sanctuary 30+ miles east, but they recently shut down. Right now i live mostly in Cranberry. Going to move back into the burgh sooner or later, but haven't found a living situation worth paying for. yeah, even with a full-time engineering job i'm a cheap bastard. ~david
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