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  1. theres a time to speak your mind and a time to let it slide. knowing when to do which is important I have found , for me.
  2. the most practical self defense is to avoid fights of course. whats the saying? "the best way to dodge a punch is not to be there."
  3. for me the energy comes from the will to do so. So I focus on gathering my mental strength before I train.
  4. Im more of a vampire than a werewolf. But a vegan vampire who sucks the blood of vegetables.
  5. I like to eat tofu too. I have not done much research on it but keep in mind its high in fat percentage. So for me I feel I dont need to eat too much .
  6. thanks for these tips. About eating whole grain, I can tell you I feel so much better after eating whole grain than if I eat processed white pastas, I can feel it right away...
  7. Chat is empty now, is there a better time where more people are around?
  8. I get the urge to jog when Ive been sedentary for too long. like right after Ive been sleeping.
  9. of course I like the outdoors. veganism and nature go hand in hand I think. Taking a run with the wind in my hair, and the birds fluttering around, with an open blue sky. much better than running on a treadmill.
  10. yoga is huge in our modern culture, I dont take a yoga class but I enjoy stretching alot.
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