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  1. Israel by far has the best fruit ever. I've been twice, once for school reasons. I absolutely loved it. If I could, I would live there. I can just live off the tomatos, hummus, the lafa pitot and olive oil. I love the Anona there and the mango juice! yummy.
  2. Thank everyone for the warm welcome. I'm a little distracted and forgot to answer everyone. If you guys have facebook then look me up: eugenio a. alonso. Thanks. E
  3. Sorry Guys, I've been away on work so I haven't been on. First, Ashland86, anytime you wanna come to Miami and hang out and we can go to more than a few vegan places that are popping up around here. It would be great. Just send me an email to: [email protected] and I'll give you my number. I am Cuban born and American raised. Gaia, thanks for your insight. I will take notes on what you are saying and follow it. I have lost some weight and I am laying low on the carbs after 6 pm and seems to be helping, I'm not near where I want to be but I'm getting there. I promise I will post some pics of before and after. I recently got vegan rice protein powder and I'm having that to supplement my afternoon meals. Like I said, I don't eat after 6 usually, if I do, I have mangoes, a temptation too hard to resist.. Gene.
  4. Thank you guys for the responses and welcoming me into the fold. To answer some questions: I usually tend to have a piece of toast (Ezequiel Bread, Sprouted), some peanut butter and a drizzle of agave nectar on it. Usually this takes me through midmorning when I eat some fruit, like pineapple or a banana. Lunch is usually a veggie burger and a salad. I go to the gym almost everyday to some weights, I divide them between one day arms, another chest, another legs, etc. I don't exercise the same muscles two days in a row. On weekends, I tend to bikeride a few miles and in the summer I swim at least once a week.
  5. Hi, My name is Eugene. I've was a vegetarian for many many years after high school. I gave up a while due to travel and work related issues. As of recently, I'm back on the bandwagon and this time I don't miss anything that isn't vegan. I have far more energy now, I feel less bloated and more fit than ever. I had a recent physical and the Doctor said I had my bad cholesterol at a good level and the good cholesterol at a really low level. This made me realize that when I was a vegetarian both were at an optimum level so I made up my mind to go back to my veganism once and for all. I joined this community to learn and share information with everyone else here. I've been reading a while and everyone is so nice, I thank you for that. Suggestions are timely and also questions are answered with alot of respect and sensibility, Thank You. I only have a couple of concerns. One, I would like to be better fit. By this I mean, losing my gut and working my abs, specially. This is not to say I don't need to have a better overall wellness imporovement on my exercise and my relaxation. I'm going to the gym consistently and also taking up rock climbing and some yoga for stretching and cardio exercise. Is there some threat on the site for exercise routines I can follow? Also, I know someone mentiones where to get vegan protein mixes. I don't really like Soy so alternatives like Rice would be great suggestions. My second concern is breakfast. I really just run out of the house in the mornings and I don't think I'm making use of a good breakfast which will sustain me until lunch time. I'm Cuban so eating beans come second nature to me, but I would like more variety in the diet department. Its just too repetitive to use beans everyday. Any suggestions here would be highly welcomed. If there is anyone from Miami, then drop me a note, I would love to me in contact with like-minded persons in my area. Thanks for your time guys and I hope to read all your suggestions.
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