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  1. war machine, you wouldn't be the first or last professional athlete to go vegan. in fact there is a very successful MMA athlete Mac Danzig who is vegan. i would suggest rice protein as a good protein supplement. i make a killer shake that is 1/4 cup rice protein, 2 cups soymilk, 1/2 cup instant oatmeal, 2 tbsp peanut butter and a banana. it nets 800 calories and 60 grams of protein. the most expensive ingredient is the soymilk and it still comes out to less than $1.50 per shake. anyway, good luck. you'll be doing yourself a favor going vegan like many other top level athletes have.
  2. jon, yes, i am certainly in. there has been a lot of talk about this, but nothing has gotten done. make sure the company follows the specs EXACTLY. 13mm in width and 10 cm in height. make this happen so i can get the fuck rid of the leather one i have
  3. i've been lucky to avoid serious injuries and even that is a relative term. my latest was an accident at the gym that could have been a lot worse. i was doing speed deadlifts with 315 on the bar and with a wide stance (feet almost touching the plates){"almost" is the crucial term there}. anyway, one of the pads i was standing on slid when i was halfway up with the lift and caused my legs to split sending my feet towards the plates. i knew i was fucked big time but i was able to muster just enough control to drop the weight onto my toes instead of the metatarsal area on my foot. i got even luckier that it went toward the end of my toe onto my toenail. so instead of having a broken foot or broken toe, i walked (more like hopped) away with only a severely bruised big toe with some bleeding added for dramatic effect. so whatever you are doing, please be extra careful and think fast when something goes wroong. that split second could be the difference between 8 weeks on crutches or an ugly looking, and soon to be fallen off toenail. sorry to the persons i know from other boards who have read this 2 or 3 times already, but i have no time to write an original synopsis here. i have to catch a plane in 8 hours.
  4. 7-17-06, max effort squat good mornings (6): 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 365x1 (eh?) glute/ham raises (4): body x 12, +65x7, +65x6x2 band pulldowns (4): to failure 7-19-06, max effort bench 4 board bench (7): 45x3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 275x1, 305xF, 305xF (razor thin close to making this) inc tate press (4): 25x10, 35x10, 45x8, 45x6 lat pulldown (4): 120x10, 160x6, 190x6x2 machine tri overhead (#4 band) (2): 50x10, 90x7 good mornings were solid. 365 was a small ROM, but whatever. i wouldn't consider today's bench session a failure because i got another piece of the puzzle on my last 2 sets. not coming off the boards right. fixed this on my last set, but i just barely missed the lift. next time for sure. to tired to accomplish much else.
  5. 7-14-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#4 bands)(11): 55x3, 145x2, 185x2, 205x2x8 dec glute/ham raise (4): body x 12 x 4 band pulldowns (4): to failure weighted ghr situps (4): body x 12, +45x10, +100x6x2 7-16-06, dynmic bench speed bench (#1 bands)(12): 45x3x3, 75x3, 95x3x8 shirted bench (5): 135, (no touch), 225 (no touch), 275 (no touch), 315xF, 315 (1-2" from touching), 365xF rolling tri ext (3): 20x10, 30x10, 40x10 machine row (4): 90x12, 180x10, 270x8x2 tri pushdown (3): 80x10, 100x10, 120x10 face pulls (3): 110x12, 130x12, 150x10 uggggh. the shirted benching went about as bad as it could go. i got a little bigger since my last session and the shirt was VERY tight and it is very hard to touch. got 315 to touch, but i was so folded up with my elbows that i just threw the bar ovr my face (god bless good spotters). the next 315 i didn't force it as much, but felt a mile away from touching. got it up no problem though. 365 was a nightmare. i can't even describe the pain. it was like someone was trying to break my arms. i got down pretty far, but was paralyzed at that position feeling that any move i made would be the end of me. so it was a real dissapointing session. i can build from this though as i now see just how much practice i need. it just looks like i'll be opening up about 30 lbs lighter
  6. hi barbara. one of my good friends who is a professor of history at a university here in pittsburgh is from budapest. he is there (or somewhere in europe) right now visiting. he brought me back Unicum last time he was there and it is the craziest drink i have ever had. cheers. david
  7. i think i'm only going sat & sun. $120, ouch. well, at least its going to a good cause. i'll find my own place to stay since i have frequent hotel room points.
  8. go sumo and use your legs more than your back to make a good deadlift. its all about leverage.
  9. that matchup is dumb. two strikers against each other and two grapplers against each other. oh well, should be a good final though.
  10. 7-10-06, max effort squat rack pulls (bar at top of knee)(7): 135x5, 225x3, 315x3, 405x1, 455x1, 495x1, 545x1 glute/ham raise (4): body x 10, +65x6x3 band pulldowns (4): to failure rev hypers (3): 315x8, 360x8x2 7-12-06, max effort bench rack lockouts (3-4" ROM){8}: 45x5, 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1, 455xF tate press (5): 25x10, 35x10, 45x10, 50x8x2 machine row (4): 90x12, 180x10, 270x6x2 tri pushdown (3): 100x10, 130x10, 150x6 flat dumbbell bench (4): 50x6, 65x6, 80x5, 90x3 two great sessions. pulling felt real good, but the ROM was kind of rediculous. finally got 4 plates (per side) on the rev hypers. benching wasn't great, but my accessory work was solid. except for the dumbbell benching, but my tri's and shoulders were so worn out by then that i don't hold it against myself.
  11. jen had the best wedding ever and here's why: 1. location was overlooking the great city of pittsburgh 2. all vegan 3. "Raining Blood" was the first dance. and yes its me trying to get her into a suit. i just see so much potential and i'd hate for it to be wasted on RAW lifting
  12. yawn, glad i didn't pay for this pay per view. Monson wins again, sweet.
  13. anyone going veg is a good thing. you all should be celebrating that someone with that little brain capacty can see that eating meet is wrong. what does that say about your lawyer and doctor friends who can't?
  14. 7-9-06, dynamice bench speed bench (#1 bands)(12): 45x3x3, 75x3, 95x3x8 4-board close grip (5): 135x3, 185x3, 215x3, 245x3, 275x3 rolling tri ext (4): 20x10, 30x10, 40x8x2 lat pull down (3): 130x6, 160x6, 190x5 2 hand tri pushdown (3): 100x10, 120x10, 140x10 face pulls (3): 110x12, 130x12, 150x10 dumbell overhead (3): 40x6, 55x6, 70x6 the arch is back!!! found out (from someone else) what i was doing wrong on my bench: no leg drive. i was driving at the heels, but not with my legs. this cause my arch to colapse every time the weight touched. figured it out on the last couple sets of 4 board close grips and you can imagine they were the best sets of bench i've ever done. barely even thought about the weight i was pushiing, but rather the tightness to which i arched. so sweet. huge burden off of my shoulders (literally). everything else was great as well. excellent session.
  15. i appreciate the feedback and yes it is quite a laughable situation for me. i have tried to buy vegetables with every intention of eating them, but it only lasts a day or two and the veggies end up going bad. this is why i have to resort to buying canned spinach. i used to eat a spinach/corn/tvp dish regularly, but it is such a hassle to eat and takes almost a half hour to go through it. i'm a busy professional and most of my free time is either occupied or spent eating. i don't have an extra half hour and dear god all the chewing that it takes to get that dish down. i already feel a little better today with the spinach shake although it was no treat getting it down. the reason i resort to the shake is that i have one of them twice a day every day. at least this way while i am shaking, an alarm will go off telling me to eat my greens. and yes i do hate most vegetables, but i can do peas, carrots, spinach, & green beans.
  16. every attempt i have made to eat vegetables has been a complete failure. i know how strange it must come across, but i'm a vegan that almost never eat vegetables. i like peas, spinach, green beens, but i never go out of my way to eat them. i eat mostly the same thing every day and it just doesn't make room for them. i always thought that if i met the right girl maybe she could straighten me out but.... anyway, i finally came up with a new and rather painful solution. i started adding spinach into my protein shakes. its tough love, but i really can't trust myself to go about this any other way. also, i'm looking into wheatgrass. has anyone any experience with this as i've heard its like eating 100 servings of vegetables. desperate times call for desperate measure and i don't recommend anyone adding spinach to a protein shake, choke.
  17. 7-7-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#4 bands)(12): 55x3, 105x3, 145x2, 175x2, 195x2x6, 215x2, 235x2 went up to the #4 bands. didn't notice too much of a difference as i was blazing fast at 195. 215 was slower and 235 was tough and slow. just kind of wanted to see where i was with the heavier weights. good to know that i'm definitely ready to make the move to #4 bands. my legs were real sore going in from sprints the day before, but worked through it. didn't have anything left for accessory work though.
  18. so far: tylerm crystal jay veganmadre michaelhobson
  19. i'm sorry you feel that way. a couple of posts down i posted 4 good reasons why it is quite funny. as for the video, all i did was put image tags on a gif link.
  20. 7-5-06, max effort bench 4 board bench (5): 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 265x1, 295x1 inc tate press (4): 25x10, 35x10, 45x6, 50x5 machine row (4): 180x12, 230x8, 270x6x2 tricep pushdown (3): 100x10, 120x10, 140x10 face pulls (2): 110x12, 130x12 295 went up real nice even though i had bad technique. i'm not getting that spring at the bottom and i'm rotating my elbows too soo. and yes, it hurts my shoulder to do that so i really need to get better at this. good lifts on tate press and pushdowns. forgot to do my last set of face pulls and did some inc. dumbbell benching, but had to bow out as my shoulder wasn't feeling good about it.
  21. you are being a little vague about your training, but just sticking with the basics. Cardio: either run longer or more intensely/frequently. you need to really push yourself and not just go through the motions. interval training is optimal. Strength training: 20-30 min a few time a week is good if you are circuit training. make sure you are working your whole body and not just doing 20 minutes of bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. re: do squats and or lunges. Diet: hopefully you follow at least least a vegetarian and preferably a vegan diet. it really is the healthiest and most efficient diet you can ascribe to. bottom line is if you want to lose weight, you're going to have to eat less. don't starve yourself, but be tough enough to deal with at least a some feeling of hunger. try drinking more water.
  22. okay mate, these things happen. no one wants them to, but the do. did you really have to be so graphic in your description? there are some sweet senstive people on this board and no sense in ruining their day as well. please take the time and edit your post to make it a little more appropriate. anyway, all you can do is move on. if it were me, i'd give it a proper burial to maybe get some closure out of it. once again, sorry about yours and the squirrel's misfortune.
  23. 7/3/06, max effort squat cambered bar good mornings (7): 75x10, 165x3, 215x3, 255x1, 305x1, 345x1, 365x1 glute/ham raises (4): body x 10, +65x5, +65x5, +65x6 band pulldowns (4): to failure rev hypers (3): 305x8, 350x8x2 very impressive workout if i must say so myself. 345 was real solid on the cambered bar good mornings. 365 was kind of sloppy with relatively small ROM, but the bar went down and it went up. real tough time on the glute/ham raises. a break from those does no one good. also did rev hypers for the first time in month or so. happy to see my strength was still there and the subsequent pain was as well.
  24. also, if your weight training is geared specifically to enhance your mma, then you should look into lifts that train coordination and explosiveness. olympic lifts, plyometrics, and heavy lower back work(so when someone tries to triangle you from their back you can pick them up and powerbomb their ass).
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