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  1. A little background...I am 25, 6'1", 175 lbs. As some of you might know I am a vegetarian. I have been taking SizeOn for a regular basis for the past few years. Back in August of last year I was 163 lbs and taking in about 3300 calories a day. Then I added a trainer and he had me bump up to 4800 calories per day. That's when I went up to my normal weight of 173 lbs and later on I just felt like I was adding a little to much fat and 4800 calories seemed way to excessive. So I bumped down to 3700 calories and that's where I am at now, still stuck at 175 lbs. Now I know I am pretty much naturally skinny but lately I just feel like everytime I try to bulk up with muscle, I gain more fat around my waist and very little muscle. I want it to be the opposite. I feel like my body fat percentage is pretty high despite being pretty skinny. I feel skinny fat...a lot of fat on my sides and my lower back... My current macros are: Calories: Roughly 3700-3800 a day Carbs: 398 grams Fat: 115 grams Protein: 340 grams My past macros when I was at 4700 calories: Calories: 4800 Carbs: 480 grams Fat: 151 grams Protein: 415 grams Basically my day looks like this: Meal 1: Oats with fruit, 6 egg whites, protein shake with almond milk and peanut butter Meal 2: Kashi GoLean Cereal Meal 3: 2 Vegetarian Brats with 2 slices of bread, broccoli, a vegetarian patty, protein shake with oats and water Meal 4: Tofu Meal 5: Vegetarian Chicken, Green Beans, Whole grain brown rice with black beans Meal 6: Yogurt with protein shake with almond milk I am attaching some pictures, my current macros, and my past macros. Any help awould be much appreciated. If you don't think I can gain much more muscle than that, than maybe I just need to focus more on losing fat and cutting. I will eat literally the same thing everyday and promise to do what you say. I am dedicated! Macros at 4700: http://postimage.org/image/4kx95l63p/ Macros at 3800: http://postimage.org/image/65lu243nh/ http://postimage.org/image/5mgqsuc8t/ http://postimage.org/image/sh0c9ugjf/ http://postimage.org/image/9ws6wuh2f/ http://postimage.org/image/glnak22w5/
  2. Hey guys. 24 years old here, 6'1", 175 lbs. Currently I am taking in roughly 3800 calories a day. Not sure what my other stats are. Anyways I am not really happy with my current diet plan. I am a vegetarian but not vegan. I am still not that bulked up but the thing that is really concerning me is my fat around my waist. A little to much for my liking. My fat content right now is a little to high at 117 g a day and I would like it under 100 and I figured my other stats were ok. Not sure though. Was thinking I just needed to lower my fat in grams but I can't seem to find a way to do it. I am a hardgainer! My sodium is 5900 mg a day. Not sure what my body fat percentage is or anything else. It's funny because back when I was eating meat I was pretty bulked up and 190 lbs. But I had much more fat. My macros looked like this: Calories: 3298 Fat: 70.4 Carbs: 423.8 Protein: 238.6 And now my macros look like this: Calories: 3887 Fat: 114.6 Carbs: 397.5 Protein: 340 So everything is much higher for the most part aside from carbs. Like I said I was pretty bulked up but just had much more fat around my waist. I am also thinking now my protein content is to high so do you think I should lower it? Because I used to be at 238 and I still had pretty good size. Not sure if it's to much protein now or not. If I do lower it, I can not afford to lose my calories. I need to stick at 3900 or so. I just need help on what to do. Thanks. Picture of my macros now: http://postimage.org/image/wj33vc7wh/
  3. Hey guys! So I am 24, 6'1", 175 lbs. I am currently taking 3900 calories a day but unfortunately I have tweaked my MACROS around several times. I am a hard gainer, an ectomorph. I am a vegetarian, have been for about two years. I am really trying to just get more bulk but I have a little to much excess fat around my waist as well. I play tennis and run so that makes it a little tough. I used to have a personal trainer and he put me at 4700 calories which was way to much...I gained about 15 lbs but I gained a lot more fat than I wanted. So I just want to get more cut and bulkier. Not sure if my MACROS are still not right yet. I am attaching a picture of them for you to see and also one of myself (this was from me at 4700 calories so I might look a little less big). I don't care if it takes a vegan diet or whatever. Just need help. Also, my sodium content was way to high at 6879 mg a day, I just cut it down to 5,898 which is still really high but that's what happens with those veggie meats where I get my protein from. Thanks so much! http://postimage.org/image/j2es9hypn/ http://postimage.org/image/6pdpg80tj/ http://postimage.org/image/tvrcf4mbf/
  4. Awesome...I thought I posted back a few years ago stating that I was a vegetarian and not a full fledged vegan and got hammered. I just really need help on fixing my diet for bulking up. I have changed it a billion times but it's not where I want it to be. Something ain't right.
  5. I am a vegetarian but not vegan, just wanted to make sure this is only for vegans so I don't offend anyone. If this is only for vegans, do you know another good site for vegetarians too? I am really looking to change my diet. I am taking in 3800 calories and have changed a million things around but still not gaining.
  6. I figure a lot of you consume tofu, so I was just wondering what brand and where you buy it from. I'm sure expense is a big issue. I would like to have pre-cooked tofu but I'm sure that's more expensive, so I figure a lot of you just cook your own tofu in large quantities? Thanks so much!
  7. your general diet look like as a vegan bodybuilder? Would love some suggestions and a good outline. Thanks so much!
  8. Hey everyone, I am not fully vegan, just vegetarian. Is there specifically a good forum website that you know of that is for vegetarians? I don't fit in at bodybuilding.com because of my eating style but it seems this is the only one close to vegetarian? Thanks!
  9. I am a vegetarian but not vegan. I do eat fish though. I am 6'1", 180 lbs, 22 years old. I want to bulk up but lose some of my fat I have. I promise to stick to it if you take the time to help me...Thanks!
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