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  1. it took 100% of my concentration to unfocus myself from that picture. that and put a spot on my head the cupcakes were top shelf by the way. i only had one, but it was nice while it lasted.
  2. sorry for kind of crashing the party without being an RSVP. who knew the people that said they were going to show up actually showed up. at least we made a lot of food for everyone and didn't stay long. favorite part was when they brought the totally fly frog down and all the kids started dancing.
  3. I 2nd that. by the way, what happened to Daywalker? did i miss something? Nah, you didn't miss anything. I exchanged email with Buzz over the weekend. The cult boys are just busy with other projects currently and haven't been online much. what, those blokes can't stop eating for 5 minutes to post how things are going over there? what will be left of Daywalker's body when his tour there is done? i hear they have '6 pack to spare tire' program that is supposed to be legendary.
  4. I 2nd that. by the way, what happened to Daywalker? did i miss something?
  5. when i was 19 or 20 i saw an article he wrote in one of those muscle comics magazines about gaining an inch on your arms in a month or something of that nature. anyone who would waste time writing an article about that isn't worth wasting your time on. what has he even done other that spit out other people's knowledge? he looks like a bodybuilder so that should tell you all you need to know about him. if you want to be an elite athlete then read Verkhoshansky, Kurz, Siff, or Louie Simmons and leave this dude to the body pumpers so he can tell them what they want to hear.
  6. OMG i thought i was getting 200 grams of protein a day but i guess this whole time i was only getting 32 grams. he must be right because i am so freakin' weak
  7. what about performance enhancing drugs? is it wrong to want to better yourself? perhaps become a more effective activist.
  8. your friends don't grow their own weed, they buy it from terrorists.
  9. i saw this in Minneapolis. very excited to see it again in Pittsburgh. are you sure its coming here? where did you hear about this?
  10. i'm just trying to save him the time and money he would waste using those legal designer steroid wannabee supplements.
  11. just about every supplement that advertises to have the same effects of steroids doesn't even come close. do yourself a favor if you go that route and just do the real thing. alternatively ZMA has a pretty well proven track record, again nothing like the results you'll get with the real thing though.
  12. Look, just because you're in the CIA doesn't mean we have to put up with this kind of pro-america propoganda on here. If I have to put up with people like you, I'm going back to veganfitness.net. congratulations michaelhobson, you just got added to an exclusive list. do you prefer chains or an electric fence
  13. you people are all american traitors and it makes me sick. why don't you all move to france if you love it so much. go USA
  14. that list seems grossly outdated. wasn't steve martin found not to be vegetarian? Ben Franklin "thought better of it" later in life. perhaps they should put an asterik by the whole list saying "at one point in their life". i mean, carl lewis still vegan? and who is this Robert Cheeke fellow, some bodybuilder wannabee
  15. i can prove that's not me in the last photo. clue #1, his pants are way too loose. clue #2, i tried growing a beard before, it didn't go very well {sorry to anyone who saw me with one}.
  16. thanks Seasiren, but what did you think about the dogs
  17. here is a place where this stuff is actually affordable. half the price of what others are charging. may only be a limited time sale. http://www.vitacost.com/IronTekMaxGrowthWithZMAPM
  18. wrapped up a weeks worth of work down here in Covington, Louisiana. met the love(s) of my life yesterday. as always i had a camera handy to capture the encounter. love at first sight lets go inside come here baby Prescie (sic), the mom, was a little standoffish at first. but even she couldn't resist the lure of a well-mannered yankee boy i tried to get their dad's blessing, but he just couldn't let go. see you in my dreams.
  19. these shirts are much much better than those nasty ones on the sex thread.
  20. We actually know who took it, she steals from Tiffaney's office all the time, everything from money to office supplies to food. She just hasn't been caught. michael, why not setup a sting. leave something you think she will steal and make sure there is a hidden camera on it 24/7. eventually she will take it and you can send it to america's trashiest videos.
  21. so i finally broke down and bought one after not having one has started to become very inconvenient. also, i think i will be much more likely to listen to audio books and internet radio casts (pod casts for any tech jerks out there ). i went with a Creative Zen M with 30 gigs, video, voice recorder, etc. also i got a sport jacket to keep it in good condition and ready for a run. start taking bets as to how long it takes me to fill it up. and just for the record, i had ZERO interest in buying any Apple product
  22. Oh man i woulda slathered that nazi with a vegan tongue bath. this thread is about obnoxiously hot people, not homoerotic homicide.
  23. what can i say tiffaney, i told you it was a-lister only the two girls from the "highschool picture" with are both vegan and super awesome. rob met jolene before as she goes to lawschool out in Oregon. the dudes are vegan wannabee's, but both respectable vegetarians. i'll try to get some of my fellow superstars out to the next meetup
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