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  1. Actually I take a green powder every morning that contains wheat grass, spirulina, and chlorella. Maybe that's what causes the hard to get out stains.
  2. Yes I was very comforted by loveliberate's comment. I just went over my tongue briefly with a colgate tongue cleaner tooth brush and water and it seemed to get most of the green out. I don't know about you guys, but I never use a tongue scraper. Maybe i'm behind in the times. I guess it's all the greens staining my tongue.
  3. I was just curious because my tongue has a white greenish tint on parts of it at the surface from about 3/4 of the tongue going back towards the throat. Brushing doesn't seem to get rid of it. Anyone else notice this or know if it's related to any imbalances in the body?
  4. I saw someone post this site in another thread about a book being sold for learning how to make quick and easy vegan meals, but I found another product that they are selling. It's a type of toothpaste called "Toothsoap". Supposedly it prevents and heals any detal problems you may have. I was wondering if anyone knows if the website and product being sold is legit. http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/toothsoap.html I think this is the official site for the toothsoap product: http://www.perfect-prescription.com/index.html
  5. Btw, Does it actually say 80% raw on the bars itself because I checked the nutritional facts online and it doesn't mention anything about being raw.
  6. vega bars have 10g I believe.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I assume you go to the whole foods in boca. I'll check it out next time I go.
  8. Wouldn't getting a colonic everyday be overkill? I see no problem getting one if you've been eating unhealthy all your life and now you're changing your diet and want a clean start. Btw, where would you usually go for a colonic?
  9. There's Dr. Fuhrman (www.drfuhrman.com ) and Dr. Greger (www.veganMD.org ). Also, not a doctor, but the nutritional info in "the Rave Diet" (www.ravediet.com ) is all vegan. "Eating" is an excellent DVD as well. Dr. Michael Klapper (Klaper?) promotes veganism as well. He's currently doing a vegan health study to better make recommendations for the healthiest vegan diet. And there's also Neal Barnard, with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (which promotes veganism.) PCRM does have a list of vegan-friendly doctors (I think). Thanks Kathryn. I'll have to check them out. As far as colonics, I don't trust any doctors that feel you have to be dependent on a doctor to remain healthy. Colonics sounds so unnatural. I believe the human body can cleanse itself with the proper foods.
  10. Nik, Did you ever get an answer to your question because I would be curious to know also. I've tried the berry vega meal replacement before and for some reason, I wouldn't feel more energetic after using it. I would feel kind of the opposite (lazy, little drowsy, etc.). I would then try a day without it and feel normal again, so I don't know if there's just something I might be allergic to in the ingredients.
  11. I noticed this in his FAQ section: "If I don't eat meat where do I get my protein? Some great sources for protein come from avocados, fresh almond milk and soy sprouts. All the greens contain proteins and is where all of the strongest animals in the world get their protein -- with their heads to the grass. Keep in mind that the body derives over 90% of its protein needs from cellular recycling." So I assume he sees nothing wrong with being vegan, but I also wonder about that part where he says to avoid animal products yet he sees nothing wrong with fish. Edit: I'm wondering if he's just suggesting a lot fish for those beginning to adjust their diets from red meat (or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part) because near the top of that eating tips page he says, "First we want to start you of with some tips to help you adjust to your new healthier way of eating. Click the links below to read the information in that section." Here's another example that might be hinting this on that page: "Do not make a radical change in your diet overnight! Instead, gradually transition your diet to create a lifestyle that will support you long-term. If you are currently eating a lot of red meat and carbohydrates, then you can begin by slowly cutting these things out and replacing them with fish, vegetables, etc. For example, if you eat a lot of bread, you can make a sandwich with a rice cracker, or sprouted-grain bread instead of a sourdough loaf. If you are eating a lot of chips, switch to eating raw vegetables with an avocado dip or salsa. If you decide to go 'cold turkey,' however, and immediately cut out all the foods you enjoy, than you will likely not follow through long-term. Instead, make the process fun. Taste and try new foods to discover what you not only enjoy, but what also supports your health and vitality. And, if you occasionally want to enjoy a treat, go for it! Or, try a treat that is sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar. Just remember the 80/20 rule of ensuring that at least 80% of your diet consists of optimum foods"
  12. You're right. I didn't notice that at first. I only checked his food chart samples for what you can eat freely, sparingly, and what you should never eat. Fresh water fish was in the sparingly section. I was thinking it means you can have some fish if you want, but it's not something you have to have or must have. I was going to check some of his books at barnes and noble tomorrow. I know there's a dr. richard schulze's (complete vegan), but the information he gives on what you should eat seems too vague to me. Does anyone know of any other good vegan alternative doctors?
  13. Has anyone ever heard of this Dr. before? What do you think of him? http://www.snyderhealth.com/
  14. That liken scented deordant by earth science(maybe I might try the non-scented) eventually started irritating my skin, so I've switched back to the thai crystal which I'm still not completely satisfied with. I'm thinking of just experimenting and creating my own deordorant. Some sites I found on homemade deordorant recipes: http://www.theexpress.com/express%20351/bodyline.htm http://www.a1-natural-beauty.com/Herbal_Deodorant.html Please let me know if any of you have tried this with success.
  15. The zinc idea might be something to try. I've now tried the thai crystal and the scented liken by earth science. Both are better than what I've been using. Thai crystal doesn't cover the odor completely for me (not very noticeable though) but with liken I really don't smell anything.
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