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  1. Hi everybody. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and thanks for the welcome messages. I'm looking forward to having some more free time soon to visit more regularly.


    Hey Compash, thanks for the tips in your welcome message. I updated my profile to include location, missed that one when I registered. Also, thanks for the link to the video you included in the message. I started watching it and then had to go to work, so I haven't had time to watch the whole thing, but I will soon. I've read some info on the meat factories before too. Never ceases to amaze me how far people can go to decrease production costs while increasing profit and production numbers. I've noticed humans have an amazing ability to desensitize themselves from the bad things people do. The meat factory approach to meat production/supply is very different from the experiences I had as a youngster growing up in ranching communities. My own personal experiences combined with what I learn as I grow and mature always make me wonder what kind of thought goes into the decisions people make in the name of profit and higher production. Clearly, it is not the type of thought that cares about humane treatment of animals nor about all the possible and actual effects that such production methods have on humans. Ugh, human thought can be a frustrating thing.


    Well, I will get to the rest of the video soon.


    Thanks again everybody. Looking forward to reading more of your forums.

  2. Hi CollegeB. You posted a question about bone training. I'm not 100% sure that the information I will give are the answers you seek, or that my information will be absolutely correct, but here goes with what I have heard, read and learned.


    You probably already know that bone density actually increases as the muscles are used/developed. Weight training is great for increasing bone strength/density as the use of the muscles with increasing weight causes the bone to build-up in order to support the changes in the muscle. Of course, the effectiveness of the bone development depends on diet quite a bit. I lift weights at least twice a week and I also have about three days a week where I do body weight exercises to strengthen and condition my muscles (push-ups, squats, martial arts). All that in the effort to not only get more physically fit, but to also decrease chances of osteoporsis in later life by building/maintaining good bone density. Don't know if you consider that bone training, I thought it kind of was so I included it.


    In addition to the benefits of weight training, I've been told that bones will also build-up if they are exposed to very careful bruising which is a kind of bone conditioning. By "very careful bruising," I do not mean that a person should start throwing full-bore punches at a metal plate to jump into bone conditioning. That is a great way to completly ruin the joints. If a person wants to try to condition their bones in their knuckles, or any body-part used for striking, then he/she should find a hard surface and start lightly hitting it. The trainee should not hit so hard that he/she feels pain, and shouldn't hit thinking they have to have the bruising color to prove the bone is bruised. It is like any fitness training, discomfort is expected at the beginning, but it should not be pain and it should not be so bad that the trainee has to stop for long periods of recovery. It might sound weird, but a thick piece of a stripped log is great for this because it is round (no sharp edges or corners to risk painful injury) and it is very thick wood so it will take the punishment pretty well without punishing the trainee.


    I buy the bone conditioning theory because I've been pegged (lightly punched) by my karate instructor who conditions his knuckles on a makiwara (hard striking target/surface) and this guy's knuckles are armor plated. He used a stripped log as a makiwara that he had cut to fit around the corner edge of one of his walls. That thing was probably orignally about 12 to 24 inches in diameter and most likely some kind of hardwood (poplar, hickory) as pine splinters very easily when struck. He would lightly hit it many times in a row to build up that bone armor, but never hard enough to harm the joints. I was feeling that bruise for about a month and that was just an accidental hit.


    Those are the two methods I know best for bone training, weight training and very careful bruising. I hope this provided some of what you were looking for.



  3. Greetings Everybody.


    My name is Michelle. I was a frequent visitor and finally registered to the site about a week ago. Due to my work and non-work schedule, I have not had time to properly introduce myself. I have a few moments, so I thought I would take a second to say hi.


    Robert introduced me to the site and I got hooked on it thanks to the great forums you guys and gals conduct. I have been on various other sites and visited forums that really turned me off because the people were, to put it politely, a bit immature and rather close minded. Your forums show a diverse and open group of people, so I registered to the site and am posting my first forum topic.


    A bit about me: My hobbies range from martial arts to movies. I am currently in the private security career field, but working on getting into a law enforcement career. I am a meat eater, but enjoy listening to alternate diet ideas and I have been known to try out some of the ideas.


    That's about it for now. I look forward to reading more of your forum posts and chating with a really cool group people.


    Have a great day everybody.

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