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  1. Hey, Ian. I'm actually in Chicago right now, visiting a friend. Along with Corey, I plan to move to Chicago next year. This city has some damn good eats.
  2. Yeah, shaking is pretty crucial. I think the study might have said that wasn't enough to thoroughly mix it, though, and hence the weird bit about paint thinner or something. Can't quite remember. I suppose one way or the other you eventually get all the calcium.
  3. Hey, I read in a copy of Men's Health that I found lying around in my friend's apartment that a study revealed 85 percent of the calcium in soymilk is stuck in the bottom of the carton and would take the equivalent of paint thinner or somethin' of the sort to loosen it. On the other hand, the study said calcium-fortified orange juice is a good vehicle for calcium consumption. Anybody know anything more about that?
  4. Hey, thanks for the kind words and warm welcome. This board is seriously addictive. You people are great.
  5. Haha. Outstanding. If that doesn't make someone want a Vegan Bodybuilding shirt, I don't know what will!
  6. I didn't know the owner of Whole Foods was "vegan" - that's pretty cool. He certainly seems to miss the point about animal byproducts being unnecessary. But I tend to adopt Vegan Outreach's mantra that veganism is not about personal purity; it's about reducing suffering. In this light, since he's harvesting the eggs from chickens he hopefully treats well, I see no major ethical problem. Still, I probably wouldn't call myself vegan if I ate eggs.
  7. Haha. Nice. I think the main focus for the site should be sprucing up the design a bit. The home page is a little busy and could be much more streamlined. It also seems to be a little all over the place with color, and I think the resolution or width or whathaveyou is a little wide for some screens. The 'healthy food defines you' logo is positioned in a big blank space that could be better utilized, as well, and the site flag could be larger. I'm not sure if your Web guy does this, but you might want to test it across browsers (Explorer, Safari, Firefox), too, for any glitches. And I would take the old forum down and maybe have a members feature where people could log their training and such, if it doesn't exist already. I'll run it by my Web developer friend (also a vegan!) to see what he suggests. Above all else, don't forget that it's really informative and we love it.
  8. Yeah, my doctor also suggested I had an eating disorder because of my vegan diet and scrawny stature. But I have been thin all my life. Anyway, now I go to a nutritionist who is actually knowledgeable of and sympathetic to my lifestyle and who is helping me make considerable gains. Woot. Anyway, in regard to slaughterhouse workers, I think you are somewhat right - they have to desensitize themselves to their daily work. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), I believe, ranked it as the worst place to work. My sister's ex-boyfriend actually worked at a hog slaughterhouse, and he went home crying every night because he couldn't stand having to prod the animals back in line. And this was a guy who was raised on a farm. He also stopped the line one time because he thought it had been contaminated, and he later got hell because it cost the company money. Two of his co-workers actually showed up at the motel where he was staying later that night and tried to beat him up. The whole lot of the industry is pretty despicable.
  9. Totally. Seitan is the champion of the mock meats in my opinion. I also just picked up some TVP (texturized vegetable protein) at Whole Foods - it's an extremely cheap source of protein. I'll post a recipe I got from Moby's Teany book for mock chicken (TVP) salad; it's damn good. You guys might like it.
  10. Yeah, soymilk in general seems to be getting pretty mainstream. I noticed they have it at Target and Walgreens. Chocolate is definitely the best - it's what I always suggest to people who are reluctant to try it. Silk also had a booth at the past few Susan G. Komen Race for the Cures I participated in. It was cool to see a sea of people flocking to get cartons of the stuff to take home.
  11. Oops, I meant to say he wrote "vegetarian-like diet." Heh.
  12. My mom likes to offer me shrimp and crab cakes a lot. In return, I like to point out when she's eating accidental vegan food. Or sometimes I just tell her something has tofu in it; she's terrified. Worse, though, I had a doctor who didn't know what a vegan was. I saw that he wrote on my chart "vegan-like diet." He also asked me how I knew animals were being abused in slaughterhouses if I had never been to one. I asked him if he had ever been to Australia, and when he replied, "No," I asked him how he knew it existed. That pretty much ended the conversation. Heh.
  13. Hello, all. After a few years of frequenting veganbodybuilder.com and a couple months following your posts regularly, I thought I might as well step out of the shadows and start contributing to this great online community. I'm a scrawny vegan (of 3.5 years), like some of you seemed to have once been, who's working to build some body mass to show the world that vegans can be strong, too. I've found several of your stories really inspiring and have gained 10 lbs. since coming back home from college for the summer. If you put your mind to it, it's kind of easy and fun! I also just want to give a quick shoutout of thanks to Rob for all the great work he is doing to promote veganism in a positive and constructive way. He probably doesn't get to hear it enough. I guess I'll hear more from you all soon.
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