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  1. i don't think it matters whether you take it on an empty stomach or not. just take it 30 minutes before you go to sleep.
  2. don't do this. lifting weights slowly will make your central nervous system adapt and thus make you slow. when you try to lift weights (or do other activities that involve strength and coordination) at regular speed you will be shocked by the difference (and how the training didn't translate into desired results). there are much better ways to train. hypertrophy, bodypumping, slow-lifting.......all pretty much useless.
  3. here is my advice, do these lifts instead: -barbell overhead press (twice a week) -barbell squat (twice a week) -barbell deadlift (once a week) -pull ups (twice a week) -barbell bench press (twice a week) that's my advice.
  4. that would be 47.5 grams of protein every meal. humans cannnot digest that much protein at 1 sitting. if his goal is to waste protein: mission accomplished.
  5. dr. pink, what is your workout schedule? what are your goals? just from seeing that you are considering spending 30 minutes a day on your arms throws up a serious red flag in my eyes.
  6. you'll need to do something to burn bodyfat if you want to rid them. i would suggest sprinting since it will yield the most positive results in the least amount of time while sparring your muscles to boot. try hill sprints since they are easier on your joints and hamstrings.
  7. who cares what you look like. just lift and get strong. trying to target a section of a bodypart is a waste of time and energy.
  8. are you kidding me....i never want to do another pull up again, ever...
  9. i did 100 pull ups at work yesterday. it took a couple hours and i was in no real hurry. started at 5, worked up to 10, then mostly sets of 7. my lats feel insane today.
  10. my training has been awesome lately. its not really geared towards absolute strength, but rather more explosive strength. speed pulls are the only deads i do from the floor. i will attempt 500 by the end of the spring. also hope to get 300 x 15 on RDLs by the end of the year.
  11. 1. you need to eat WAY more food. if you are worried about getting fat then this (getting huge) isn't goingt to work for you. you can do hill sprints or something like that to stay lean. 2. you're workout split looks like it came out of a muscle comics magazine. that or a highschool gym. sorry, but that's the truth. look into a new routine. try powerlifiting or something. you need to do lower body twice a week and upper body twice a week (but more streamlined than your current one). do real squats (parallel or lower) and deadlifts (from the floor, Romanian style, or other). and for god's sake axe the leg extensions and leg curls. two most worthless exercises ever.
  12. i would choose soy protein. it has been pretty much the only protein i have used for the last 7 years and within 9 months of powerlifting it put up 475/315/455 @ 181.
  13. eat a little less, do a little more cardio. definitely don't quit doing squats and lunges. you said you took 3 weeks off of cardio. there's your answer. seriously, hard work pays off and good things take time.
  14. welcome, pittsburgh pretty much totally rules.
  15. i'll echo what potter said. why can't we just stick with the facts instead of pondering over unproven theories. i've gotten super strong (near 500 lb squatter and deadlifter @181) by getting a vast majority of my protein from soy. 'nuff said.
  16. look mate, you'll never get big if you do one of those "i wanna be big one week, i wanna be cut the next week" training protocols. your goals have to be bigger than "right friggin now". just pick up the intensity in your training. start doing hill sprints and box jumps, but still lift and eat big. once you accept the fact that you're going to get a little fat if you wanna get anywhere, unless your some genetic freak like topher, then you'll make much faster progress.
  17. exactly. this should be motivation for me to move forward onto my dream of getting all my nutrition in pill form. then when someone i know complains of having stomach flu, i can sell them my idea and make millions
  18. i had the stomach flu, or something of the sorts, and could barely even hold down water yesterday. at around 5 pm i tried to drink a protein shake over the course of 2.5 hours, but in the end threw that up as well. feeling better today and am drinking watered down gatorade and hope to enjoy my first meal soon. wish me luck.
  19. lifting at home is okay if i just want to spin wheels, but if i want to get stronger/better, i need to be at a gym. not any commerial gym, but a hardcore one with the equipment i need for powerlifting and strength oriented goals. the equipment i need to have a solild workout on both upper and lower body days totals over $20,000 and i'm not referring to those $2,000 arm curl machines. aside from the equipment, i need to lift with strong people who know what they are doing and can spot any mistakes in form i am making. i would advise to look harder and find a better gym. nothing wrong with working out at home if you can truly push yoursel. it will cost you though if you want to do it right.
  20. probably because mammal estrogens and plant "estrogens" have a completely different biochemical makeup. one of them actually has effects on one's body (suspected early onset of menstruation for young girls, and others) and the other has never (and i mean ever) been proven to have any negative effects (estrogen related).
  21. okay, so why hasn't this theory been proven true of soy? people have been saying this for years and no one ever produces any sound evidence to support it. hormones levels aren't that difficult to measure. of course this could be beyond the threshold of measurement and that should give you answer right there. if its a question of funding the study, i'm sure meat lobyists would write a blank check to take this from theory to fact. stop spreading trash theories about soy that are not backed up by sound medical studies or definitive scientific evidence.
  22. after a 5 month or so layoff from powerlifting, i'm back in the game and have my sights set on a 500 lb deadlift. 500 lb squat would be nice too and i hope these both go down sometime in the spring. a questionable 455 is my best so far from the floor and i've pulled 545 from under 18" so i just have to split the difference training is consiting of a lot of speed work (speed box squats w/ bands, speed pulls w/ bands, olympic lifts, depth jumps, etc.). other lifts like max effort good mornings, squat press, glute ham raises, RDL, band pulldowns, and such. wish me luck.
  23. Look dude. I'm insanely perfect at so many things that I some times have to fudge up photos so that the FBI doesn't realize that I'm a bot. I'm sure you understand. girl, its cool. i'm sure your camera had no idea what it was in for when you pointed it our way. too much to take in i guess
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