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  1. http://www.healthcalculators.org/calc_index.htm Here you go. Try using this.
  2. So which turtle are you, Donatello ,Leonardo, Michelangelo or Raphael ? Only teasing. I am sure you take your art very seriously.
  3. I don't agree with fasting and this person pretty much summed up why on "The Vegan Forum". I couldn't have said it better myself. I need to add my 2 cents here. I don't believe in fasting or "detoxing" (unless it's a detox from drugs or alcohol) and will explain my reasons. When you fast your body does not stop requiring protein. Your fat may be broken down into fuel but amino acids (the building blocks of protein) will come from the breakdown of muscle. That may be the muscle of your limbs, trunk or heart. This loss of muscle mass will result in a slowing of your metabolism. Therefore, unless you spend weeks to months regaining the muscle mass you lost on your fast, or you readjust your future caloric intake, you will most likely regain any weight you lost on the fast. Regarding detox, if you are not eating toxic foods then I assume you are trying to get rid of the toxins in your fat stores. Your liver (and to some extent your kidneys and lungs) is the main detoxifying organ in your body. That is the #1 job of the liver. I would not think of stressing my liver by releasing the toxins in my fat stores in great amounts (ie, by fasting). Since you cannot pick which fat cells will shrink (the toxic fat cell vs. the healthy fat cell) and a zero % fat count = death, it appears that you cannot detox your body past a healthy fat ratio. Please remember that your body does not stop requiring vitamins and minerals during a fast. What you are feeding yourself during a fast is your own "toxic" fat and your much needed muscle mass. Why anyone would want to do this to their body is beyond me. I don't fast or "detox" but I do have a degree in biology, nursing and anesthesia. It is because of my knowledge of physiology that I feel compelled to give my opinion here. I hope that I haven't offended anyone. I am merely trying to add some balance to this discussion.
  4. camoflage? What are you hidding from? I thought I heard on the news that England and Scotland got hammered with snow. Kids were stuck in school and people were stuck in traffic having to stay in their cars for sometime. Did I hear that right?
  5. Too much protein can over work your organs and can cause kidney damage now or in the future. Americans consume way too much protein in general. Protein from animal sources cause added stress on your organs organic or not. Just something to think about.
  6. I would like to initiate a trade. I will give you six "Mwaha"s for thirteen "meeehehehehee"s. How does that sound? Let me think about that. Not sure if that is a fair trade. Ps. What is the avatar all about. Is it cold over there?
  7. No, he really didn't say. I am totally new at this and it sucks because for a moment I feel like I can get around fine and then I hurt myself and I am back to square one. This gets old real quick.
  8. I would like to thank the welcoming committee for the wonderful greetings. Thanks
  9. Here is some info on the lamp I think... http://www.momentummedia.com/articles/tc/tc1207/painoptions.htm It was foreign to me. I will have to call and ask about it again. It was info overload when I went in today
  10. I have ripped some muscle fibers in my calf muscle. ouch!!!!!!! I guess this can take up to 6 weeks to heal (or longer) Any tips on how to stay in shape while waiting this out? Any supplements that would speed up the healing process? I didnt get a steroid injection because the fibers that are injured or up higher and not very close to the bone. The doctor did use some lamp on it. Anyone know anything about that? I guess NASA used it in space. Thanks
  11. ok thyroid is adjusted and good to go with that but now I have another problem that has been troubling me for about a month went to the doc it doesnt look good. See ya "torn Muscle fibers"
  12. Oh yeah, my perioid starts in a week and workouts seem to help me calm and center so that is why I am so eager to get moving. I need something besides meditation. Even if I could do some relaxation yoga. Does that really get your heart rate pumping?
  13. Ok, I have a question. I was just in to see the doc 2 days ago. I have been having severe body cramps and aches along with heart palpitions, migraines, insomnia, cranky attitude and I can feel my heart beat out of my chest as I go to sleep my heart sounds and feels like a drum. Anyway, come to find out my thyroid meds are too high. She said to cut it in half and see her in a month. Before the test results came back she said stay away from physical activity. I forgot to ask if I could resume activity. So now I have to wait until Monday to ask. I want to do something! Anything! Should I? Could I do some yoga? At least? I'm going nuts!
  14. I don't post pics on the web. That may seem strange considering "everybody does it" but I am paranoid. Of what? I dont know. Maybe I will overcome that someday. I am 5 "2 117 need to be about 105 or so. Small frame but pretty good size muscle when I stick to my freaking workouts. Comes on fast but seems to slip away even faster. Came here for laughs, knowledge,motivation and inspiration. I'm knowledgeable when it comes to diet/nutrition/health but need some 101 on working out. My live-in boyfriend is very helpful but I would like some outside knowledge too. I love reading, conversation, music, beauty, "My Name is Earl" animals and fresh air. Would love to have dinner with the Dalai Lama, Joan or arc, Helen Keller, her teacher Anne Sullivan , Jesus, and Rob Zombie and Anne Frank. Guests of honor would be a couple of cows saved from slaughter. We would eat Indian food.
  15. Hi, there is a new gal in town! I look foward to swapping knowledge and laughter. See Ya around!
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