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  1. Of course!!!!!!!!! We are very polite here!!!!!
  2. As I'm new in the forum, I don't know whether this question was already posted, in that case... sorry! Can anybody tell me where to buy vegan protein powder or bars here in Europe? I only found one brand for soy protein here in Italy, but no vegan bars or other powders. I looked at veganstore.com, but as it is in the States I think shipping would cost a lot, so I'd prefer to find something in Europe. I read some of you use pea protein powder: what is it like? Thanx a lot in advance!!!
  3. I had a lot of training in another forum... It took about 3 months for me to understand how to use the quotes properly...
  4. I like Joe Satriani and love Steve Vai! Has anybody seen the film "Crossroads" where he (Steve Vai) plays the devil's guitarist? (And he wrote and played all the guitar parts)
  5. I found these places: Muccapazza (=crazy cow) Via del giardino vecchio, 2 MARINO (ROMA) Phone: 06 93 67 484 Mobile: 3470870886 www.muccapazza.org [email protected] Bio e te - bioristoro vegetariano Via San Francesco di Sales, 1-1a ROMA Phone: 06 68 80 99 89 Jaya Say Ma Via Bargoni, 11-18 ROMA Phone: 06 581 26 40 Associazione Culturale "Tidirò" Via del Mattonato, 42 ROMA Phone: 065810626 www.tidiro.com [email protected] Govinda (Krishna restaurnt) Via Santa Maria del Pianto, 16 ROMA Phone: 06 68 89 15 40 [email protected] L'insalatiera Taverna Vegetariana Via Trionfale, 44 ROMA Phone: 06-39742975 www.linsalatiera.com L'isola Via della Vite, 14 - 4th floor (Piazza di Spagna area) ROMA Phone: 06.6792509 Il Margutta - ristorante Via Margutta, 118 ROMA Phone: 06.32650577 www.ilmargutta.it [email protected] Sciam Via del Pellegrino, 56 ROMA Phone: 06 68 30 89 57 Margutta Le Cornacchie Piazza Rondanini, 53 (Pantheon) Phone: 06.68134544 Arancia Blu Via dei Latini, 55 - 65 Roma Phone: 06 445 41 05 www.ristorantidiroma.com/aranciablu.htm Le Bistrot Via delle Sette Chiese, 160 ROMA Phone: 06-5128991 Un Punto Macrobiotico Via Moricca, 100 - 102 ROMA Phone: 06-39751039
  6. And... hoops!!! "Holistic", not "olistic", sorry! Neil, I love your avatar!!!!!!!! You'll be welcome!!!!!!! I will!!! He's a guru!!! We're quite a few, in the north more than in the south. I guess not as many as in England, or in the northern Europe, but many people lately are starting caring about animals, and cutting out everything that means cruelty on them, including meat or other products. I was thinking about printing big posters and putting them in the gym where I work... Do you mind Daywalker? I saw it, and found it wonderful!!!
  7. Thanx a lot to everybody!!!! And beyond me as well... I'm doing a sort of a "bible" to show them... copying from various sites, like this one, veganrunners, veganfitness, Italian Vegatarian Society... I told them to look at Bill Pearl, for example: he's vegetarian (ahem... I have to start with "vegetarian" because many people here don't know the word "vegan"...) and absolutely GREAT! But you know what happens when people have no real arguments: they say the firts idiot thing that come into their mind, like "he can't be at thet level without steroids, so his nutrition doesen't really matter..." I'm glad that lately many instructors are understanding that you can be veg*an AND a body builder, but they are still not sure you can have the same results. But they are open minded enough to change their minds in case they are proved wrong. Pay attention, I could take it seriously... In particular after seeing what YOU did!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find the topic with the news and the pics, but I'll write you here what I wanted to write there: THANX FOR EXISTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi! I live in Italy, quite far from Roma, but I've just asked some frieds who live in Roma to tell me about restaurants or other places where you can eat vegan... and not just a salad!!!! I'll let you know as soon as they give me an answer!
  9. Hi!!! I'm very happy to meet you all! My name is Samantha, I'm 30 and I live in Italy. I work as a fitness instructor in a gym and I'm studying to improve myself in this job I love. I think of fitness in an "olistic" way: being healthy is feeling healthy and looking healthy. This is why I like body building and yoga in the same way! I've been a vegetarian for 10 years, and I'm going towards veganism now. I have to say it is not easy in Italy: the idea "muscles = meat" is very strong here. I am sooooo happy I met veganrunners, veganfitness and veganbodybuilding!!!! I can eventually speak to people who UNDERSTAND!!! I'd love to compete in fitness, but I can't find a vegan coach here!!! I'm bored of people saying "Well... couldn't you eat some fish at least??? In this case I could train you." I took a look at the forum, and you are all nice, friendly, and... simply great!!!!
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