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  1. Hey long time no post, but wanted to share this with everyone. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2012/05/22/2012-epcot-food-and-wine-festival-debuts-a-vegan-marketplace/#more-56863 Pretty awesome! Hope it does well this year so it's still there next year -we didn't renew our annual passes this year , taking a break for a year, and between this news and the amazing new stuff at Star Wars Weekends right now, I'm thinking we made a mistake! LOL! * Editing to add our last trip in December my Mom watched little one while DH and I went and got dinner at Kouzinna at the boardwalk, they have some seriously good vegan options there. I thought I was literally going to eat myself to death! I'm going to see If I have any more food porn pics to post, b/c well .... it's fun!
  2. Alright- we didnt get a ton of food this trip b/c we were too busy getting pictures with Bounty Hunters & Jedis! Nachos from La Cantina de San Angel- the counter service outside outside at the Mexico pavillion in Epcot. They we soooo yummy! http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/nachosmexico.jpg Baby Cakes- cinnamon donut, vanilla& chocolate crunch donut, red velvet cupcake, cookie sandwich with vanilla frosting http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/babycakes1.jpg lemon cupcake & brownie cupcake http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/babycakes2.jpg My little pumpkin eating a chocolate chip cookie, it managed to distract him for 30 seconds before he told us that home was too far away and we needed to stay in Disney World. http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/calebeatingbabycakes.jpg
  3. For the last 3 trips we went on we stayed at Pop Century. Later today I have a couple more pictures from this past weekend(we went up for Star Wars weekends) and this time we stayed at Coronado Springs.
  4. The Orlando location. Some of the restaurants in the parks and at the resorts now also have all vegan or all vegetarian menus, they are limited but super tasty options . Baby cakes is at Downtown Disney & there is no parking fee or admission fee to get into Downtown Disney. I'm now also addicted to Divvies cookies since they carry them at almost all the Disney hotels and bakeries! Sooooo yummy! Maybe I could blame my lack of body fat improvements on my Disney vacations!!!
  5. We went again at the end of January with my husband's family (we're passholders) Figured I'd share these as well. These are from Ohana our chef was Chef Marcos. It was so good! http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/chefmarcosohana.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/chefmarcosohana2.jpg Also, I did drop the ball b/c I did NOT take pictures of the goodies I got at Downtown Disney's new vegan bakery - BabyCakes! But I saved the receipt so I would remember what I got! This particular BabyCakes is also all wheat & gluten free as well. I purchase a choc chip cookie, a choc chip cookie sandwich with frosting for cream, a vanilla crunch donut, a choc crunch donut, brownie bites, a red velvet cupcake, and a lemon cupcake top. Next time we go up I will definitely take pictures! I also tried some new treats at Epcot- I got vegan nachos at the new Mexico Counter Service in Epcot, and a watermelon slush at the Morrocco drink stand.
  6. They need to rewrite that whoooooole book! haha! Thank goodness for the internet! Here are the links I use to plan my trips http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2473465<--I'm VeganCupcake http://bashfulvegan.blogspot.com/ http://vegansatori.blogspot.com/ http://veganindisney.wordpress.com/ http://allears.net/din/dining.htm If you scroll down the allears link page- they have a whole section for vegan/vegetarian food.
  7. Well, when I made the reservations online, I noted a dairy & egg allergy, then a few weeks before I went I called Disney Dining and had them note VEGAN on all of our res. It doesn't really matter, but it just makes me feel better. When you check in they have stamps now that they stamp your receipt witrh if you have a dietary request that way your server knows(and they do it everytime) to bring the chef out to you table to talk to you. Also FYI at the snack carts and counter service places, you can ask for ingredients list. My 4 pack was gone(yes I only develop 4 ever) and my bikini got packed up in place of a one peice after our first day of eating! I ate sooo much. Epcot has a lot of fun vegan options too! I had soooo much yummy food there!
  8. I ate at- Cape May Cafe Character breakfast- Vegan-mickey waffles, hashbrowns, & fruit Ohana- (Chef Julie was good! First thing she asked after I said I was vegan was if I did honey products, usually people don't think to ask that)Salad, noodles, steamed veggies, fresh baba ganoush & hummus with pita chips, Sweet & sour tofu with rice, and a freshly made "ice cream" sandwhich Kona cafe - GF waffles with fruit Hollywood n Vine(character meal)-Edamame salad, asian slaw salad, fruit, bread, and couscous with roasted veggies in a spicy tomato sauce 1900 Park Fare-breakfast foood wasn't so great, fruit, and a stale bagel with watery instant oats, dinner I have heard is much better Tusker housebreakfast- chef offered to make me 3 things I stopped at 2-Curried tofu & vegan pizza Ohana breakfast-Chef Julie again!- Vegan waffles, fruit, breakfast potatoes, and tofu scramble Kona-Dinner-Asian noodles, was offered vegan dessert said no super fun & tasty trip!
  9. YES! all vegan, all delicious, the waffles they make for people with gluten allergies, they make with rice milk and canola oil, so pretty much everyone with food allergies/dietary preferences can have them. They were AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! The food was sooo good! I didn't even take pictures of everything I got to eat either!
  10. Just got back from a week long vacation in Disney, and wanted to share http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganchefjulie.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/vegankona1.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/vegantusker2.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/konaveganwaffles.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/vegantusker1.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganpnd2.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganpnd1.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganohanabfast1.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganmickeywaffles.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganohana4.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganohana3.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganohana2.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/veganohana1.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz298/Charmmesilly/Food%20Porn/ohanamickeywaffles.jpg
  11. OMG! I use to feel like that. Then my sister "came out" if you will. Now she practically introduces herself with Lesbian as her last name, lol. She is very very VERY LOUD and proud! Not that there's anything wrong with that, Haha.
  12. Akkk! I haven't posted here in so long life has had a lot of stresssssss (lame) update- around 18% bodyfat 104-105 lbs. how is everyone doing???
  13. OMG! Soooo precious! Does she still have the new baby smell? lol!
  14. you can't even tell. let me tell you as a mommy who breast fed(sorry guys) for a year(teething and all) my chest is super uneven now. My left side sits up higher that the right. At first I was really embarassed, but what can you do? No one is perfectly symmetrical ! I honestly can't even tell from you picture. My biggest body flaw I have is on my face, I have 3 moles/freckles/bumps on my forehead and i have to wear my bangs down to hide them, when i have my bangs pinned back i can't even look people in their eyes b/c i feel like they are staring at them lol. I seriously wouldn't worry about it.
  15. update- as of today(1/11) 110.8 lbs 20.5% bodyfat hooray!
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