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  1. I've only seen 30 min of it, but it's good so far.
  2. Looks like I did add a clickable link. Hahaha.
  3. http://www.miraclegreens.com/ Any one know if this is good to have? I bought the small one, and wondering if anyone has any opinions on it. Also, if anyone knows how to make clickable links and would teach me how do them, that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Good idea, I'll brew my own red, green or white tea and put them in some of my water bottles. I used to brew red tea and make it into iced tea(it was great), but lately I have been lazy. I used to drink more green tea than black. I starting drinking more black tea because my brother loves it so we got the box of black tea. I'm gonna go back to drinking green tea, and only drink black tea a few times a week. Thanks VeganBarbie, kidney stones are not good at all, my mom had surgery for them a few years ago.
  5. I found the craving thing a bit funny. It's sad that everything is becoming contaminated. There was this lake my grandpa took me to when I was about 6 years old, and there were a lot of dead fish around the shore. The lake was all nasty.
  6. Caught your attention hmm. I found this article right now about this guy who says you need animal products to survive. Of course I don't believe it though. Thought maybe some people whould like to read it. The site http://chetday.com/vegandietdangers.htm Here's a part from the article, "I think it's important for most people, especially individuals like me who zealously followed strict vegan diets for several years, to eat some "clean" and minimally processed animal foods as their body needs point out to them. I currently eat health food store butter and free-range eggs as well as deep sea salmon. I don't drink milk, though I will occasionally have some organic, raw milk cheese or yogurt made from cows that are pasture fed and not injected with antibiotics and hormones. I try to avoid all supermarket dairy products. In September of 2002, we added grass-fed, organic beef to our diets. I eat these animal foods when my body tells me I need them. I'll go for days (and sometimes weeks) without an egg, and suddenly I'll know by a strong craving that I need some eggs, so I'll eat them until that feeling goes away. Ditto for fish. Ditto for cheese. Ditto for beef and chicken. The ovo-lacto vegetarian diet (plants and eggs and dairy) seems to me to be an excellent choice for those who wish to avoid eating animal flesh."
  7. Is it bad if you consume to much iced tea? I drink non-sweetened (hate sweetened stuff) black tea most, and green tea sometimes. I get a box of Tejava black tea from Trader Joes. I drink around half a bottle to three bottles a day, I love the stuff. I sometimes drink the cheap stuff from fast food and resturants, but not to often. So does any one know if its bad to drink a lot of natural non- sweetened iced tea. It's what I consider, "my beer" hahah, since I hate alchohal.
  8. I don't really eat vegetables anymore for a few reasons, but I want to start eating more again. What veggies should I start eating to start off and what vegetables have the most nutrition? It's kinda hard to buy a lot of veggies, because they are expensive. Also we have one medium size fridge and 5 people in the house. So there is not a lot of room in the frigde. So what I am basically looking for is, a few veggies with the most nutrition. I'll eventually add more though. This is just a start.
  9. I read the vitamin C one. It doesn't really convince me that much, but this is one of those subjects where you have to decide yourself. I don't like to read one article and make up my mind either. It was a good read though. Although it seemed like the testing was incomplete also.
  10. I agree with Dorothy. Don'y rely on weighing yourself. I go by looking at my body instead as you can get skinnier but gain muscle and weigh the same. But if you did get bigger, the website i put before is working for me, and i got my brother to start exercising with that website. Good luck.
  11. I haven't been able to actually test it, since I haven't been sick since going vegan and being homeschooled around a year ago. I read in a few different articles that vitamin C doesn't help prevent colds if taken daily. That isn't really the same as taking it when sick though. Do you happen to have any articles about these studies? I like reading things like that. Also this guy from this web site (www.doctoryourself.com) swears by vitamin C. I believe he has a lot of different articles on vitamin C to. Although i haven't had the time to read them.
  12. When you have a cold or before a cold, a good thing is to take megadoses of vitamin C. Rest is very important to.
  13. You can try this site. http://exercise.about.com/cs/weightloss/l/blphaseI.htm
  14. Stopped taking it. Thanks for the heads up. I'll figure out some thing to replace it with.
  15. Hmm both of you have good points. While it is actually supporting non-vegan food i think it helps the vegan movement by exposing some vegan food to non-vegans. If there were all vegan markets (that would be awesome) and no vegan foods in health food or regular stores it would probably dicourage people who find it hard to turn vegan from making the transition. As if would be hard for them to find vegan food. If more vegans buy from the store, that means more vegans products. I guess i can still be wrong though. It's 2 in the morning after an A.F.I. show and im tired and sore.
  16. That's awesome, i love browsing wikipedia. Good job starting that page. Hopefully people can learn and be inspired by that page.
  17. I stopped using soy for a while because i was confused by all the articles i was reading. I eat still soy once in a while. If I remember correctly fermented soy is suppose to be good while unfermented can be dangerous. Its probably better to have an alternative protein to soy anyways. Its good to have options.
  18. Right now im taking my vegan multi, flax oil capsules, grapefruit seed extract, glucosamine chondroitin, and vitamin c.
  19. Hey there, just wondering if there is a right way to take vitamins. I mean if we have more than one vitamin to take, is it ok to take them all at the same time or is it better to take them at different times. I take about 4-5 different vitamins, and take 2 or 3 at a time. I just curious and want to know if it really matters how we take vitamins. I read some where about synergy and combining vitamins to make them more effective together as opposed to taking them alone. Just thought it was interesting.
  20. It was my right thigh. Thanks for replying.
  21. I was working out today, maybe rushed and pushed myself to hard, but i think i pulled a muscle or slightly tore something. Its a small injury nothing to see a doctor about. Does anyone know how to help heal it faster? Or if i should continue to stretch and exercise or even pilates. I don't want to make it worse. Thanks.
  22. wannalift, my room is my gym , im homeschooled. Thanks for the reply though.
  23. I played warcraft 3. "hey alex some of us might be coming out to Cali in August - you should join us since you live there! Rob's can be your personal trainer for a week. " Thats cool, why are you guys coming to Cali?
  24. Hey! Ya i havent really been on here for a while, i was to addicted to a computer game. Glad to be back here on this site, has lots of great info.
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