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  1. wrist rollers are the bicep curls of forearm work. do either pinch grip, crushing, or nail bending for real results.
  2. i was afraid this might happen when you said you were joining the strength cult. they are probably trying to make you become a professional veggie hotdog eater. oh wait.....
  3. i would prefer not to go to Abay. not my cup of tea and i believe we would all end up eating the same thing there. Hunan is my #1 most favorite in pgh so i'm all about going there. Orchid just opened near me, but it would be a repeat since they are a 98% Indian food establishment. it is 100% vegetarian though as is Udipi. not many choices left after that
  4. how was this? i had to get a toenail removed and was too grumpy to hang out with anyone.
  5. i would have to see the video, but my guess is your knees are going forward over your toes. squat wide, real wide. push your knees out and your but backwards. you basically want to unlock your hips. box squatting would be a good start. you shouldn't have to got ATG to reach parallel.
  6. GSP all the way!!! so glad to see him KTFO the "most dominant middleweight of all time". he did it in impressive fashion to boot. i hope they fight again soon so Hughes can prove just how much better GSP is than him.
  7. my sister wants me to be the guest speaker of her 6th grade class tomorrow. i basically have an open invitation to talk about anything i want. naturally i want to talk about diet and exercise, but don't want to come across as a propagandist (even though i secretly do). i'm more interested in what their own attitudes and dispositions are about healthy eating, etc. any advice from any teachers/speakers out there?
  8. if you are just learning power cleans than 165 is way way too much to be using. i can pretty much guarantee that you are not using good form and am muscling up the weight. most people don't have the patience, but you should really be using an empty bar to start out with and build up slowly. otherwise you learn/use very little technique and will not go very far with the exercise. you have to learn properly the concept of "jumping with the bar". re: almost all of the power should be coming from your legs/hips.
  9. same old story: people find out you are vegan and immediately feel they are under attack. they assume you are judging them when it is actually they judging themselves. kind of like cognitive dissonance, but it always turns into a whitewash when they realize they are defending the undefendable. rather than trying to raise their own standards they attempt to lessen yours. its actaully quite sad and i wouldn't break a sweat over it.
  10. if you are willing to take all of those pseudo-supplements that advertise the effects of steroids, then why not just do the real thing? at least you know they will work
  11. you can add bands. this is what i do. also, buy a sturdy (emphasis added) walker and do dips. add bands as you progress.
  12. dont' kid yourself, almost all top level athletes have used at one point in their career. pro bodybuilders use the most. i don't even see why people make such a big issue out of it. its part of the game. athletes seek advantages over others whether its gear, equipment, high-altitude training, etc. how can someone argue its fair for a 400 m sprinter who is able to live up and train in the mountains all year round vs. another sprinter who has a family to support and can only train at high altitude for part of the year? at least look at the whole picture before you single out one aspect of training. this 14 minute HBO clip that debunks the risks of steroids is worth watching. http://www.steroidlaw.com/images/steroids_0002.wmv
  13. also i love the last pic because i look bigger than Alex in it
  14. great pics, thanks for posting them. my mouth is watering all over again looking at those pizzas.
  15. i know about him. he used to work at the farm sanctuary down near here. his last fight was really boring. hopefully he'll get a call up to the big leagues soon.
  16. Iron City is NOT vegan. they use fish products in one of their filters. at least that was what i was always told by other vegans in the know. not as if i was missing much there anyway. Straub is the only Pennsylvania beer i'll drink.
  17. awesome results. i'll have to start paying more attention to your training log. daywalker was telling me about HST, i guess now i'll have to try it.
  18. this get together crushed bigtime. we ate lots of pizza, bent nails, talked about training, captains of crushed, did some hang cleans, and got rained out of lifting some shopping carts. daywalker is a damn fine gent and tells it how it is. thanks to michael and tiffaney for putting on another smashing event. too bad there were only 3 lifters there, or is it 2.5, eh michael? now my stomach hurts, but i'll be glad to help you all finish off the rest of that pizza tomorrow.
  19. i am so at this gathering. some people are already calling it the party of the century
  20. hey there fellow pennsylvanian. what side of PA do you belong to
  21. I don't know what to label my training. I think it is more of a "whatever I feel like doing today" method. Since I train just for the fun of it I don't mind doing it this way. If I was 10 years younger I'd likely be more serious about my training for competition, but meh. Are you working the olympic lifts at all? I find those to be pretty fun for "hybrid" training as you call it. Hope the back gets better! you're not that much older than me. yeah, olympic lifts from the hang position moslty. overhead squats, front squats, RDL's, pushups with bands, overhead press with bands, etc. just trying to have more fun and less hurt.
  22. pride doesn't test for steroids. it is my understanding that the UFC only tests for title fights. there are drugs you can take up to a few days before a fight and not test positive and hgh is undetectable so don't think a fighter is clean just because he doesn't fail a drug test.
  23. sensless, first, i was travelling a lot for work and it threw off my training. then i hurt my back. now i'm thinking better of being a full-time powerlifter and am doing a more hybrid training style. probably similar to your training, but i'm still using bands and am not going heavy for a while. also doing a lot of running. that's the way it goes.
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