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  1. Yup! I teach fitness classes at Toronto Athletic Club and Adelaide Club
  2. As she grows up she's getting even crazier!
  3. Yes I agree with Vege and Bryan also says in the video that one on one training is essential. Take some classes, do these videos, take classes again and ask the instructor specific questions you have. That will give you a good foundation to build your own practice.
  4. First of all, I think that's awesome to incorporate yoga into your routine. You'll build a better relationship with your body and will get stronger than ever! My friend just posted some awesome yoga vids to YouTube. He's great with explaining the postures and giving options for different levels. One is more of a beginner/intermediate class and the other is a VERY challenging Power Yoga class that may not be good for beginners if you aren't too flexible but will be a great strength challenge. Here's a great intro to the sun salutation: If you want to do a whole class, here's the playlist (but the 3rd video in the playlist is intermediate so you may want to skip that): http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list/p=7D931AA148AC2862 And here's the super challenging Power Yoga vid And the playlist which includes Yoga Abs http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6B6C48F329E1C21B If you think people would like a more basic intro to Yoga or other vids you think would be good, he's looking for feedback so let me know.
  5. This is my new kitty Shorty going a little crazy after a full day of rest. I haven't had a cat in a long time so I apologize for the plethora of vids I'll probably post of her.
  6. I would get rings over the perfect pushups - you can do the same movement with the added benefit of a major stability challenge. It just depends if you have a spot to put them up in your house.
  7. Alright, did a video tonight. watching it after, i notice that i didn't get down to 90 degrees as i fatigued, but my shoulders are tight and dips can be hard on the anterior deltoids so i didn't push it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtdwd3hYqxc
  8. Rob


    I had a desk job and hated it. I could even feel my body breaking down from it - my knees hurt, my back hurt. But once I went into fitness, those aches went away. I slowly transitioned, getting certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and then quit my desk job when I was making enough money from fitness. I teach about 15 classes a week in different gyms (abs, BOSU, boot camp, weight lifting) and have private clients and do fitness writing as well. Men who teach fitness classes are in high demand, so if you have the personality for it, it's a great way to supplement your income when you're building clients and also a great way to attract private clients (and stay in shape!). I agree with hilary wright - find your niche. Develop your own philosophy that sets you apart. It's great that Pilates inspires you. I love teaching it and the people who take my class say they've never sweated in a Pilates class before and I tell them Joseph pilates was ripped and he created his exercises to be a full-body conditioning program - you're supposed to sweat! Anyway, good luck to you!
  9. I don't have any fitness goals, but you've inspired me to try this one. I'll race you! (though 30 pull-ups is a helluvalot more than what i'm doing now!)Cool, it's on. What's your current PR?Not to completely hijack this thread, but I managed 50 dips yesterday so I can cross that goal off the list (and claim victory in that part of the race, I assume ). As for the pull-ups, i haven't attempted more than 15 yet so may try that tonight.
  10. oh my god oh my god oh my god http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l158/luciajimenez/stewiedisney.gif
  11. I don't have any fitness goals, but you've inspired me to try this one. I'll race you! (though 30 pull-ups is a helluvalot more than what i'm doing now!)Cool, it's on. What's your current PR?Damn, i was hoping you wouldn't notice my challenge! I just got home from the gym and i was like, man, how am i going to manage 30 chins? Well, I can't back down now. personal best on dips is 35, and chins is 15. To clarify, are you doing the wide-arms, palms forward pull-ups?
  12. I don't have any fitness goals, but you've inspired me to try this one. I'll race you! (though 30 pull-ups is a helluvalot more than what i'm doing now!)
  13. let's get some toronto people together and go to a park and do this.
  14. Oh, man, sorry I missed this (haven't been in the forum in a while). I totally would've gone!
  15. Rob

    earth day!

    Did you get any positive responses? In case you haven't seen it, here's an earth day eco footprint quiz that thankfully includes a diet question: http://www.earthday.net/footprint/index.asp
  16. Hopefully he won't turn out like valentino - http://www.reachfitness.tv/valentino.gif See him cut up his arms at (warning - it's pretty gross)
  17. Has this been posted here before? some find it amazing, some find it sad. http://youtube.com/watch?v=8UFgj6lQKH4
  18. Dr. Susan Kleiner is among the most well-known authorities on nutrition and sports. While she promotes abstaining from red meat, she is a big proponent of dairy which is too bad. Anyway, as opposed to fuhrman, campbell, and other vegan authors out there, she's probably as unbiased as you can get and she talks about how veganism is perfectly fine and healthy and you can still gain good mass as long as you do it properly. You could look at the latest edition of Power Eating and the Powerfood Nutrition Plan and she devotes a few pages in each to veganism and lacto-ovos.
  19. Dr. T Colin Campbell discusses this in The China Study and also how early menarche raises your risk for breast cancer. If you can get your hands on a copy of that, he lists all his sources for his findings.
  20. Soy is one of the top food allergies so a lot of people are sensitive to it. But you'll have to differentiate that with other things that you are consuming with the soy. For example, if you're eating processed soy products (soy meat, soy milk) with carrageenan in it, and you're getting a stomach ache, it's most likely the carrageenan which lines the stomach and is linked to stomach discomfort and certain cancers. But if you're eating edamame, and you feel sick, then there's a good chance it's the soy.
  21. Depending on the type of person, I'd give Becoming Vegan, Vegan Freak or the China Study (all books I've given in the past!). John Robbins' books (Diet for a New America & Food Revolution) would also be good.
  22. Well, if he's a hard-gainer like I am, it won't matter how much he eats. I can eat 5000 calories a day and still lose weight, but I'll only gain weight when I'm lifting heavy weights and working out consistently. So if he's like me, then lifting weights and eating nutrient-dense foods will do the trick!
  23. I was thinking about this question recently too. I like having the option to work out at home when it's convenient, but for lifting heavy at the gym, I think that extra pressure of other people spotting/watching you makes you eek out a few extra reps. Especially if they know you're vegan and you want to show them up!
  24. Hey, I'll second that! I co-host it from time to time (though not in a long while )
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