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  1. I'm in the same boat with having issues not gaining muscle weight due to excess cardio. I have dropped cardio slightly because I'm taking time off from the club sport I play to concentrate on college but still incorporate it. I've been slowly gaining weight, something that has been very hard for me due to the excess amount of sport I have to do in college. I usually work on the basis of volume. Whilst I try to go heavy, sometimes I can not and I just try to do more sets till failure on a slightly lower weight. Others may have different sessions.
  2. The gym on campus is excellent with a running track, weights, group classes and even sports courts. Yes, students don't pay membership, but its good to see the younger demographic get fit. My university is a sporty campus so I'm not surprised people use this facility. And then there's the varsity teams who get to use another gym for themselves. I have used it as I have class in there. Once I graduate, I probably would use a university gym anyway.
  3. I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions prior to me going to college. I also thought I'd reporton my condition. I am at UNC at the moment in North Carolina and the vegetarian food is good. Whilst I have to make my own food combinations, the selection does allow me to eat pretty well. I am trying to cut down on egg as I realise that might be my only complete protein. I have been upping my legume intake due to this cutting. Anyway. Thanks y'all
  4. Thanks for the responses. I'm heading to a uni in NC. They have the names of dining halls on their website but no actual menus. I did hear something similar that by law they had to provide a vegetarian option. I'm still educating myself on the differences in Vegan and Vegetarian and trying to stay away from stuff like Oyster sauce, gelatin related products just in case I decide to cross over fully. I know college in the US without a kitchen isn't the platform to cross over (maybe). I did read on another forum that in some dining halls they tend to serve meals based around things like mushrooms and kale (which doesn't sound too bad). Not sure how true or untrue that is.
  5. Hey all. I'm heading to college in the US for a semester in the Spring and wanted to plan ahead. I've applied for housing and I've been forced to purchase a meal plan (ie. eat cafeteria food). I want to plan ahead and anticipate what might occur. I am currently vegetarian which may make it easier. Does anyone who has gone through a US college, been vegetarian or vegan and eaten well??? What sort of non-meat food do they serve at those dining halls? (we are not really forced to eat from the cafeteria down here and so i usually bring food) From reading the uni's website there is little to no cooking facilities if anyone suggests cooking for myself. I'm sure I might be suprised if there are. Any experiences would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Heya, Thought I'd get this out and see if people have been in this sitaution. I broke (or someone else did) a finger on my right hand during a game of field hockey which has stopped me from gripping things or applying pressure to most of my right hand (including weights). I have basically been seconded to doing machine weights (which don't require gripping anything) and cycle classes (which do my legs, which is good as my legs barely get any work apart from running). Has anyone been in this situation and what sorts of exercises/training have people done? I need to at least keep my muscle tone while injured. I am 60kg (132lbs)/171cm (5'7")/10%BF. I'm relunctant to lift weights with the one hand as this could create an imbalance but if anyone has any suggestions, they are appreciated.
  7. thanks everyone for the warm welcomes
  8. thanks I'm keeping a food diary now so I see what's good and bad about my diet and cutting out the junk food... I'll have a look at that cron-o-meter program to see what nutrients I'm getting According to my local gym (fitness first for those in Oz), I'm 9.7% BF. I'm 63kg and 171cm. (or 138lb/5"7') Hopefully I'm heading in the right direction...I'm trying to eat more on training days and reducing them when I'm not...but gaining lean muscle was always the goal..
  9. Thanks sydneyvegan.. I played mostly beach volleyball at Manly/Dee Why beaches but have concentrated on field hockey for winter... I'm working on doing more weights but hockey seems to get me injured in recent times, but I'll let you know once I'm back into weight training, as I'll do any training now to keep me lean
  10. Hi Everyone I'd been reading this blog for a few weeks to get some new ideas on eating and to get motivated on training. I have been vegetarian for about 4 months (have been before as well) and the health benefits are proving to get me the results I have been after and so I have continued this trend. I didn't eat much meat so I was okay with it all. I'm finding thinking this way of eating has made me think about my food better. I'm also finding people question me about this way of eating and it is really quite interesting. I play a lot of sport including hockey, volleyball (beach and indoor), tennis and of course doing weights. I'm also trying to get into coaching particularly in hockey, volleyball or basketball/netball.
  11. I know this is a vegan website, but this is very interesting in terms of nutrition. I am a recent convert (a few months) to being a vegetarian and I am finally able to get my body fat count down due to proper good eating. How low does your body fat need to be to get a six pack showing? I train a lot in terms of weights 2 weeks. Playing/training in my sport 1-2 week. This has a lot of cardio in it. I can't bulk up too much otherwise I may lose my speed. Also, due to the amount of cardio, what sort of carb-protein-fat ratio should my diet have to at least keep me lean and not make me lose any lean muscle?
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