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  1. theres a time to speak your mind and a time to let it slide. knowing when to do which is important I have found , for me.
  2. the most practical self defense is to avoid fights of course. whats the saying? "the best way to dodge a punch is not to be there."
  3. for me the energy comes from the will to do so. So I focus on gathering my mental strength before I train.
  4. Im more of a vampire than a werewolf. But a vegan vampire who sucks the blood of vegetables.
  5. I like to eat tofu too. I have not done much research on it but keep in mind its high in fat percentage. So for me I feel I dont need to eat too much .
  6. thanks for these tips. About eating whole grain, I can tell you I feel so much better after eating whole grain than if I eat processed white pastas, I can feel it right away...
  7. Chat is empty now, is there a better time where more people are around?
  8. I get the urge to jog when Ive been sedentary for too long. like right after Ive been sleeping.
  9. of course I like the outdoors. veganism and nature go hand in hand I think. Taking a run with the wind in my hair, and the birds fluttering around, with an open blue sky. much better than running on a treadmill.
  10. yoga is huge in our modern culture, I dont take a yoga class but I enjoy stretching alot.
  11. I eat soy and dont have testosterone issues. Im wondering if the whole soy testosterone thing is a bit hype.
  12. I have just been getting back into running, I notice form , technique are very important. I dont know if I am as fast as I was 10 years ago, but I feel fast... never really measured it or anything.
  13. The morality of it mainly, and I'm interested in fitness too so thats why I'm here of course.
  14. breakfast: brown rice ,black beans , broccolli , banana went for a long walk w the dog , then a bike ride. my legs are really jellowY stretched. .lunch = brown rice burrito w jalepenos rice wine vinegar sweet peppers carrot dinner = wheat pasta edamame beans broccolli i need to cook a little more creatively was pretty tired just from the bike, walk and the heat, so i fell a bit short of my goals. slept a lot. today i think i wana try as much variety as i can.
  15. interesting... I will take this survey right here just because im bored. ok Q - Do you date only vegans? i dont date currently or for awhile so , no Q - Are the vegans you know healthy? i dont know any vegans, although my old girlfriend was a vegan, yes she was healthy Q - How does your parents/family feel about your veganism? Has that changed over time? they dont understand it. They try and convert me alot Q - How do people react when they learn you are vegan? i asked a nurse this and she kept telling me i had to drink milk Q - How do you meet other vegans? this site hehe Q - How do you describe the extent to which you take your veganism? i dont eat meat or use animal byproducts because , why kill an animal when you really dont need to. And i dont support companies which are cruel to animals, ie: dairy , eggs , other animal products Q - Is your veganism directly related to the influence of a relationship? Have you influenced others to become vegan? How? i may have influenced some people to think about it , and i continue to try to. Q - Are there any activists or celebrities that have inspired you? i have seen lists of vegan celebrities , so pretty much all of them! Q - Has becoming vegan changed your relationship to animals? sure, I had always considered myself an animal lover but something was wrong. now i feel like im more on the same level as they are. Q - Does being vegan influence how you relate to others? sure, it just makes me think about why they consume what they do. Are they just ignorant, do they not care? what? I try not to be judgemental though. Q - Would you consider being romantically involved with a non-vegan? it really depends, i would have to think about it. Q - What is your sexual orientation? (bi)sexual Q - Do you know any vegan children/people from birth? no Q - Are your friendships with vegans vs non-vegans different? i dont have any vegan friends but Im sure there would be that one thing in common. Q - Do you live with other vegans? What is their relationship to you? Do you live with any non-vegans? How is that working out? i live with some non vegans , they try to be open minded with me , as me with them. But they dont fully understand and sometimes get argumentative about it lol Q - Do you have any vegan pets? i feed my dog meat, can u really feed a dog a vegan diet? Q - When did you become vegan? around the time of my first post here
  16. im 32 years old and from MD, USA. And I have been slipping last week, by not doing my log. Also not doing excercise. for shame! I was this close to quitting <--> but it was eating me up, i cant give up! so I decided I would start off by testing my maxiumum limits. 3:12 AM 6/8/2009 max pushups= at about 20 pushups i just drop haha. sad. max situps= at about 40 situps i lose good form and turn to jelly 35 lb wieght ; curls = about 15 overhead press = about 15 tricep press = just a few, can hardly controll the weight squat = only 10, i was exhausted by this point so i have nowhere to go but up! or down, but lets not do that. late night snack : wheat roll , black beans, coffee the plan for tommorow is a wide variety of things but not too much of anything. some running some wieghts , some stretching,
  17. hmm i was feeling off today too. i like how your modify your workouts to make up for previous workouts you didnt like. ok. lets make tommorow as good as we can! or today i should say
  18. sledgehammer sounds like a cool way to work out. so how is your progress how did your workout go ect. these are just some thoughts i was wondering
  19. 11:56 PM 1/3/2009 BREAkfast: veggie burger, carrots, orange juice w calcium,apple. coffee. stretching. im really stiff from yesterday but that stretch loosened me up feels good. lunch veggie dog, brown rice. white tea started off with some weights but major muscles felt totaly spent from yesterday. my midsection was fine though so did a half hour of slowish crunches. wasnt really in good form though, need to change something...but what? dinner : more pasta. almonds. coffee again. and it was white pasta. ugh. need to eat more veggies tommorow. well now its midnight its tommorow. and I have had some good rest tonight. hopefully im up for something today. It feels good to be motivated to want to work out so soon. last year at this time I was sitting around smoking cigarrettes all day. I can see how resting is important.
  20. joelk has some sound sounding advice. Also applicable to me so im going to take some pointers. jtp good luck and dont forget to have fun with it.
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