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  1. To limit carbs but boost flavor/sweetness I always add Stevia. Kind of an acquired taste, but you might like it.
  2. Anyone train first thing in the morning? If so, what do you usually eat? My schedule is usually jam-packed during the day, so i've gotten in the habit of getting up early to get to the gym. I've been downing a vega bar before training, but was wondering if I should up the calories or maybe take in something that's going to digest faster like dates alone without the added fats/protein. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the input. I'm actually planning on toning down the endurance a bit (mainly running) to pack on some lbm. I would say my diet is about 80% raw, but I'm pretty used to getting 1gm/lb (hemp seeds, SW, sprouts, etc); i just didn't know if i should plan on changing it. Looks like I'll stick to it and maybe bump up the calories a bit while toning down the endurance training.
  4. I do have a question, actually So, despite being more into endurance sports, I have always made sure to take in at least 1gm of protein/lb of bodyweight. I just finished reading The Thrive Diet, and while I'm convinced that incorporating more raw food is the way to go, I'm not completely convinced about Brendan's take on protein. He claims that since the protein is more easily digested from a highly raw vegan diet, you don't have to consume as much of it. What do you guys think? Does mostly everyone here take in 1 gm or more/lb?
  5. Hey All, I realized I rudely posted to the forum without a proper introduction, so here is my overdue intro: I've been vegan for about a month now and did it pretty much overnight. It's been something I wanted to do for quite sometime but was just too ignorant about how to properly structure a balanced diet. Now that a month has gone by, I feel healthier and happier than ever. I've been lifting weights for a couple of years now, but have primarily focused on running, cycling, and some swimming. Coming to this site and making the switch to veganism has made me more enthusiastic about packing on some lbm. With that said, hey everyone! - Raphael
  6. Anyone ever tried this stuff? http://www.lifetimevitamins.com/products/lifetime_plantprotein.html Just came across it at Whole Foods and was debating whether or not to pick some up...
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