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  1. I find that they give amazing results for their size and weight. I think it's their odd shape forcing a lot of muscle groups to join during movement.
  2. I would be interested in a nutrition plan that lets me do away with recovery days.
  3. You will find people go crazy when raw food is mentioned. It is definitely a psychological issue for many people. The only thing I would worry about is calories. You need a lot for weight training.
  4. Some ideas: pre-meal workout in the morning, all fruits for breakfast. high calorie lunch of veggies dinner is salad and one fruit 1800+ calories on lifting days
  5. I'm not 40+ (38 in september) but I have noticed that overtraining is much easier at this age. I have only been heavy lifting again for about 5 months and have already overtrained twice, once resulting in a nasty cold and nasal infection. I had muscle fatigue for almost three weeks. It was horrible... I'm currently going back to raw. I was almost 100% raw for a year and a half, and it was the best year and a half of my life by far. In fact I stopped doing raw because it shocked my how happy and fit I became (i've suffered from depression and its consequences my whole life, turning into a happy healthy person shook my ego/id I guess). Now I just have to admit to myself that diet has a huge impact on personality and live with being that person. ah and earlier posts about raw, well you can get raw food anywhere there is a produce section. I learned how to properly select food (many unripe fruits block HGH among other issues BTW, and taste horrible) and discovered that raw food tastes as good or better than prepared foods once you stop expecting fat and salt in every bite. It's also a plus to almost never have cleanup in the kitchen (I'm in to grab and eat, no raw-pizza-cake-pasta-pudding-sandwich for me).
  6. yah Bill Pearl is pretty awesome on all fronts. I really like the older build style and show, and his has a lot to do with my ideal. I would say the next great to follow him was this guy named Frank Zane. He was all about shape rather than measurements. I suspect I know who will be turning the sport on its head soon enough.
  7. Bill Pearl 1953 + thicker forearms and calves. I'll even wear a funny mustache if I ever come close.
  8. I like to do some form a aerobic activity before I lift. It helps warm up and burns a few calories. Otherwise it's cycling for me. I don't know of a better method for losing fat while retaining muscle than that. Of course I'm a fatty atm but it has worked well for me in the past.
  9. raw vegan diet tends to have a very high nutrient to calorie ratio. At one point in my life i was taking in around 700-800 calories with no detrimental effects other than losing some fat. I would think you need more than that if you are healing. the amino to calorie ratio is pretty sweet too.
  10. Thanks, I really dig dumbells just because they have decent results and are easy to handle. It is true that they allow me to keep my symmetry because neither arm can support the other. I also like the recruitment of a wider range of muscles than a machine or bar (including those forearm bits). Ah and my strongest side? well neither. I hope to work up to having any kind of strength. I might be getting a kettle ball or two in the future for trunk workouts. Thanks for the welcome guys. I spent some time browsing last night and this place will keep me on my toes.
  11. Hi, I finally joined the site after poking around every once and a while. I recently began weight training after two years of light lifting to recover from an old injury (musculotendinous cuff injury). I lift only dumbells and am overtrained at the moment, so I've been trying to taking a break. I recently moved up to short reps of 40lb and hope to move to 55s next month. I'm taking it slow as I am getting old and have no interest in another injury. I am trying hard to straighten out my attitude start cycling again. In the past mountain biking was very difficult because of my shoulder injury and a poor back, so I rode a recumbent trike. Now I am in better shape and have both rides available which use very different muscle groups. I intend to alternate them for just that reason (and getting rid of my pregnant man look). Anyway I'm excited about using this board. I suppose I will only be a leech of information since I have little to offer, but maybe I can make up for that in support, or just showing of my old man vegan muscles to random passers-by -p
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