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  1. no probs i think im getting a phone tomorrow so ill pass on the number when i find it out
  2. I just found out that my band is going to the states,canada and england early next year so hopefully you can all give me tips on where to eat and where to workout on a budget Sydney_Vegan we are playing the annadale saturday night if your keen on a gym session on saturday get back to me if you have nothing on ill throw you on the door for the show besides this still not massive i was sick for three days and lost three kilos i feel im starting all over again pretty well much shattered
  3. Boris are awesome Im listening to Karate Its awesome to listen to at the gym it takes the whole tough guy mentality out of it and makes it seem like your in an indie rock film clip
  4. xdarthveganx you must have the old goodlife catalogue as i do how good is that driven ep brutal shorebreak were amazing as well
  5. keen to hear of the results im getting sick of soy protein you know of any protein bars you can get in oz?
  6. Today i lifted 60 kilos sure they are sets of four but i started on 40 pretty happy i havent heard about the vegan strength crew but seriously there are some amazing vegan restaurants in melbourne any sydney recommendations?
  7. Awesome Bigbwii!!!! Remember, you're always welcome in sunny Winnipeg!!! (those max reps are gonna hurt ) Yeah it's hard work but you have to overload your muscles if you want progress.... If I ever find myself in Canada I'll let you know.....meeting up would be fun! Here's the correct routine Push ups, 3 sets, max reps Chin-ups, 3 sets, max reps Crunches, 3 sets, max reps Squats, 3 sets, 3 max reps Dips, 2 sets, max reps Calf Raises, 3 sets, max reps leg raise, 3 max reps Is that everyday????
  8. gain more weight and muscle, with definition consistently go to the gym all year smash the skinny vegan myth work on my legs consistently try cardio! i think im going to join that challenge
  9. seriously amazing i need your routine bryce and thats why im going with you sir where do i get myself a sweet vegan tank top?
  10. thank you very much your a superstar a gallon is a freakin lot of water! do you just take the creatine once a day post workout?
  11. also wondering how much water am i supposed to be drinking a day
  12. I am now using both and wondering when are the best times to be taking pre and post workout????? everyday including non workout days etc? any help will be fantastic thanks Luke
  13. So it is 2:21am and I just got back from the gym and since I'm feeling very energized I thought I would write a bit to kill time. Firstly Gym Wise Seriously who would have thought lifting little black bars and various sized blue wheels on a thin piece of metal could be so much fun. Besides the fact I’m increasing in size, feeling healthier and soon will be benching Sir Robert Cheeke (maybe a slight to major over exaggeration) I really enjoy that during my workout seeesh I don't think about anything else. For me it is a break from society and everything else going on in life. I'm still the scrawniest guy in the gym but I know they could never represent the robot or the worm as well as me. Ohhhhh and the mirrors. The mirrors have made me realise I’m in serious need of an eyebrow waxing and a mullet is taking over my head, deviously suggesting that I need to purchase some acid wash jeans. I will rectify this problem tomorrow. I think I have gone nearly every day for the last three months The Current Program for Project “Luke Get Big” Day 1 Chest Bench Press 3 sets x 6 reps Incline Press That exercise where you push the two things together (you can tell I’m a seasoned veteran and even more exceptional explainer) Shoulders Shoulder Press Flys????? The one where you pull it up to your chest (this is now getting embarrassing) Biceps Ok well three other exercises ABS – Til it hurts! Day 2 Back 3 exercises Legs 3 exercises Triceps 3 exercises ABS- Til it hurts The things I’m worried about are Am I working out too much? Should I be changing my program? As you can tell with the in depth analysis of names of the exercises I don’t know much My eating/sleeping patterns might not be the best – due to holidays – I’ve been reacquainted with Pay TV sure its bad, but so addictive. TV has made me even lazier in the cooking category so basically I’m a slob Regardless Lukes Daily eating consists of 11am – Organic Bix x 3 12:30 – the old wholemeal salad sandwich 2:00 – the leftover salad from the lunch in some delightfully toasted wholemeal bread (that’s right I’m all about the variation) 4:00 – might dabble in a one off tofutti cutie 7:30 – Well tonight it was a mock meal from White Lotus – (Sydney Vegan if your ever in Melbourne you must visit this place of love) – I went with the Dim Sims , Satay Chicken Vegetables and Lemon Chicken 10:00 Soy Protein shake with Soy Milk Workout 12:00 Soy Protein shake with water So really not much going on – now I know asking for suggestions is stupid – leafy greens and nuts is said on here so much that I’m almost turned off on them without going near them. So if I don’t get any bigger your all responsible! Back to the Life of Luke My friend has decided to give up 3 years of Veganism to concentrate on a life sucking on corpses. Although I may not show it – probably because he is massive and could crush me with his hand – I’m seriously so angry at this decision. How do you go from something that is so moral and compassionate to just drop these ideals in one day? There is nothing I can do and this is my response to this. I think anyone that had started reading this would have disappeared by now if not and anyone has anything to say on this issue or has been in a similar situation please tell me your reaction and/or outcome from this. Well I think I’ve wasted enough of everyone’s time tonight with my banter. The positives include no actual paper was wasted the negatives the people who have read this may be crunching their fist and will be demanding that I gave 5 minutes of their life back My Apologies Luke PS For someone studying to be a primary school teacher, you would think my grammar and spelling would be a lot better. Me too. They may not be able to read or write properly but ill make sure there will be a vegan army by the time I’m finished. For now ill just blame it on tiredness and typos Good night!
  14. WARNING - Un - Project Massiveness RELATED My band is up for two songs in tripleJ's hottest hundred If anyone would like to help out a fellow vegan try and be a rock star please vote at http://www.triplej.net.au/hottest100/vote/ and under h should be two horsell common songs if you want to check out the band please do at www.myspace.com/horsellcommon In other non Luke band advertising news, my girlfriend and I have decided to make the move in together. Never been so scared ever Life is Over - hopefully in a good way all love out
  15. I decided to do this because it will help me stay focus and motivated so once i get a camera ill put photos up to compare myself later down the track i have been gyming everyday for the last 2 months and have noticed physical changes i have been sick for the last two days and i hate that i cant gym it up or even eat Until health resurfaces Ill just continue to mope around post 1 Luke
  16. hope christmas and the new year was great for everyone Now im pretty sure i read that there was basically nothing you can do to make love handles extinct, If anyone has any ideas to rid these ugly things please reply! Working out when sick? do we or do we not? I had other questions but they have totally vanished from my mind thanks in advance Luke
  17. im not sure if both those answers contradict each other? either way thanks for the advice i think i might be gyming to much i go everyday and i am doing the exact same excercises a person who worked at the gym told me it was okay saying that i have plenty of recover time? what do you guys/girls think?! sydney vegan i was up your way last week - i was thinking we should of had a mad workout seesha, instead of positiveness i ended up just drinking all day in glebe! thanks for the help once again peoples
  18. one of my arms is ridiculous stronger then the other any excercises that will help me even those guns up (just a pp7) thanks Luke
  19. wow that is upsetting next you will be telling me strife aint edge no more (jokes)
  20. funniest internet work i have seen in a long time
  21. i have decided to go with you peeps and ignore the protein i will have a dedication to lentils!
  22. thanks heaps for all the advice i have been trying to destroy the weights slowly but making progress richard ive done what you have said and im def hurting alot more im not daywalker yet but maybe one day
  23. looking for the most cost effective protein and creatine thoughts? 6'1 80 kgs and would like to be bigger and more defined If only it was as easy as typing it thanks heaps Luke
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