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  1. Jonathan, please know that I am still on other forum and I never get same treatment I get on this forum. It is so interesting to know that I am admired on some forums where I keep posting my message for long time but when I post exactly same message in same style, some people on this forum react totally differently. Only thing I can say is difference in people. Richard defended me on Vegan Freak forum and he posted his message honestly but he was banned from two forums, so I don't feel upset at all if people on this forum don't accept me as what I am. I feel much better when I stay away from this forum where some people get gather and treat me very unfairly. I still don't understand why it is ok when other people do same thing I am doing and saying same thing I am saying but it is wrong if I say it and doing it. Answer is people are posting their message based on likes and dislikes. What is example? I wasn't only I who used cap. Compassionategirl used too but because some people like her, it is ok for her to use cap right? Please do not deny it because I saw her use of cap with my own eyes on this forum. When other people call animal abuser bastard or savage, it is perfectly ok but when I use this word, people are so quick to attack me. Any honest person can see this discrimination toward people they don't like. Good bye and good luck. Thank you for giving me lesson of how racism was formed. There is absolutely no reason for anybody( except few people who supported me) to respond to me because I am not going to read your message. I am going to continue posting my message on old forum where I have many friends who support me and showing kindness to me.
  2. Crash, knowing statement is made by somebody else who defended me, why did you keep posting 'Violet wrote' before you copied somebody else's statement? You even responded me by pretending statements were made by me. Tonight I saw cock fight in New Mixico. That sadistic sickening expression of basterd made me feel like slashing his throat but of course I am not foolish enough to go jail for basterd. I don't know why people in New Mexico allow such sickening sadistic barbarity in their state but knowing New Mexico is poor state, my guess is they have many corrupted politicians who do anything for $$$$$$$$$$$. I strongly support death penalty for animal abusers and killers if it is possible by law.
  3. AlliveEverTouched, here is what you said. >>Is it not worth it to have a conversation with someone who says "shut the fuck up" but wears fur? How are you going to change minds if strong language is a barrier to you? << When did I say anything about fur? Stop putting extra word on my mouth to make your message more acceptable. Please learn to copy my message correctly without adding extra word in my mouth. If you are honest, you can do it. Again, when I use strong word, some people think it is offensive but if some other people use it, it is perfectly ok. Can you say UNFAIRNESS?
  4. CrispyQ, so you think telling me "Shut fuck up!" is very peaceful intelligent way to communicate with me? Please tell me meaning of the word 'fuck'. If we expect to attract decent people on this forum, we need to stop using ing dirty violent language no matter how angry we get. If I were moderator, I ban people who use indecent language less than one minute to keep my forum clean. What kind of people use language 'fuck' anyway?
  5. VeganEssentials, read his (or her) message carefully. This person said "if you delivered your message intelligently, you could convert more people." What he said is I DID NOT deliver my message intelligently. It is very strange for some people(not all people) on this forum to criticize me for using cap or using strong words, etc but when other people use cap or strong words, it is perfectly ok and put blind hold to ignore. I have no idea why some strange people think they are better than I. Some people on forum have same attitide as slave owner. If these people cannot treat people equally, they have no rights to speak about injustice when they are being treated unfairly. Somebody said to me it is rude to use cap and told me to stop using cap but when compassionategirl used cap, this person put blind hold in his eyes and ignored. Tell me about excuse for her to use cap. There is always smart excuses for other people when they do same thing I do on this forum. Any honest person can see this unfairness on this forum. I beginning to understand how racism started. Majority of people start discriminating minority and they even didn't realize it is ugliest state of human spirit. Yes, there is unfairness on this forum and it is not my misunderstanding or lack of my knowledge of English language.
  6. kollision, here is more information about this ing organization. http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/wolf_control.cfm
  7. VeganEssntial, I am sure if you got same message I got, you interpreted message below as insult. "Do you think they would give up animal products altogether if you approached them with a more intelligent message?" Now, stop and think. Unintelligent people deliver their message unintelligently. He(or) she was telling me indirectly I am unintelligent person. I am sure any person with very little brain knows this is insult. That is exactly somebody who posted his(or her) message said to me. Now do you still telling me he(or she) did not insult me? Read his(or her) message by pretending message is addressed to you. If his (or her) message is addressed to you, you will read his(or her) message more carefully and draw completely different opinion. I even don't bother to respond to some people because anybody who use word like ''shut the fuck up!". doesn't worth to exchange conversation with lady (or gentleman) like manner. No wonder why many children use violent language today. Our use of languge reflect our personality. What is meaning of 'fuck' anyway? I know it is extra nasty language but I am not sure exactly what mean. One thing is sure, if my daughter uses such language, I feel too ashamed to admit she is my daughter. In my opinion, teachers in school need to teach children how to behave like lady and gentleman and not like wild beast.
  8. AllIveEverTouched, didn't you say if I delivered my message intelligently enough, I could convert all meat eaters to vegans? I doubt if you can convert one person. It is mistake for you to think that it is easiest thing for AR activists to change mind of flesh eaters when these people are eating animal flesh from childhood to adulthood. If I speak to you with my native language, can you understand me? Can you speak, write, read other language besides English? Can you express your thought in most effective manner in foreign language? I am asking you these questions because you are very hard on me about my intelligence. Is it matter how intelligent we are or not? In my opinion when people have true love for animals intelligence and love go together. Of course opposite is true too. Without love for animals, people can be very ignorant and foolish.
  9. AllIveEverTouched, how do you know I did not deliver my message intelligently? Did you read my message? No, you even don't know what I said and how I said. It is so interesting to know how some people's imagination work. Can you deliver your message intelligently? Please show me example. When I came to this forum, I had no idea about I am going to be insulted and get attack by some supposedly AR people. Some people on this forum are so busy to insult me and keep attacking me but where is fruit of supposedly intelligent people who can deliver their messages so effectively? I hope you are smart enough to know what fruit means.
  10. Violet there is no way you are insane!! I am in much the same position as you with people telling me I need to control my anger. I still have not made peace with my family because I cannot stand to see day after day they continue to support and finance the evil industries I fight to bring down. It enrages me more than anything when people speak about compassion towards animal abusers, when people say things like "we must not stoop to their level", "We should not fight violence with violent", "I don't condone illegal activity" etc. Why people cannot comprehend that violence is the only language these bastards understand is beyond me. I wish for nothing but suffering for animal abusers. I know it won't bring animals back and I can't explain why I feel like this other than to say I feel so overwhelmed with rage and thoughts of revenge that I need a release for it all. There is no way I can show love and compassion towards animal abusers. In a way I still love my family but not the way I used to before I was aware of the extent animal abuse is ingrained in our society. My mum says she wishes I'd never got involved in animal rights and things could be the way they used to be. What she really means is she wishes we could all carry on supporting animal abuse without thinking about our actions. I feel that if she truly loved me she would at least cut down on dairy consumption and cut out eggs and fish which she only has once or twice a week anyway. I love my animals but the only person I truly love is my vegan son. Back to top Forum Moderator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not think you are insane. I think you need to find a harness for your anger...and when you do you will be unstoppable. You are most awesome Violet, you have what so many lack...a firey passion. I asked people on other forum about how they view my messages because I get so much hate and criticism from some people on this forum. It is very interesting to know that different forum has different group of people and interpret my messages totally differently than some people on this forum. The reason why I am copying messages of other people is because I just wanted to show difference in people and that is all. Don't worry, I already asked permission to copy their messages on this forum.
  11. compassionategirl, please stop sounding like you are biggest boss on this forum. If I am confusing between Jay and Jonathan, I apologize but you never got confused about something in your life? I know you are one of moderator but it is not necessary for you to sound like biggest boss on this forum. Jay is asking Robert to ban me. Does he sound like he is defending me? I am sure not everybody on this forum is hateful and against me but only handful of people who are vocal.
  12. Reasons why I dislike Asia....freaking sick. I remember one Filipino telling me that they torture the dog because it brings out more flavor. Talk about savages. kollision, exactly! If I said what you said, some people on this forum attacked me and called me racist.
  13. My point is different people interpret my message differently and I do not get negative response from people on other forum except VF forum and Christian forums when I post same message with same style. Sorry if my message offend some people on this forum.
  14. AllIveEverTouched, different people interpret my message differently. I have no problem of posting my message on other forum and most people are very supportive but some reason I get criticism from some people on this forum. My guess is I am dealing with different type of people on this forum. One poster told me that she will never forget your strong statement and that is what made me vegan. Of course some people did not enjoy my messages but least some of them said to me that they are eating much less animal products after I exposed reality of meat/dairy/egg industries. There are two types of people on this planet. People who put their own enjoyment over animal suffering and people who risk their own lives to save animals. We cannot be coward if we want to promote animal rights.
  15. Richard, when you defended me on vegan freak forum, didn't you get hateful message from people? Not just people posted hateful message to you but they banned you. Only people who never get criticism from people are luke warm people and people who are doing nothing.
  16. _raVen, thank you for your understanding and support.
  17. Some people on this forum are keep telling me my way of posting message is not effective to influence people but nobody is showing fruits of their very effective way to reach people. Million of people became vegan because of PETA. PETA never hide chilling brutalities. PETA never say to people "Oh, you shouldn't show that because it is too heartbreaking." or "you should not show gruesome pictures of tortured and killed animals because people get upset." PETA changed the way people view farm animals but not luke warm organization that never take chance of criticism from people. If some people on this forum feel that this forum need only happy pleasant message to entertain people, I am on wrong forum. I have no idea why my title of "Our best friends are tortured!" is so offensive to some people. Why is it so offensive to use the word 'barbarity' ? Of course we have different degree of feeling anger and . Some people do not feel anger and strongly enough when they see injustice in our society. I can actually feel different degree of sensitivity when I read message of people. Please don't tell me my anger do nothing to help animals because my anger is just my natural reaction by seeing chilling brutalities in our society and I am not saying my anger is helping animals. What I'd like to see is fruits of effective way to change the idea of people when most people view farm animals as meat source and show heartless attitude toward farm animals. Where is fruits? If some people on this forum think their way is most effective way to change minds of peole about animals, where is fruits of their most effective way to reach people? I am sure these people have many fruits to show.
  18. Kathryn, 'My message to Robert' is inflammatory? What are other titles you find inflammatory? I cannot understand why some people attack me on this forum when I post my messages. I don't get this kind of attack on other forum. Of course if you don't want to read my message, it is perfectly ok with me because other people can read.
  19. cactus, maybe I am biggest hypocrite on this forum knowing I am contributing to death of sentient creatures. Yes, I have sweater and winter coats made of wool. I also have leather shoes but I instantly and completely stop eating animal flesh almost 30 years ago when I attended Animal Rights meeting and saw debeaking of baby chicks on the screen. Later I stop buying dairy products and eggs after I learned about shocking brutalities in dairy industry and egg industry. There is no way for us to be 100% pure but when we acknowledge reality of horrible suffering and cruel death of billions of farm animals, we should strive to live cruelty free life style as much as possible. I keep wearing what I have already but I have no intention to buy wool sweaters, coat and leather items in the future.
  20. cactus, would you believe if I tell you consumption of dairy products and eggs is much worse than consumption of meat? Do you know what happen to millions of newborn male calves in dairy farms? Andy's Story One fine Spring day, just before Mother's Day two years ago, little Andy was born. A beautiful, baby calf, weighing only 30 pounds. His large doe-like eyes looked to his mother for first time. A young girl had gotten her first job working part-time, after-school at a dairy farm near the U.S. - Canada border. When Andy's mom began to give birth, it was the first time she'd ever witnessed anything born. She was in tears when the baby came- and then, to her horror, the farmer took Andy and threw him behind a barn, on top of a "dead pile" of other baby calves who were taken away from their mothers at birth, at let to die. She couldn't believe what she saw. The young girl quickly called her favorite teacher, the one who helped her get her job. Her teacher came over to the farm and with the help of the young girl, they snatched baby Andy off the pile of calves and put him in the back seat of her car. They didn't know what to do with a little calf, still covered in afterbirth, umblical cord dangling from his pink tummy - so they called Farm Animal Safe Haven for help. What this brave young girl witnessed is what happens every day on nearly every farm across the country - calves are either thrown away like garbage, because they have no value, or they are enslaved in small crates to be sold for veal slaughter. www.farmsanctuary.com/media/pr_mario.htm Andy and Mario represent millions (if not billions) of new born male calves because dairy farmers cannot get milk from cows without making cows pregnant. Andy and Mario are saved but millions (if not billions) of newborn male calves are killed in most inhumane manner. When every time you drink milk or eat dairy products, you are promoting chilling brutality of dairy farms. www.notmilk.com is educational website about dairy products.
  21. compassionategirl, Jay has habit of misinterpret my message and fight with me. For example, when I spoke about SOME homeless people with mental problem, Jay quickly accused me of discriminating homeless people. Somebody needed to point to Jay that Violet said SOME homeless people have mental problem and cannot be responsible pet owners. I think some reason Jay has personal dislike toward me, that is why he fight with me almost everytime I post my message on this forum.
  22. CollegeB, sadly our state has many hunters, trappers, facotory farmers and these people are lobbying to interfering our work to improve treatment of animals in our state. I think you are speaking about bow hunting. I am sure we have many bow hunters in state of PA.
  23. Robert, please believe me, I much rather to focus on pleasant things than focusing on chilling brutalities inflicted on innocent defenseless animals but it is necessary for us to focus on INJUSTICE in our society to improve our corrupted society where money control almost everything and suffering of animals are completely ignored. If everybody is focusing on only pleasant things, how can we abolish barbarities on this planet? I am not fighting with other posters on forums. I am just speaking up for animals. Is it wrong? I hope this forum is different from VF forums. The reason why VF forum banned me is because I could not control my anger toward cold blooded barbarians who drown stray dogs in ocean for shark fishing. Most people on that forum think we need to respect cold blooded barbarians and we should not speak against barbarians. Of course if we can control our anger, it is best, but can we conntrol our anger always?
  24. CollegeB, in our state of Pennsylvania, we have no law to protect chained dogs. Unfortunately, I live in state where cold blooded trappers and hunters enjoy their sadistic activities.
  25. Yes, I live in Philadelphia PA. Did you see my link of http://www.phillytalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1841 ? I am working to improve condition of chained dogs in state of Pennsylvania. If you are interested, please join our anti chaining campaign of our best friends(dogs).
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