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  1. Thank you so much for detailed replies! I was hoping I came to the right place and I did. I'm learning that being a vegetarian bodybuilder is excellent because it requires deep knowledge and focus. Also I'm questioning my goals around size and your answers make me refocus on goal of health. I'll say that I don't know my goal weight anymore. I think I want to look at it another way. Exercise hard and smart. Eat smart. Rest. Supplement well. And just see what happens. Maybe I'm the right weight but my body fat goes down. Maybe I'll gain weight and drop body fat. I'm excited to find out. What actually appeals to me most beyond weight is being very defined. I'm going to take this thread and bring it to my naturopath before I start any of them that are more intricate. And to be honest, I've really been thinking about being vegan. I just know it's going to be so much hard work with making sure I get the right nutrition. I'm going to start with better nutrition as a vegetarian and try to have more and more vegan days. Some days I am vegan. Really all it is is egg whites and cottage cheese and whey protein. I'm really close. I just need the self-discipline and knowledge. And seeing the level of knowledge in this thread is an inspiration. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to gather information about supplementation. Obviously I'm not going to walk into GNC and go for something with some frightening packaging and crap ingredients. The reality though is I've plateaud and am finding it difficult to gain weight, even though I've been increasing workout intensity. I guess I want to understand if it can all be done with food or if there are some natural equivalents to all the stuff unnatural bodybuilders may do, like all that creatine, no2, chromium picolinate, blah blah. If there are some of those that could help me, it would be great to hear. Or if I need to forget all those pills and just focus on food based, then I'll do that. I just don't want to miss out on good natural supplements. I will talk to my naturopath before I actually add anything new. I just want a list of stuff to research more into. I'm 5'10, 164, 14% bodyfat male, late 30s. I'm thinking if I could get to 175 and have 10-12% bodyfat, I would look so incredible and feel so strong. I went from 148 to 164 over last 8 months but then stalled out.
  3. I saw Giacomo at VegFest Seattle and was excited to learn about all the different protein powders that are vegan. I'm vegetarian now, not vegan. I do eat some dairy and eggs. I don't eat fish. I just say that because some people call themselves vegetarian but eat fish. Anyhow, I've gotten more into bodybuilding in last 8 months. I'm 5'10" male, late 30s. I went from 148 and 20% bodyfat to 164 and 14% bodyfat. So I gained more than 16 pounds of lean mass. Well now I'm at a plateau. I've been gaining a little sharpness but don't know how to get past the plateau. Also not sure of a goal weight, body composition but know I want to build. Any tips or particular sections of this forum anyone can share would be great. If I could do this without dairy, that would be good too. Thanks!
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