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  1. Hi thanks for the responses. I have seen a lot of doctors and agree I have more than my fair share of issues. So far both medical and holistic/'natural' health professionals haven't really helped. This is a bit candid, but I basically have huge enormous amounts of gas at all times and it's really nasty I just got some hemp protein - it's not that bad if you mix it with fruit and stuff
  2. I have a lot of problems with soy and lentils. I'm running out of ideas for non-meat food that I can eat, to get enough protein while not feeling awful. I'm very intolerant to gluten (celiac), and soy and beans and lentils kill my stomach as well. I used to eat a lot of egg whites (not vegan, I know) but have realized I am allergic to them (both through tests and experience of feeling gross after eating them). So what else would be a good source of protein? Since tofu is out for me. I also find that nuts are pretty hard on my system. It's not easy (nor very healthy I would think) living on oil and greens... suggestions?
  3. 120 lbs? that is shockingly light unless you are about 5'2" ?? But I do agree, amazing arms. You say you want to lose more weight to see abs -- I might suggest that your abs might not be developed enough to show, or genetics could be at play - not everyone can have six packs (life is cruel).... Please reconsider getting any leaner!!
  4. what on earth did you do to get quads like that? Genetics might help too I guess...nice.
  5. I don't know if this is weird or not but it was VERY good, I'll give it that: about 1 avocado, roughly cut up mixed with about 2 cups of steamed cauliflower, all sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and pepper. I really enjoyed this
  6. TVP is not exactly tofu. It's defatted soy flour.
  7. That girl might be anorexic or have an eating disorder, or she might not. I've been quite thin due to other health problems, and I KNOW that people judged me to be anorexic, when I wasn't. I didn't like how I looked but I couldn't help it either. So you never know why someone might look ing; don't be 100% sure it's anorexia.
  8. banana chips!! Easy Delicious For the win!!
  9. I will totally do this. You watch!
  10. Well, I withdrew from the contest. My kitchen is under renovation and I have no place to prepare it. The event was the day after the new cupboards will be installed. Bah, too much hassle. I entered last year and my creation was awesome Here it is if you're interested (I didn't win. Oh well! I had fun and got a package of goodies worth a mint.) http://www.simplyraw.ca/piecontest/entries.php#17 Just for shits and giggles, I figured out the number of cals in the winning pie. I think the whole pie had about 8000 calories, I kid you not.
  11. You would probably not eat 100 g all at once. It's quite salty. I love it though!
  12. I try to avoid cycling into my veggies too!
  13. I don't think you should ask vegans to recommend fish and eggs... Looking at your diet, it seems you are STARVING yourself and are setting yourself up for some problems...there is very little food there. What is that, 800 cals or something?
  14. He says he doesn't have it. LIAR!!!
  15. Yeah, this is even better than a blender, since a blender liquefies whereas this totally pulverizes it.
  16. OH wow....I got a juicer that has a "custard" attachment for making things like dairyless ice cream. Talk about AMAZING... Freeze a banana...put in through and it comes out smooth and creamy like soft serve ice cream. I also added frozen blueberries through the processor and WOW, it was like blueberry sorbet. The easiest, tastiest and actually healthy treat!!!!!!
  17. I have made my own flax crackers without a recipe and they were awesome!! So usually my little wing-its turn out....this was a rarity
  18. That makes sense. I just wish my "nut butter" didn't seem like nut flour mixed with oil. Not what i had in mind....
  19. WHere do you get such cheap fish?!
  20. But why can't I make it WITHOUT oil? Like the grinder in the healthfood store, you put in peanuts and you get PB. You can buy almond butter with no oil and it's a liquid. If I add oil it doesn't even come out like the kind I can buy. I don't get it??
  21. I decided to try to make nut butter. I've tried a blender (didn't work). Now I have a juicer, sort of like a Champion. The instructions say to process the nuts and then mix the 'nut meal' with oil to get nut butter. Well, I did that and it's not really nut butter-y. It reminds me of ground almonds mixed with oil I used blanched almonds, tried again and this time the nuts made a sort of a stickier paste, that I could probably form into a ball... But how do you get NUT BUTTER, like the sort you find in the store. Some I've seen (commercial varieties) don't even have added oil, and they are smooth and creamy. How do they get like that? Anyone? I was so excited about making my own but it's not really happening.
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