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  1. 1-2g per lb. I take in 200-250g ED of protein along with tons of food and LOTS of water. (at 185-190lbs and growing, 5'7", low bf% "13%ish" ) I see alot preach "your crazy you don't need that, you only need 50-70g" well i have yet to meet or see a pic of one of these peeps that ACUALLY look like a bodybuilder, and most of the time they dont even look like they eat at all. so i stand by what iv seen for others and know for my self. if you take less then 1-2 (opt 1.5g) of protein per lb. your short changing your self in gains. I mean a few protein shakes and a few penutbutter sandwiches ED, you can get it in. but dont forget your good fats and veggies/carbs!
  2. o yah and i order 25-50lb at a time every 3-5months for years now. about all i use is trueprotein. you can also ask them to split up the protien into a few diffrent prem flaves in comments box at end of order so you can try a few of them and see what you like the most.
  3. i found it very good. straberry, duch choc fugd,coconutcream, choc chip cookie dough. there ALL great BUT........... the gemma protein tastes like crap in my opinion. that might be why it dont work with it? i hate it i cant stomich it. maybe it would work with the rice protein? i unno i found them good. the peaches and cream i didnt like to much thow.
  4. Ok, good stuff. I'll give you an example of a typical day. Morning: Peanut butter and blueberry jelly sandwichs 1 pear 8oz of The Ultimate Meal (w/banana and half an apple) Midday snack: Organic Foodbar or Cliff Bar almonds/dry cranberries Lunch: Baby Spinach & Avocado salad with tomatoes. short grain brown rice, black beans with somoe multi grain tortillas and some grilled tofu or tempeh. I work out around 5 or 6 right after that: brown rice protein shake with mangoes and apples a soy cheese quesadilla with some sauteed broccoli, mushrooms over some quinoa or brown rice. WOW thats IT?!? x that by 2-4x maybe you will gain. also read up on CALORIE DENSE foods. blend up your protien powder (50-60g) with soy or rice milk,1banana,handfull frozen berrys, AND 4tbs of penut butter.and blend just the penutbutter is about 400cals. have 2 of thos a day added to your diet and snack on wom walnuts as a snack before bed and you should be ok to go. also bananas are cheap and so is penutbutter. I LOVE penutbutter beacuse its VERY calorie dense and cheap, has protein and has alot of good fats. one of these smoothies probily has the same amount of calories and protien you are taking in the WHOLE day. vegan/vegitarian isnt your issue diet is. give it a go with higher cals maybe 2 smoothing a day like i posted above. also on a working out note; i only work out 3-4times a week for no more then a 1hr per workout and only work out 1-2body parts per work out and dont hit that bodypart agein till the next week to give it time to heal and grow. if your working out your body parts over and over each day your nto going to go anywhere. also look up "muscle confusion" as doing the same workout over and over and also not upping the lbs your using will also make you go nowhere. hope that helps you a bit.
  5. Thanks Porkchop! If Customs comes, I'll say...talk to the Porkchop! the VEGITARIAN PORKCHOP!! lol
  6. In USA its legal. in canada you can import but are not supossed to sell it."thow they dont really care but may issue warnnings to your store" Astralia its only by SCRIPT from Doc now. it vary's from country to country. you CAN order it to usa. the make more of a note about it to canada beacuse alot dont know and/or are confused about if your allowed to or not due to blerry laws ect.that have been swirled around a few times in the last 8 or so yrs. konakavafarm is great place to get it, but even if you dont get it from them MAKE SURE WHAT EVER WHERE EVER you get it, its ONLY from the ROOT of the plant. the leaves/stems have some alkaloids that can be hard on liver.the root does not.
  7. MAN i had to share this with you guys! this KAVA KAVA root has helped me so much and its only been a week. less axiety and I sleep soo much better!! if any of you guys has issues sleeping or want somthing to mellow out you can make a tea, chew it or put it in a smoothy. 0.5-1.5g, 1-3 times a day is how i use it. (norm is 0.5 per cup of warm "not hot" tea) if just for sleep take 1-1.5g 1 hr before bed. man i feel good. and it dosnt make you feel slow/high or anything like that. heres where i got it, its only 5$ shipping thank god. link: http://www.konakavafarm.com/ any one els here use kava kava?? its not illegal to import in canada just to sell out of a store.. ps. the root isnot bad for you! the leaves and stems are hard on liver and some companys where using whole herb to meet demands and some poeple got sick/stressed livers. so FDA/canada put a stop sale order on it.
  8. I saw this and thought id post it up and see what you guys thought about this? http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=7544754 To me I feel hey if you’re not using the animals to make em and are using them responsibly: to each there own if that’s what you feel helps you and is what you want to do. To me using them responsibly is: you’re healthy and monitoring your health while on them and if anything bad comes up stopping them. NOT using mega doses and figuring mehh if I die I die. To me that’s just stupid. Also I feel if the rule in a sport like: baseball for eg. Is NO steroids then guessing what NO STEROID'S!! or then you ARE cheating PERIOD! I don’t feel it’s cheating if you on your own, BBing or on level playing grounds where it’s not a rule not to and are willing to use them. Some are willing to do more then others and in my OP: there’s nothing wrong with that. Saw the clip thought id post it along with me 0.2cent's
  9. i take 800iu in summer and 2000iu in winter, vitaminD (D3) every day that along with 500mcg B12 and a multiV, its a MUST when vegetarian or vegan. sadly its not all gonna come from apples,nuts,carrots ect. so i have to suck it up and take my supps. i try to stay as animale free as i can but am not going to get sick or die from it. im not 100% vegan but am close to it. not nuff to call myself one but a vegitarian yes. i try to get as much out of food as i can. but the depression in winter used to be almost borderline sucidal before i started getting into bodybuilding and taking my vitamins. now its not so bad but i still HATE IT! :'-( dammit doc's tell you, you go in the sun you gonna die and if you dont your gonna die ?? i like me some sun >B-( RANT OVER! sry lol
  10. Cranberry powder!???? that sounds interesting
  11. I wont say no as i am open minded. this is a journy though. maybe your further along then me. any how thanx for the warm welcome
  12. OHHH MAN SHE IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! sooo soo nice too, such a nice colour too! must be all thew free hemp protein and oils,butters,milks. lol. saw them a few days ago. (dont say, i said that thow lol he probibly dont know me by name thow im sure he sees tomany people to remember em all ) i know i left there booth stuffed like santaclaus lol yah i love the vega i get most of my supps from truprotein but try to keep as much of it in/from canada as i can afford to.
  13. no prob. these cows (thow nto treated the best ) are horomonaly induced to milk. hey you look VERY VERY familiar. you live in toronto. i sware i know you from some where! ever go to a place called velvet underground??
  14. hey, yah iv tryed all of those. there ok. I like hemp more in my smoothy's kinda more earthy"wich i like" pea/rice is a bit more pudding like not my fav, but just need extra water in there. also the whey i get the cows are giving milk "from horomonaly induced" way not raped on a rack. not natral i know. but i did look into it as much i could from my source. i feel all animals should be walking around free and not locked up in a tiny cell with sucktion cups on there tits day in and day out for milk. or animals rased in there own filth but the thousands just to be killed and eatin (an ideal world for me) but its not. i try to voice my 0.2 to asmany as a can about the evils of eating meat and secialy from places like mcdonalds. I alternate my powders but.... yahh im not perfect neather . im sure the more i learn and grow the better. thanx for all the input to think for yrs i only smoked the "hemp " and ate meat, now i eat the hemp and hate the meat.lol aghhhh i get to pissed at meat eating people and the fact it seems liek 99.9% eat it im the one that looks like the weirdo!!?!?!? feels liek the world is the one whose crazy not me!! "ok just a bit"
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