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  1. No prob man, you did the damn work! Thats whats i need again, a Good-Consistent-Routine. The formula for success. Keep up the work brutha, inspiring.. fo sure!
  2. Holy batcakes, nice freakin progress man! Youve just completely convinced that its possible to get large quick being eating vegan, seriously...nice work!
  3. Dude your fuckin MASSIVE, you should get onstage with Coleman and blow his ass off the freakin stage with those 23 inch pythons, haha. Im just playin man, i look like shit too
  4. No prob man, understand about the computer jargon. Yeah i was eating any junk food, only organic fruits and vegetables (cooked also). Maybe it was all the shit my body was detoxifying, or something like that, lol. I dunno. I just know it went away when I added some legumes and grains in there.
  5. Well I was givin ya a compliment on the pic man! Either way, Ill have to check out that book for sure. Pics, if i get one, ill post one day
  6. yeah the proof is in the pic there, good job. i had teeth problem, which i never did before, when i just ate alot fruits vegetables with nothing else. thought it was the excess sugar and lack of protein in my diet?
  7. What do y'all think about this. Done quite abit of research on it over the years and it makes sense to me, with the nitrosilides, etc. Especially since FDA, AMA, all those people, supress this makes me believe in it more, to fund our so called war on cancer..haha, yeah right.. chemo's so much cheaper than fruit kernels Quick link for those who dont know about it http://www.rawapricotseeds.com/faq.html
  8. Heybrett, you asked the same exact question, same words too,lol.. over at another "vegetarian" forum couple weeks ago, and they explained eating fish is not vegetarian, after you got a big rise outa the few fanatics there with you saying Jesus ate fish and there making fun of him. Hey man, I love Jesus! But this is a nutrition question. Im also one of the only ones that took you serious and tried to help, with writing out a diet for ya. Are you trollin man? How old are you, are you having fun, lol? The people over here seem like good peeps and very welcoming, so dont mess with em, if thats what your doing. There also mostly Vegan, so I really dont understand why you wouldnt be better researching bodybuilding nutrition for a couple days, and youll find what you need pronto. Stick to what the old schoolers did since you incorporate milk, eggs, and fish in your diet. Its pretty simple and basic and Im the only one who detailed that to you. good luck man
  9. After reviewing my post (which im gonna quote), I hope it doesnt sound negative. Last thing I want to do is sound pro-meat, cause I am surely not. Im just honestly relating my real experience with this, with it all. Im here to learn, and respect the "Vegan Way" for sure, as It must be closer to God in my handbook to eat grains rather than animals, which im tryin to get to these days. But, I feel the struggle of the "skinny syndrome", for a young guy especially, it can be the worst enemy for someone training. I wish I knew what I knew now though, and just worked out only for myself back then, whether I was 250 pounds or 150 pounds, as long as health, ethics, and happiness took first priority in my training... It would have been alright, no matter how much I could curl, squat or the shirt sizes I wanted to increase. Bless Always to A More Happy Peaceful Way of Life
  10. Thanks Porkchop! If Customs comes, I'll say...talk to the Porkchop! the VEGITARIAN PORKCHOP!! lol Of Course Man!
  11. Thanks Porkchop! If Customs comes, I'll say...talk to the Porkchop!
  12. This is a good thread, because I feel the situation here for sure, as Im going through similiar, mainly with feeling satisfied with my meals. I have excepted the weight loss from cleaning up my diet, as the days of being young and buff are not a priority for me these days. My honest experience, when i ate my former diet, it was cheaper for sure (average 7 bucks a day some years ago as prices have went up), and it was wayy more convenient for sure. Average day... foreman grill a beef patty in 4 minutes one or 2 times day with couple quick microed red potatoes, protein drinks with milk&eggs some fruit and PB, cottage cheese with can tuna, some whole grain toast and a quick salad once in awhile in an average days menu. Ok, it wasnt the healthiest diet out there, but it worked for me, gaining good muscle weight for sure. I was training hard, and i never spent anytime in the kitchen, which i didnt want to do, maybe 15 to 20 minutes a day, max. and I was completely satisfied in my tummy most of the time , when i wasnt eating pizza or chinese, shhhhhhh Now...fast forward abit, produce in California (especially L.A.) is expensive, as now I eat alot of it now! Stuff I never ate before, which I wish i did! Organic red peppers, romaine, tomatoes, avocados etc, i buy it all the time ,and my food bill is at least double for sure. I really have to eat alot olive oil heavy foods to be satisfied with alot of my main meals, mass amounts of beans (which thank God my GF can tolerate for now, errrr) in a homemade bean soup or chili. I spend at least 2 hours a day in the kitchen preparing the meals now, with all the chopping, washing, peeling, cooking brown rice, trying to make something that taste good and Vegan, and healthy always. Im no Chef Boy-r-Dee, even though my GF loves my cooking, why, lol? Anyway, I feel the situation here, and dont want to come off negative for sure here. But now, as you know, I still eat dairy and eggs, for there convenience, and for there taste too. I lose alot weight when I cut them out completely, even after 2 weeks its like I shrivel. I am sure I can do it with strictly Vegan foods, but it would take hell alot discipline, and getting used to being satisfied with those foods all the time. I understand the dilemna here, and its a big one, especially for the young guys who are busy, and just wanna..BE BIG! Mannnn..its a tough road for sure, especially being a Vegan! Props to you guys, and gals, who wanna be ripped...and BIG!
  13. wow, never heard of this. My question is, is it legal to ship to the US. I didnt find any info on that and I went to that section? http://www.konakavafarm.com/blog/?p=37
  14. I mean, if the back of the can of black beans say its got 10 grams of protein, how much do you think youll absorb, because of the high fiber in the beans. Ive heard that its much less?
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