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  1. In your experience, is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) effective for strength and muscle gain?


    This article says:


    Those engaging in HIIT sessions are known to reach higher levels of fitness faster, build their immune systems stronger, build muscle up and burn fat.



    Does HIIT make YOU more fit, healthy and strong? I tried HIIT just once, sprinting a lap around the track and walking another, and after a couple of sets I felt extremely faint and exhausted. I don't know if it was that I was feeling weird that day, but I felt like passing out and it kind of turned me off of doing it again.


    Do you have any experience with HIIT to share, or any tips on doing it effectively? I don't feel like I have any fat to burn, so do you think it is still worth trying for other reasons?





  2. Welcome, Crish!


    Yeah, Robert has lots of influence on people... even at the other side of the planet!


    You'll need 3 things to get muscle:


    1.) Training. It doesn't even have to be that hard, but it has to be consistent.


    2.) Food. Lots of it. Concentrate on foods rich in calories and protein. I myself love beans and seeds since they're filled with stuff that makes you grow and stay healthy.


    3.) Rest. Just get enough sleep.


    You can't fail! Just keep on trying and you can do it!


    Thanks Tuc... I've seen your progress on another thread and it's impressive! So your advice is much appreciated.

  3. Hey all, I've lurked around here for about a year now but just registered. I was lucky enough to wake up a couple months ago only to get to school (University of Florida) and find Robert in our Plaza of the Americas speaking about vegan bodybuilding during VegFest. Meeting Robert was an awesome wake-up call, because I had been working out for about 6 months but was starting to slack. I was really inspired by his knowledge and great attitude (and physique, duh!) and have started to get back on the ball now ... oh, and his updates on Facebook are continual motivation! Thanks Robert!


    If you've never been to Gainesville, you should come visit. It's an awesome city for vegans... it's no task at all to find delicious vegan food around here (especially because we have two local tempeh businesses, so there is tempeh everywhere if you're into that). I would be happy to show you around


    Anyway, about me: I've been vegan 6 and a half years. I appreciate the benefits for animals, my health and the environment. I've always been pretty skinny, so my initial motivation for lifting weights was to prove to people that you could be vegan and look good (like all of you here!).


    I'm about 5'8", 143 lbs and I'm trying to get some muscle mass on me. I used to be 130, then went up to 150 but lost 10 pounds in two weeks when I contracted mononucleosis. Trying to gain this weight back has been really difficult, but all the info I've found here is incredibly helpful. Thanks for reading, and I hope to get to know some of you!



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