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  1. So most athletes are unhealthy? Your definition of bodybuilding seems to be limited to the pros who are full of anabolic steroids and who choke down pounds and pounds of meat to a point where they carry an amount of muscle mass far beyond what nature intended. I'm surprised to see such a limited view on a "vegan bodybuilding" website.
  2. I read this whole thread and your biggest problem seems to be your attitude... You absurdly state that everyone is hoarding all the good information from you... but most of your responses to people reaching out to help are "I know that", "I've done that already", "I don't like gyms", "Are you trying to sell me advice?", etc. Change your attitude man. There is some great advice in this thread. You're looking for a magical pill that doesn't exist.
  3. True... so much conflicting info out there. Gotta go with what feels right for you!
  4. A seven pound gain in 3 weeks? No that is not normal. You're getting fat, plain and simple. And no, your belly will not redistribute and change into extra muscle more readily. Cut your cals down, you're eating too much. 1. 4000 is too many cals for a 160 pounder. 2. Gaining 1 to 1.5 lb of lean muscle per week is IMPOSSIBLE without chemical assistance... and even then a lot of it is water retention that will cease once the cycle is stopped. Expect to gain 5-10lbs of lean muscle per YEAR if you're natty. 3. Increase cals another 300 - 500? See point one. Not true! In extreme cases yes... but to say they are two COMPLETELY different things is an exaggeration.
  5. I've heard bodybuilders sipping on a dextrose/water mixture during a workout... I personally drink water during. Dextrose is apparently absorbed the quickest by the body. I have it after a workout with creatine.
  6. Gina is dead on. I eat 5 times a day and two of those meals contain shakes. Your 3 to 7 ratio is ok and I think the maximum. I would definitely advise against most of your meals coming from shakes.
  7. A friend of mine works as a rep for Salba so I get free samples all the time. I put it in my oatmeal. Can't say I feel any benefit from it. Wouldn't buy the stuff but since it's free I'll take it.
  8. ^^^ what he said... What's your diet look like?! In my mind when it comes to shaping your body training is obviously crucial but diet is more important. You can't out-train a bad diet. Know your macros. Plan your meals around them. Train hard.
  9. Yes your protein seems way too low. Calories are obviously an important number to start with. But if you're serious about bulking up you need to have your macros (pro/carb/fat) in order. For a guy with your stats, 3250 calories should be enough to gain weight... but again your macros will dictate what kind of weight that is. How long have you been eating 3250 cals? Have you gained ANY weight??? You definitely need to know your TDEE. See the links here: Go here to figure out your BMR http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ Then with your BMR go here to figure out your TDEE http://www.bestdallaspersonaltrainer.com/energy-expenditure-calculator.html Then start a diet at 400-500 calories above your TDEE and monitor progress for 4 weeks. Protein 1.5g per lb of bodyweight and the rest carbs/fats. You may have to play around with carb/fat ratio to see what works for you. Try 100g fat and the rest of your daily calories from carbs.
  10. That doesn't sound healthy at all. I don't see any reason why the body should be in starvation mode in the first place. To the OP... let's see what your diet looks like. What foods are you currently eating? What are your macros? Did you stop exercising with the new job?
  11. How many grams of fat do you get per day from it? You just eat it with a spoon? I've been using it for cooking lately.
  12. How to make a digestible protein shake? Blend it up. A good one I often have is: -1 Banana -1 Avocado -handful of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) -1 Cup soy milk -1 scoop of protein powder I'll even throw in a handful of kale. Add flax oil, udo's, etc. Get creative and see what works for you.
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