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  1. Awesome job with the profound influence you've already had. Welcome aboard!
  2. brendan


    Hello! Welcome to the board.
  3. Welcome. I've been reading a lot about that Baptiste style of yoga; it sounds awesome. And on the Web site you linked to, it even features a vegan cookbook for sale. I approve that message.
  4. Rawk! I'm glad you guys like this recipe. My meatin' buddies also really enjoy it. Ronnie, you should opt for the ground beef style TVP (available in the bulk section of major health chains, such as Whole Foods), but it doesn't matter too much, I don't think. The kelp flakes are optional, as well, but a nice touch.
  5. Four times a week, but I'm thinking of kicking it up to five. I'm following this plan: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/article/113
  6. Woot! Congratulations. What made you become vegan? I always find it interesting to hear how other people got into it.
  7. Yeah, I figured that's why you were so, er, toned. But did you lift prior to that cause your arms still look relatively big?
  8. Sorry, buddy. I get similar crap from my parents. You'll do fine.
  9. That's awesome. Yeah, I notice increased energy and better endurance when running, as well.
  10. Topher, I think you have some damn good genetics or something cause in your so-called "before" pics, you still look pretty ripped.
  11. brendan

    Jay here

    Welcome. Seems like you're doing awesome.
  12. Dude, that's so cool! Congratulations. And if you can, when the film is ready, get it online so we can watch it.
  13. Great idea, Nobbi. Mine is neon propriety. A random-word generator created it for me, no significance. Just a nice oxymoron. neon propriety
  14. One of my journalism professors, who teaches cross-cultural journalism, e-mailed the photographer of the "looting" picture. The photographer wrote back and said if you look at all the photos, plenty featuring whites said "looting" and plenty featuring blacks said "finding." Immediately, it does appear to be biased reporting, but I suppose there could be more context - for instance, did the photographers talk with his subjects to find out one looted while the other found? Also, the two photos appear to show a glaring double standard when juxtaposed, but it makes it slightly less abrasive, I suppose, since they come from separate news agencies and were taken by separate photographers. Meh.
  15. Oh, speaking of insensitivity with Hurricane Katrina coverage, I thought you guys might be interested in seeing some bad headlines that have run in the news: Katrina and the waves www.timesonline.co.uk/printFriendly/0,, ... 14,00.html New Orleans is the Big Empty (from an NPR affiliate) New Orleans is the Big Uneasy (from Fox News Channel) The Big Uneasy (Tyler, Texas, Morning-Telegraph) Kat-astrophe (Daily Journal of Johnson County, Ind.) Kat-astrophic (The Beacon News of Aurora, Ill.) Mississippi drowning (again, on timesonline)
  16. "Rain could not dampen the spirits of junior high student Shelly Long. The 12-year-old, who suffers from a bad case of cystic acne and a Roman nose she inherited from her father, won her school's annual potato sack contest amid three inches of torrential downpour yesterday afternoon."
  17. Yeah, that bothers me, too, Richard. White seems to be the default race, with every other ethnicity needing to be qualified as a deviation from the "norm." It's irrelavant.
  18. Yup, this has been circulating around my J-school. It's pretty ridiculous, just like when a pretty, upper-middle-class, white girl goes missing, and the news media make it a lead story as if it's some rare occasion, while similar situations involving people of other races or socioeconomic status get overlooked. It is a cause of concern for people in the profession, I assure you, even though it is widespread throughout major news outlets.
  19. I'm sure it will work out, buddy. Don't worry.
  20. Ha, weird. I was gonna start a thread about this cause I just got back from paying $29.59 to fill up my tank at $2.79 a gallon - and I have a fuel-efficient econo car (Ford Escort). It's ridiculous - I remember a few years ago paying like $15 to fill it up. Of course, I'm sure our European buddies are laughing at us, given the astronomical rates of gas overseas. Regarding a coming recession, my friend's dad, who is a financial adviser/stock broker, has been predicting a huge recession for a few years now. Anyhoo, luckily I live right on the cusp of downtown and campus so I don't need to drive much.
  21. brendan


    Great to hear how veganism has improved the way you feel. Welcome aboard.
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