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  1. I been taking a multi vitamin and an iron tablet daily well, on and off. and have noticed to much my iron levels are 8.0 from 8.2 last I checked. Is there any good vitamins you guy will recommend for me to try, thanks Ashland
  2. Title sounds worse , but basically I was at work yesterday felt great. Then I started getting all sweaty which isn't unusual, because it is hot at my job. Then I started feeling dizzy and was losing my breathe by just walking. I felt a weakness in my thighs and arms, they were really sore. I at first thought I was dehydrated, so I was gulping down powerade which wasn't helping. And things that are light were feeling like they weighed a ton. As the day went on the symptoms got worse and worse. It was to the point it took 5 minutes to catch my breathe so I went to the E.R. thinking I was dehydrated, they put me on iv's did some test as a precaution and about 4 hours later the DR. came back and said I know why you were feeling weak your anemic, your levels are 8.2 and when it gets in the 7's we have to do a blood transfusion. ( a normal woman is between 12-14) And that freaked me out, because I don't like blood. The thought alone made me want to throw up. I found out I was anemic when I was in college trying to donate blood. Actually this is before I even stopped eating meat. You know they prick your finger drop a bit in this water if it sinks you can donate if it floats they have to test it again? Well mine are floaters, I even had someone jokingly say " your trying give blood but I think we need to give you some" At times I do feel fatigue but yesterday it was horrible, I always thought it was because I laid around all the previous day. Any help or suggestions? I did a search and didn't find a similar topic.
  3. Off topic are you cuban? I have alot of family down there. My grandparents are going this weekend. I am there alot often as well .. Next time im there we should maybe link up. Have you tried going to happycow.com alot of good resturaunts on there maybe you can find one close to you
  4. Hi, and thanks! I am like 40 mins from there!
  5. I saw your myspace page i had no idea that honey was a no no for vegan-ers lucky for me, i dont hardly ever eat it
  6. Where about in atlanta are you? It would be nice to have vegan friends near me. I am located in the south part, like south of the airport
  7. No she didnt have a baby. Her twin sister Cynthia did. She said in an article, she was scared to have kids cause she didnt know if her body would bounce back from it or not. But her sister did, and looks great! You should watch her in the game friday nights on the cwtv @830
  8. I didnt see her in joe dirt however i seen her in white chicks, little man and my favorite show the game. sHE has the best physique ever, shes my desktop not gay but great motivation
  9. My name is Ashland. I am 23 years from Atlanta Ga. Well I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle which may be hard because I am living in the south. Because yes most of the foods are fried, fried dead, and fried some more. I am currently a vegetarian who eats a lot of junk food such as chips, ice cream, french fries, and other blood pressure raising artary clogging foods. My goals are to maintain a 70% vegan diet and lifestyle. 10% raw vegan and 20% vegetarian diet. I want to incorporate a lot of physical activities into my everyday life, even if its just walking more. But I am a member of my local gym, they have a lot of good programs and classes. I want to take part of at least 1 class a week working my way up to more classes. Going to the gym 4 times a week doing a lot of cardio and strength training. My fitness inspirations are inspired by Brittany Daniel's. Shes an actress and a fitness nut. I read some where online that shes goes to the gym up to 4 days a week and eats raw/vegan (its 70% of her diet). If you guys can google her name. She has a wonderful body. Shes my desktop on my laptop. The inspiration of getting to an ideal true weight. Take care, well be keeping you guys updated!
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