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  1. Thats very interesting, and it looks like whatever your doing is working for you so well done. So what does a typical days diet for you look like?
  2. Hey there, I also went to see my naturopath yesterday and she also insisted that I take fish oil tablets. I asked her if there was any vegan source of omega 3's (flaxseed oil, hemp etc) and her reply was yes but because those oils also contain omega 6 and Im already getting enough omega 6 from eating nuts etc then if I was to use flaxseed oil as my omega 3 base it would unbalance the omega 3 & 6 ratio by consuming too much omega 6. I agree with this, however my body apparently has a hard time absorbing minerals which is why I dont feel 100% so I need the extra boost. HOWEVER Im a little skeptical, if I dont start feeling better in a couple months after taking all these vitamins, liver detox and intestimine powders (to help absorption) then I wont be going back because yes Naturopaths are super expensive! How does everyone else in here get their omega 3's?
  3. Thanks for your suggestions Scornell. Ive never heard of pumpkin seed butter before but it sounds nice! I really dont know how I would fit all that food in, I get full and bloated from the lesser amount as it is. Your probably right though about not eating enough and the healthy fats etc. I guess its worth a shot to try to eat more cos what Im doing aint working for me!
  4. I am looking into getting VEGA, have just found out that I can get it shipped to Australia so should buy some while the dollar exchange is good. Nope not detoxing, thats my usual diet and has been for a long time. I did another circuit yesterday and only got through it twice because I started to feel dizzy and sick again. I was sooo tired afterwards I went to bed an hour later! I even ate sweet potato with my salad at lunch and then had a protein shake and some dates before the workout to see if that would help but nope! Its starting to worry me now, I will definately be asking my naturopath about it.
  5. My naturopath did say she will do a blood sugar test next time Im there so you may be right. And yes I am on birth control which I will be stopping soon so hopefully that will help as it did for you. I have been doing weights on and off for 8 years. Fatigue has always been a problem for me but I have always been able to train hard. The shakes and long recoveries have been on and off for the about 2 years now. I will try eating more after a workout and see how that goes. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey all, This has been an ongoing problem for me. I feel utterly exhausted after doing a weights workout. This week I have done 2 light weight circuits with high reps (Tues and Sat). On Tues I felt sick after the workout and had to force myself to eat dinner. Today (Sat) I struggled to complete my workout as my muscles were shaking and felt sick afterwards again. Later in the afternoon I am feeling so fatigued, my whole body is sore. It takes me a good 3-4 days to recover from weights and I get a delayed onset of sore muscles. The circuit is well within my means, Im definately not over exherting myself I just feel maybe my diet is lacking in something or maybe I should be supplementing somehow. A typical days menu for me is: AM - 1/2 cup porridge with 1/2 scoop soy protein powder and 1/2 banana AM SNACK - Handful of walnuts and piece of fruit. Green tea LUNCH - Bean salad or chickpea soup or left overs. Green tea SNACK - Protein shake made with 1/2 soy milk 1/2 water DINNER - Tofu & veg stirfry or Chickpea curry or vege burritos or soup I take a mutli vitamin / mineral tablet twice a day which my naturopath gave me Any suggestions and reccommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks for all your replies! Thats what I thought about it.....a load of crap. I feel great being a veggie, better than I ever did as a meat eater. Good to know there are other type 0+ out there too
  8. Keep up the good work! Just curious - what is your body fat % in your profile pic? You look amazing!
  9. Hi All, I am new to the site. I have been a vegetarian for about 1.5yrs and progessively working towards vegan. I came across an article about eating for your blood type. Does anyone know much about this? It said for my type of blood which is 0 that I should pretty much be a carnivore, apparently my blood type is the oldest blood type (as far back as 40,000 BC) and digests animal proteins easily. It also said to avoid all beans & legumes, nuts & seeds and wheat products. Well thats pretty much nearly everything I eat! Im not saying I agree with this theory however would love to hear everyones thoughts about it.
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