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  1. Yeah, I know. Like I said, every situation is individual. Personally, I get my eggs from mainly rescued hens. They insist that they don't destroy any males and give the females a long and happy retirement. They live right out in the open and quite frankly the farmer does them a favour in return for harvesting their eggs, by protecting them against other animals, caring for them when they are ill, offering them warmth in the winter etc. They really love their hens!! XD. However, as you can imagine, for this life time in the countryside and a "happy retirement", the cost of a dozen eggs is nearly 5 euros, as compared to the 2.40 for 12 "free range" eggs in the local supermarket. This is why I could never really envisage a large commercial market for truly free range eggs because people simply wouldn't be prepared to pay for them. Anyway, given these particular circumstances, I don't personally feel I am betraying my "vegan" ethics for eating these specific eggs...especially considering my intolerance to soy and wheat. Most of my vegan friends still consider me "vegan" where it counts most, and not because I complete some check list of specific dietary habits. I always try to eat, and consume in general, without causing harm to others, or indeed the planet. That I believe is nearly always possible but sometimes it takes a while to find your specific way of achieving it. I've found the only way I can at present, and unfortunately for many narrow minded people I am now an outcast from vegan society, or at the very least de-moted to "vegetarian"!!! Thank god not all vegans are the same! XD
  2. I think soy is Ok for most people in moderation although what has been said about it causing bitch tits and the like is true and there have been many documented cases, but only in people taking in HUGE amounts of concentrated soy protein every day. There are a lot of fors and againsts about soy but one thing that can't be denied is that unless its a fermented soy product, the structure of the protein molecule makes it incredibly hard to digest for most humans. I particularly have a bad time digesting soy, and while I can tolerate small amounts, like in my tea for example, if I have more than a drop of soy milk, it makes me really ill. However, of course it's possible to be vegan without soy,but I'm also allergic to gluten so that makes things all the more complicated. It's OK for people to say you can prepare this dish, or the other..but if you don't have time? What then? What about the people who have two jobs and the single parents? What about people on low incomes who simply can't afford the more expensive pre-prepared vegan foods? What about people who live in places where there are no pre-prepared vegan products available? What about people who have to cook for fussy kids and don't have time to hang around and force them to eat it? Sometimes we have to compromise and do the best we can in any given situation. My solution after a lot of thought was to stop being officially "vegan" and start eating eggs again. I'm lucky because we have REALLY free range eggs for sale where I live and I've seen how the chickens are cared for and I don't have any problems eating their eggs because I don't feel the chickens are being exploited, just that there is some really cool symbiosis going on. So hey, now I can't call myself vegan any more..according to other vegans. But I still consider myself a vegan because being a vegan, for me, never consisted of a list of foods I could eat or not eat. It was about eating to avoid animal cruelty, and I don't feel I've compromised my personal ethics by starting to eat eggs again. I'm not encouraging you to do what I've done, I'm just sharing with you and letting you know that you're not the only vegan to have allergies, and an intolerance to soy can cause SEVERE health problems, so do what you need to do to protect yourself and don't beat yourself up about it, and don't let those "holier than thou" type vegans put you down!!! Good luck XD P.S. Please don't bother having a go at me about eating eggs, I've heard it all before and I DON'T feel guilty! I just call myself as an "ethical eater" now which kind of describes my food choices perfectly. I buy locally sourced, organic products whenever possible, but have often being criticised for the "egg" thing by other vegans, while they themselves, buy from local supermarkets and contribute to environmental damage and exploitation of 3rd world workers etc. etc. Like I said, anyone who condenses being vegan to a simple list of foods you can and can't eat, is really missing the point in my opinion. I think it's about respect for the other animals we share the planet with, and I certainly haven't lost that just because I occasionally eat an egg when I don't have time to cook beans!
  3. Wow..learning Spanish! K tal lo llevas tio?¿ jajajj I have no idea what keysi is or Krav Maga!! We have a martial arts school next to the house but they only teach the typical martial arts we all know about... I used to go running too, but over the yorkshire moors until i screwed up my achiles tendon so now I just work out in the gym when I can make enough time XD. Anyway, hope you enjoy this community. There is lots of cool information here and lots of people willing to help!
  4. No..I'm from Birmingham but I live in Spain..nice area you live in! Tell us something about yourself!
  5. Wow! You guys are really going for it here aren't you! Just going back to the origional topic a bit.... Creatine shouldn't really cause you any problems if you only take a small dose. 5g a day should be enough. Side efects often spoken about with creatine are when people are loading it and take much larger doses. In my opinion creatine doesn't affect your energy levels or moods. My boyfriend is bipolar but he doesn't medicate anyore. However, he has to be careful to watch his consumption of sugar as it affects his mood, and since I've been living with him I've come to realise that it's often sugar imbalances which make you aggressive and unsable and causes panic attacks and the like. So, low GI foods and 5g of creatine a day should be fine. Maybe you could start with just 2.5g and see how it goes, I'm sure you'll hardly notice and you could work up bit by bit to 5g stopping if you have any adverse efects. Just an aside, I took creatine for years and while I got a great pump during my workouts, that's the only thing I really noticed. Also, unfortunately, you need to take it with sugar for it to be effective. This kind of insulin spike will stop muscle growth dead in its tracks if you put it into your post workout shake and can also have negative effects immediately pre workout, so be careful about your timing if you decide to use creatine.
  6. What part of the Uk are you from? And are you a girl or a guy? XD
  7. You really can't fight through knock knees..believe me. You have to correct the problem first. You definitely shouldn't run much, lower impact cardio would be preferable, especially something where you can concentrate on correct form...and correct form is really difficult to achieve when running! I did a lot of step-ups and step-downs onto a high box in interval fashion for my cardio. I think I was inspired by a video on you tube for knee rehabilitation by the Diesel Crew... Maybe one day you could go back to running a lot, but as someone who broke their achilees tendon from "fighting through it", I personally can't recommend it. Hip, knee, lower back, ankle, tendon and many other injuries can result from running with knock knees. I actually found using the foam roller immensely helpful in lengthening tightened tendons and ligaments or whatnot which had resulted from walking around knock kneed for years! I too however, am no expert. I read everything I could find on the net and had a fisio who was interested in curing my injuries, not keeping me as a regular client... To be safe consult a fisio if you've got the cash XD
  8. Fine, I'll tell you what he told me but in real laymans terms XD. Having knock knees in general stems from the lazy way you learn to walk when you are a toddlerl. You find it easier to "cheat" and "swing" your legs around, one infront of the other, than pick up your knees and walk correctly. This causes an imbalance in the muscle and ligament lengths, and strengths on the inside and outside of your legs. You will find that if you look straight ahead at your legs in the mirror, the bottom of your foot will bend in at an angle towards your ancle. If you put your weight on the outside of your feet and twist your knees out, you will see that your ancles don't "sag down" so much and are far straighter in relation to the base of the heel (mm..hope you are following me). Well basically you need to remember this position and try to maintain it from now on at all times. You'll need to re-learn how you walk, remembering to walk with your weight on the outside of your feet, trying to suprinate rather than pronate the foot. You have to remember also not to relax your ancle when you are standing still. It feels really unnatural at first and you have to have it constantly in mind. It took about 6 weeks for me to learn to walk and stand in another way. Also, when you do leg exercises at the gym, remember that your knees should never buckle in, push using the outside edge of your feet and predominantly with the heel. I also did a lot of leg extentions, but only working the top 10-20% of the movement and focussing on tensing the muscle at the top. I also did one leg at a time so I could rotate my foot out, you'll see this concentrates the effort onto that tear shaped muscle you have above your knee, this muscle is also very important in holding your knee in line, so to say. Its difficult to find a knock kneed person who has this muscle well developed. I had good leg muscles but this one was out of proportion. Use 7 sets of 10-15 reps with this one with very little rest imbetween. I also worked on this muscle on the running machine. I put a slight incline on the machine but I didn't turn on the motor. Then I got on the machine backwards and PUSHED the tape away from me, like i was walking backwards uphill. I also had to run sidewards on the tape. It was difficult at first but I got used to it and used to put the machine at about 9kmph and do 20 seconds skipping to the right, 20 seconds going backwards and 20 seconds skipping to the left etc. Be careful though, its takes a bit of practise to turn around when the machine is on and you get some wierd looks from other gym members! When I first started these exercises along with walking in a different way, my aductors got tired and my ancles and my knees felt kinda "wierd", but then I started noticing they looked straighter and now they are almost perfect. I also used to get a lot of probelms with my achiles tendons but they stopped when I sorted out my knock knees...Oh! Also my shoes last longer now because they don't get deformed by excessive pronation, checking the wear on your shoes is a great indicator of if you are doing this correctly...XD Good luck!
  9. Barcelona is not really anything like the rest of Spain, it's rather like comparing london with the rest of the UK XD. In Cordoba I don't have any problems whatsoever finding raw seeds and nuts, I get them from the "herboristeria" and they aren't too expensive. About the fruit, well in the South we have great fruit and veggies, MUCH better tasting than everything in the UK. We also have "almocafre" (who I believe have stores in Barcelona) who sell only organically produced veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds etc...problem is their prices do tend to be a bit steep. The only thing missing is ready prepared meals for when you just don't have any time! Ohh..and also a BIT of understanding from the Spanish. In the end, I dont have such a problem with being a vegan in Spain, I only have a problem with being a British woman in Spain. If the racism doesn't piss you off then the sexism will get you! Fuckers make my blood boil sometimes!! (well often if I am being honest). I think you can enjoy a visit to Spain if you don't really understand what they are saying..course it's not everyone, but it's still considered "cool" to be racist and sexist by the mayority of the population here..especially in the South and it's ALSO considered hysterically funny to hide little pieces of "jamon" under your veggies when you are not looking...take that one lying down and I'll give you a medal! These people MADE me a racist!!
  10. Birmingham born and bred..but I live in Spain XD
  11. Lol "¿" ... That's weird... You have this on your keyboard?I live in spain XD
  12. "all" ? He did over 500 vids Over 500!!?¿?¿? OMG! Well I haven't seen them all then....
  13. I've seen them all now..being a Brit I LOVE his sarcastic humour!!
  14. You found chlorella and spirulina CHEAPER than rice, hemp and pea protein!!! Where?¿?¿?¿?¿?
  15. Doing "turbulence training" and the "eat stop eat" diet
  16. No..I had my hands in the loops..it was the first AND last time I've taken advice from a personal trainer! It was like this only in a much more horizontal position :
  17. Could you explain to me what i'm looking at and what I'm suppose to see? Hope things get better and better! Dunno really..doctor said I'd ripped the muscle off the bone...it hurt like hell and I still have some bruising
  18. Dangerous exercises?¿ How about chest press suspended on the Tx bands..or whatever they are called! Thats how i ripped my pec muscle off the bone...6 weeks without training and it's STILL killing me Ckeck it out
  19. yeah, me too. i wonder if there's anything natural that can increase T levels in women in a healthy way... I thought tribulus was a plant? i never used it though and i read in a bodybuilding mag it didn't do anything anyway. No..tribulus works! I downloaded some studies conducted by the Bulgarian government..they were pretty impressive. In men it has a stimulating action on the testes causing you to produce more sperm. It was studied mainly as an alternative to viagra and to help with infertility. In women it has a stimulating effect on the ovaries. It was studied as it could help with infertility or for post menopausal women..obviously for female bodybuilders its completely useless though as it lowers testosterone levels and increases oestrogen production. You should go into the myprotein.co.uk website and get onto the forum there and read what people have to say about trib. Pretty impressive and all the guys I know who have used it have had massive gains. The only downside is that it can give you acne and you have to cycle it..rather like steroids. If you are thinking about buying it you need to make sure that its bulgarian tribulus as its the only one which has a proven effect as other strains of the plant dont have the same sapoins. The one they sell on myprotein is by far the best quality at the cheapest price I have ever seen..4 times cheaper than the best available here in Spain. If you want more info I could dig around on my PC and see if I kept all the research I downloaded..or you could simply do a search on google..although it took me a long time to find any valuable research as so much is conducted by compaines who are trying to sell tribulus XD
  20. Just a side note...fasting may not be possible for someone living in a very hot climate. Recently its been over 44 degrees here in cordoba and I have had really low blood pressure when fasting with so much heat. I will have to leave the fasting until it gets a little cooler
  21. NO..I would compare it to giving up smoking. We all work differently. I often went back to smoking when I was out at night and had drunk a beer, but when I woke up the next day I didn't say to myself "well that's it then! I've fallen off the wagon! May as well go down the shop and buy a pack of cigarettes!" No...I just thought "OMG..I really shouldnt drink if it leads to smoking!". I'm still struggling with the smoking thing but I don't beat up on myself when I slip up. Obviously I dont feel great, but i try to congratulate myself on the positive progress I have made. Like I may think "well, this time i went 2 whole days without a cigarette, lets see if I can make it three". It was all about breaking personal records for me. Maybe you can see how many days you can go without animal products it will give you some inspiration and personal records to break. I've seen many people who stopped smoking, went back to smoking one night when they were out on the piss...and then the very nexy day said "well, Ive started smoking again" therefore giving themselves the excuse to REALLY start smoking. They all failed and went out and bought packs of cigarettes. I'm still struggling with it but every time I do better. Just because you eat egg or cheese one day doesn't mean you¡'ve started eating your old diet again. I think you need to see it as you slipped up and ate egg or ice-cream or whatever on that particular occasion. Not that you've reverted to your old ways. I think its important not to be too hard on yourself..but at the same time that doesn't mean you can be too slack, you need to set yourself goals. Its hard becoming vegan at first, and until you find some recipies you really love, and until you get used to what you can snack on or what you can eat for treats, or where you can go to eat out and actually have more than a salad, you will probably still have the odd non-vegan product. Don't hate yourself for it, think about it, why you ate what you ate, and see if you can come up with a solution so it doesn't happen again. Good luck and keep working at it..you're doing great! Remember, you dont every really fail until you stop trying!
  22. I always tell people "My food." LOL!! NiceXD
  23. I've been doing "eat stop eat" for 2 months now and have to say that I've seen the biggest changes in my physique that I've seen for MANY years! it was very hard at first and I got dizzy when I trained, but now i feel sharper. I eat twice a day and fast once a week for 24 hours (I actually work out twice during this fast). Here is an interesting video about working out when fasted..judging from the results I am seeing its all true!! hhttp://ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da2pc3vMkSc The book is really interesting and there have been some fascinating studies conducted into exercising when fasted. Contrary to what is said in most muscle mags, the evidence shows that you don't burn muscle when you work out in a fasted state..only fat, infact after 3 days of fasting, you STILL dont lose muscle mass..only your endurance is affected. Anyone who wants the book send me a PM..I downloaded it for free but if you can't find it I've got a copy I'm starting to think that practically all the information I've read out there is bull!! I'm using "turbulence training" with "eat stop eat" and therefore train my whole body 6 times a week...obviously my muscles don't have the "recommended" time to recover..but you should see what's happening to my core and legs..amazing! One interesting thing I'd like to say about fasting is a note on hunger itself. Hunger pangs don't last long..only a few minutes usually. The more your body gets used to fasting the less you feel hungry and in a 24 hour fast I usually only feel hungry once or twice..each time the sensation, though sometimes intense, only lasts a few minutes. With a 24 hour fast you can eat every day. I fast saturday, so I have a late dinner on Friday, at about 9pm, workout on saturday and dine at around 10pm on saturday...its not that hard, really..and its also nice to not have to wash up or prepare food for 24 hours!! LOL. However, that said, I am alone in the house on saturday and I dont know how I would feel if I were surrounded by people eating or food smells..I think it would probably be much more difficult.
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