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  1. The info was given to me by a nutritionist on an omnivore body building site with total respect to my eating lifestyle. It's just an opinion I guess ... based in her experience with those macros on an omnivorous ... mostly carnivorous diet. That was one thing I was thinking ... that on a vegan diet ... the macros probably can come out differently because of the quality and types of foods. I will look more at the examples of diets on this site and go from there I guess. I think genetics definitely plays a role into how lean people get on different diets. I am not a naturally lean or muscular person at all ... I qualify as short (5'2), curvy with boobs and butt ... and more on the soft side naturally. I'll have to play with this and see how I do. On the good side ... I'm down to 21% BF from my measurements this morning! Thanks for the input ...
  2. "What are some activities you suggest to do in between now (soreness) and all better" BIKE, BIKE, BIKE ... switch off using an emphasis on leading with the ball of the foot and leading with the heel. ROWING MACHINE ... emphasize upper body and don't lock out knees Elliptical - go backward and forward - emphasize a moderate resistance rather than speed. USE A FOAM ROLLER on the IT bands and inner thighs ... as well as quad, ham and low back. STRETCH and strengthen all muscles of leg. STRETCH
  3. 1. Either hemp protein shake or pea/soy/rice protein shake with 1/2 cup berries in it and 1 tsp - 1 tbsp flax seed. 1. Either hemp protein shake or pea/soy/rice protein shake with 1/2 cup berries in it and 1 tsp - 1 tbsp flax seed. OR 1/2 cup oats with 1 tsp - 1 tbsp flax (sometimes 1/2 cup berries) 1/3 block tofu 2. Shake or Oat meal here 3. 1 cup homemade lentil dish or 1 cup beans plus tons of green veggies OR Sometimes a Trader Joe's Black Bean Enchilada meal with green veggies 4. apple or 1/2 grapefruit with 14 almonds 5.A serving of Tofu, seitan, beans with either a big green salad or lots of green veggies, 1/2 sweet potato or 1/2 cup br. rice or quinoa. 6. Shake or silken tofu blended with 1/2 cup berries or 1 tsbsp cocoa powde
  4. Bumpity Bump How about all the ideas y'all can think of ... Of LOW to NO CARB vegan protein sources ... and to make it even harder ... unprocessed?? Thanks again!
  5. Hey Everyone! I've been away from the boards for a while ... but, I'm back. Super motivated to lean out and show the hard earned muscle I've got. Here's the deal ... I'm not "naturally" lean by any standard ... right now I'm at about 21 - 23% (5'2 and a half, 128 lbs) BF ... ughhhhhh. Getting over a stress fracture in my foot that was being stubborn - but, I'm back now! It's always been difficult for me to get below 18% BF. I want to get to at least 15%. It was recommended to me that I consume no more than 1500 cals .... and aim for 150g Protein, 112g carbs and 50 grams fat. Here was my idea of a balanced diet to lose some BF (this is how I eat now) (obviously I have to shave some calories - but, check out the macros at the bottom): #1 1/2 c. Oatmeal, Old Fashioned 1/2 c.Blueberries 1 c. Tofu #2 Ultra Energy Shake Exotic Red Fruit Blueberries flax seed, ground #3 Enchilada Black Bean and Corn (TJ's) 1 c. Broccoli 1 c. Peas #4 Apple, raw Almonds #5 1c. garbanzo beans 2c. Spinach 1/2 Sweet potato #6 Hemp Protein shake 1/2 c. Blueberries 1,865 total calories 55.6 FAT 263.4 carbs 107.0 protein I was told this a major inbalance of carbs to lose bodyfat. So ... could all y'all take a look at this and perhaps give some examples of a female diet that would fit into the ideal macros of 150p/112c/50g fats? I just feel like all I am going to eat is tofu and processed foods like seitan because beans have carbs! Any input would be MUCH appreciated! Glad to be back.
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