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  1. Haha. Thanks for posting the archive link. I had missed that the first time around. He sure did catch some candid shots of our little group there. Too bad that post isn't still up because it goes to show how wrong he is about a lot of things. I, for one, was a meat-eater before that D.C. Vegfest and was incredibly unhealthy. Now, I would say I am 100 times healthier since I've cut meat out of my diet. I have more energy. I am able to run distances I have never been able to run in my life prior to this life change. For anyone that's interested though.. there is a picture of Robert still on the site and there's also one of Myke with Rory Freedman.
  2. They have a show on a Sunday? I need to know if Jimi's going out that weekend because that's the weekend I was looking for tix for them to come here (anniversary is 13th). Hmm... They only get more expensive too!
  3. Hey! Let me know if you do decide to do one of those shows this year. I can come up and cheer you on!
  4. It's so weird that there's a thread about this today because I just decided I am SO getting some this weekend! I can't decided between the classic and the sprint though.
  5. Omg, I so didn't know I was in a couple of those pics...and Mike....well he looks a little drunk in that one picture. Haha. Anyway, just bought the tickets for Boston and reserved a place to stay so Jimi and I will be going.
  6. So here's Jimi's proof's from Mobile. Alyx is on stage right now so I'm posting his glory ha ha. http://www.fasports.net/mp_client/pictures.asp?pagenum=14&action=viewphotos&size=thumbnails&thumbeventstatus=0&categories=no&keywords2=no&groupid=%200&bw=true&sep=false&ckw=false He placed 3rd in the light heavy junior. And Alyx placed 1st in Fitness and got overall? Anyway, Jimi says her trophy is huge! I'm sure they will post pics later. Oh and on that link, Alyx's proofs are page 9.
  7. Lame! Should I say it again on payday? Punk!
  8. Hmmmm..... Who's the breadwinner again? Oh right. Not you!
  9. Well I haven't been here long but I like Octo too! Nice sarcastic sense of humour and definite lack of body hair..a winning combination if you ask me! Thank GOD "Octo" isn't hairy.... Anywhere....
  10. A lot of those shows are edited in a way to make it look like there's more drama than there actually is. I must admit I do enjoy them though!
  11. I don't have your number but Jimi does. Well someone needs to make plans lmao! I mentioned it to Jimi the other day and he was thinking of staying at my dads....who has a TINY one bedroom apartment. I think I'll just book a hotel so at least two nights can be comfortable.
  12. Ah, Ninja Warrior is so much better and you get the lovely narration ha ha. Sadly, we do not get G4 here anymore.
  13. Do you know where you are staying yet? I am tired of hearing "I don't know" from men that don't like to make plans. I was thinking might come to watch.
  14. I thought it was on the back too... Took me a second. Nice tat!
  15. Did I miss when someone defended your behavior?
  16. I did get some shoes but I'm thinking I might have to get some different ones. My regular shoes were uncomfortable for my feet but didn't hurt my knee. The running shoes, however, felt better but caused my knee to hurt. I can't win! I think I might use my other shoes for a little while. Thanks!
  17. I've just recently started running (about 3 weeks now) and for about a week my knee has been hurting every time I try to run or even walk fast. I'm trying to improve my times for a 5k, but with this knee problem I can't seem to do more than a mile before the pain is unbearable. I've been told just to go longer at a much slower pace but I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything when I do that. Does anyone have any other suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!
  18. Ok, I have to say a few things because this is really pissing me off. How do any of your statements earn you respect? No wonder you were called names in that first thread. And, what do either of those threads have to do with "Octo". He's not a moderator, nor did he disrepect you. I can assure you (and probably most people on this board) that you know very little about his personality. I joined this board because of how great he spoke of it, but I come here and see you talking negatively about him for no reason! All he did was post a video, and then you berate him for it. Instead of giving critism respectfully, you start off with statements like this: For your information, by the way, "Octo" has been a powerlifter in the past, has done functional training in the past, and has done deep squats with 315 before. I've seen it and I've seen how big he was at the time. HE didn't like being so heavy, so he decided to make a life change. Therefore, he doesn't DO lifting like that anymore. He doesn't want to be over 200 pounds again. It's so easy to come on here and knock someone that makes progress towards his goals--whether you are jealous or not is irrelevant. You come off looking like you are whether you intend to or not. Oh and also, in my opinion, "Octo" is much bigger in person than on his pictures/videos. He wasn't posting his video to brag about how big his muscles are. He posted to say, "this is how I did it today." If there's anything I know about "Octo," it's that he isn't someone who goes around boasting about himself. Sure there are people that he knows well that he may joke around with, but he isn't the type of person that brags. In fact, most of the time it's quite the opposite (to the point where I want to slap him). Maybe you should talk about things/people that you ACTUALLY know about? Maybe "Octo" should take it as a compliment that you think he should be compared to athletes like Ronnie Coleman? I'll thank you for him. Thanks!! It seems you have a lot of problems with what other people say, so why not take your own advice? And just curious, how old are you? Seems like you need to grow up a little... Keep the comments and healthy criticism coming! He is in such a better mood when he gets back from the gym after reading a thread like this.
  19. It's pretty childish to talk crap, don't you think?
  20. A friend of mine was talking about this but her method seemed a little off from what I'd heard before. What is the proper way to do the cleanse?
  21. I think they are just jealous, Jimi. I've seen you do squats before and it's definitely not quarter.
  22. Yeah yeah. You forgot to mention that you couldn't log into your computer AT ALL before that....
  23. So, I'm new to the board. My husband would probably prefer if I was vegan like him, but I find it difficult because I've always been a picky eater. I'm trying to refocus on diet and exercise since I've just graduated and back from college.... So, is there a website that someone can recommend that has a variety of choices? For those of you that I've met before, hi! (I'm Jimi's wife)
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