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  1. Likewise, except I put mine into a smoothie.
  2. I've been practicing Ashtanga for 3 years. It has completely revolutionized my life.
  3. raspberries, but only in Britain, ours suck.
  4. I've recovered from 3 ED's. My eating disorders are in no way related to my choice to be a vegan.
  5. I think if you were to go to your GP and ask for a full panel blood test, it would reveal any deficiencies in major vitamins, etc. I'm having it done next month as I am curious to see if I am lacking in anything.
  6. Again, I would suggest healthy fat sources like nuts, avocados, and olive oil, flax oil, hemp, etc. That's all I mean. I'd hate for him to over-restrict his fat intake and run into problems.
  7. I don't recommend cutting fat intake really low. Fat is essential to the body, and also key to helping you feel satisfied. As long as the sources of fat are healthy, average intakes should be fine.
  8. 1) 5'6, 135 pounds 2) 1800-2500cal/day 3) avocados, olive oil, pastas, chickpeas, protein powders
  9. I had success with BFL when I wasn't vegan, but when I tried it as a veg I had problems. I think I took the program too literally--for example, lentils and beans would count as a whole meal because they're both protein and carb. Whereas for me, I like lentils on rice or something else, which is too much carb for a BFL meal. I'd certainly give it a go again, but I found myself rather put off tofu for a while after following BFL as a vegan!
  10. I spent four-five weeks in Italy last summer, and didn't get awkwardly stuck eating salads ever. I ate them by choice occassionally, but I had no problems getting around menus as a vegan. If necessary, I acted as the silly bumbling giggly Canadian girl who would like a special meal.
  11. Do you know (approx) how many calories you were eating prior to meeting with your trainer? By how much did he request you increase?
  12. Why on earth would a gym get rid of their racks?! Did you ask if they were being removed to be replaced?
  13. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! (and no, I'm not Desi )
  14. I decided I should probably cease the lurking and sign up for the forums here. I'm a member over at vegan fitness, as well. I'm introducing myself as per compassionategirl's recommendation. So hm, a little run down: My name's Eva, I'm vegan, straight edge, and I'm just getting back into the gym after a long injury recovery from a bad lifting accident that was one part my own stupidity and one part the worst spotter in the entire world. I'm a real lame-ass. I like to take homeless people for dinner. I tutor English writing, French, and English lit in my spare time, and I'm known to leave stacks of vegan pancakes on friends' windowsills, and boxes of cookies on doorsteps. I take a friend of mine to drug rehabilitation every week and I get into extremely vocal debates with anyone who's stupid enough to tell me that our social system is a-ok. I like to pretend I'm tough, when really I wear pink mittens and drink chai. Annnnnd that's about it. Oh, and I rock the blue shirt.
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